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    Hi all
    I am working to end my intense emotional eating habits and am really struggling. When I do it I am fully conscious of my decision but still can’t stop. Eating helps with my constant anxiety and I use food to help me cope with a chronic pain disorder and recent serious injury. I know it doesn’t REALLY help pain and anxiety, but don’t know what else to do to calm myself in times of stress or soothe myself when the pain is unbearable. What works for you? Any tips?


    Personally I use positive, soothing, self-talk. I use the voice like a kind and benevolent parent. I am empathetic to myself. I imagine I am a child who needs comfort and guidance. I think if you are fully conscious of your decision to perform a physical act (picking up the food, eating it), you are capable of developing a conscious understanding of your compulsions (for lack of a better word).

    I do have chronic pain. I have developed a better relationship with it; for me I was able to pinpoint a fear of dying. The pain would get so bad, I felt like I was going to die. Or had to die. I try and breathe through it the best I can…

    Best of luck to you. You aren’t alone.


    i got a lot out of weight watchers. It helped me learn habits on how to manage my thoughts and feelings. I also got a lot out of the Beck Diet solution as it works more with cognitive therapy than telling you what to specifically eat. It takes a long time to form habits and it takes a long time to change them. I like the saying that if you focus on results, nothing changes; but if you focus on changes, then you see results.

    Good Luck!


    Hi Jessie,

    You have chronic pain, a recent injury, and anxiety – What is it about these things that trigger emotional eating? What is it specifically, that triggers eating or binging? What happens right beforehand? Working this out, and coming up with a strategy, or even learning to let go, will help you.



    Hi Jessie, I emotional eat because I deal with PTSD which triggers anxiety. I have what is called Binge Eating Disorder. You may want to look into it. And seeing a therapist may help. They can help you find better coping skills, so instead of turning to food in times of stress you can go for a walk, do a craft, talk on the phone with a friend, play some music and dance, watch a movie, take a bubble bath (one of my personal favorites), you can do anything to take your mind off of the stress as long as it is HEALTHY and POSITIVE. I hope this helps… I know how you feel .. xoxo

    Laura G. Jones

    Here is something I posted exactly on this topic, telling my story and my advice:

    I highly recommend intuitive eating over any rigid diet – it is so much more holistic. I personally read the book “Diets don’t work” by Bob Schwartz. That book takes you through several emotional questions that really helped me out.

    Generally when we do something that doesn’t serve us, it’s because that behavior is in some way comfortable and sustainable by our ego. So when we try to break the bad habit or change our status quo, we end up self-sabotaging our efforts. One of the things that helped me the most was ask myself “How is this serving me?” and “what am I afraid of?” – as in, what are you afraid of in eating well? What if you didn’t binge eat? There is always something that your ego is afraid of, which is why it chose the solution of emotional eating to protect you.

    Also, in terms of calming yourself, I highly recommend meditation, EFT, and journaling. I have several brief meditation videos on YouTube on Favorites for when I need a quick calm-down. I would also recommend building a daily habit of meditating because that will REALLY help you be more in control of your cravings. Emotional eating doesn’t help anxiety at all, it just numbs you and destroys your self-esteem.

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