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    Brian Cyr

    Throughout highschool and even before that I had been best friends with these guys and absolutely loved them. This year (senior year for us) they all changed radically. We all play percussion in band and this year they have all become assholes. They are completely destructive by breaking percussion equipment, they haze other people, they spend the entire class ignoring instructions and making noises they perceive to be funny and are jerks to everybody else in band. The whole band hates the percussion section because of this. I separated myself and was lucky not to identified with them destructive behavior. I don’t know how to stay friends with them. They other day they were mooing at a girl they thought was fat and didn’t like and made her cry, when the director found out they didn’t even apologize to her. They’ve all seem to have lost their conscience.

    Now I’m still “friends” with them, I distance myself when that happens but it has gotten to the point where if I keep being friends with them I would have to start acting like them. I would gladly do this if I had other friends as good as I was with them. I have other friends but they were my best friends. I know it’s senior year and I’ll be making new friends in college next year but I honestly can’t stand the sight of them. I’m looking for some direction, should I keep trying to be friends with them or should I try and make new ones? Thank you so much for reading and for whatever advice you may have!


    Tell them they’re assholes, and if they don’t stop they’ll lose YOU as a friend.

    Don’t waste time on these losers. You’ll find new friends, especially if you are seen to stand up to asshole bullies.


    Hi Brian,

    Sorry to hear your struggles. People change. What it comes down to is being true to yourself. If the way they act/think/talk doesn’t resonate with you, time to let them go. Just keep being you and you’ll make friends with people who are right for/resonate with you.

    Keep your chin up! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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