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    The thing about mistakes is the regret that life could have been a lot different and perhaps better if we had made better choices. My mistakes had brought me to a place in life where each day I regret for having made poor choices, that I know I could have been in a lot better place had I been wise. I have no meaningful friendship or can hold meaningful conversation with anyone because I haven’t done anything significant and always chose the wrong people to be around with. I just need all the strength to just keep moving on without being overwhelmed by the guilt and regret caused by my poor choices.


    Dear strivingforabetterlife:

    You wrote that you “always chose the wrong people to be around with.”

    It is possible that the you didn’t choose the first “wrong people to be around,” that is, your parents. It is possible that they started you on the path of unwise living. Is it, and if so, is there anything helpful in looking into this in your goal of living better, wiser?



    Hi strivingforabetterlife,

    When I meet someone new I’m not all, “I’m going to quiz them on if they’ve done anything significant.” What a creep I’d be!

    More than likely the other person will be filled with anxiety on how to make a good impression on YOU!

    Also, look at the environments you frequent. (i.e. Bars = bad. Adult education courses = good. Parties = unlucky. Church = lucky).

    You also should live in the present as much as you can. Even if you never made a poor choice, perhaps your life would be the same. Who knows?? I haven’t met one person on the planet who hasn’t been filled with regret over a poor choice. What I do is pretend I chose my life on purpose! (Even if it’s Loner in a Cruel World LOL). It’s a very powerful exercise and should give some relief. I’m the Superhero who gave up a nine to five to Help her Community! 😉




    Dear OGaR,

    Me too, darling! Me too. I have made some poor choices, and now the mistakes are catching up to me. Lots and lots of folks are in this boat. You are not alone.
    I’m trying to figure out how to STOP making mistakes and make good choices, but part of my brain really wants to do time-wasting or unhealthy things. I am wasting my life and I hate it.
    I guess the best way to start is to meditate. Sit and be present. Breathe and be. Just start there, and eventually, the doors will open, right?
    I am praying for you.

    jon kirkham

    If we are not making mistakes, we are not learning. You’re aware of your mistakes – that’s important. And you’re making contact with how your mistakes are your choice. So choose what you want to do with your life and do it. It isn’t easy. But just imagine what your life will continue to be like if you don’t start implementing changes to correct your life the way you want it to be. Start reading life affirming books. There’s a great deal of choice out there. You only have to put out your hand and use your eyes to find what you’re looking for.

    For social activities check out meetup . com. I’ve met countless types of people through this site and the many different groups available. If you have interests like walking or holidays – any type of interest – there is bound to be something that will be applicable to you. Tomorrow i am going with a cinema group who are going to see: Rosy-Cheeked Exuberance; The Eagle Huntress – check it out on imdb, it’s just a deep meaningful take on another culture. Bit like whale rider.

    If you regret things or choices, then change your choice. Make a different choice. It is your life after all – you are in control of your life

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