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    Still very heartbroken over neighbor guy.. it’s still very difficult to process and to know that he doesn’t care and has given me the boot.

    It’s been 3 months now…He’s not “coming” back nor is he probably thinking about me.  It’s a very difficult and hard pill to swallow.


    It’s heart wrenching..someone that you care deeply about..used you, Ghosted you, and discarded you like a piece of garbage..with such little regard..


    I feel like he genuinely thinks I’m beneath him and that he was doing me a favor by dating me..

    Unfortunately, while cleaning my front to the best of my ability..I saw him…he walked past me..


    I said good morning, have a nice day to him. He said it back and  barely acknowledged me.

    After I finished cleaning  ..I went inside and cried.

    The only reason why I acknowledged him..was that if I can’t  successfully avoid anyone(I don’t like being around people and try to avoid anyone and being seen…if possible) I’ll at least return or exchange a friendly greeting with them before dashing off…


    Plus, I thought that I could eventually make it less awkward for me or both by acknowledging him…since eventually since we live in close proximity..we’d cross paths eventually..


    I am unsure if I will acknowledge him anymore.  Perhaps I could pretend not to see him…I wish that I could wish away what happened between us…but I can’t wish it away …nor pretend it didn’t happen.


    8 months ..and I’m very confused still…I know that I’ll probably never get any closure..and hopefully I am strong enough to resist him if ever he were to try and work himself back into my life again..

    Currently,  I am not strong enough and would accept him back.


    I admit, that I love him and that I struggle with resisting daily urges to reach out to him…it’s very difficult not to reach out to him.


    I thought about asking him directly if he thinks about me…I know that isn’t a good idea.

    I think that he genuinely feels like I’m beneath him and that he was doing me a favor by dating me.

    He has shut me out, and I must continue to deal with it..also I must respect his decision for himself and life…no matter how much I don’t agree nor like it. .no matter how he went about it.


    I wouldn’t want anyone to impose themselves in my life ..knowing that I wouldnt want that. I’d want me and the decision to be respected.


    I thought he was sincere…guess not..

    This may be a situation that I’ll never move on from.


    I miss him dearly


    Dear Laven:

    I feel like he genuinely thinks I’m beneath him and that he was doing me a favor by dating me… I think that he genuinely feels like I’m beneath him“- even if he thinks that you are beneath him.. even if you think that you are beneath him,  the truth is that you are NOT beneath him; that he is NOT above you.

    You, Laven, are not beneath him; he is not above you.





    Hi Laven

    I’m sorry that you are still having difficulties with your heartbreak. It does sound painful the first time you two bumped into each other post break up. You handled it impeccably. I think that your polite refusal to ignore him and to be ignored shows great character. You have really good boundaries for respecting his wishes.

    It sounds like you’re starting to process the breakup and slowly move on. My hope is that it will get less painful for you a little day by day. Stay strong!

    Love and best wishes! ❤️🙏

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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