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    This week I ended up on my second dose of antidepressants. It was tough to accept, but I actually felt better once I had got it all off my chest. It put a lot of things in perspective, and as a result I have seen through the utter nonsense of spirituality and the so -called ‘law of attraction’. Had I waited for f*cking God to intervene in my situation I would still be an anxious mess and would be entertaining dark thoughts. But as it is, I am feeling more like my old, normal self, thanks to the medication.

    From my perspective, there is a lot of nonsense talked about God/spirituality, and it is very bad for your mental health. Studies have revealed that whilst atheists and conventional ‘religous’ people showed no signs of mental problems, those who considered themselves ‘spiritual not religious’ did. The thing about spirituality is that it seems impossibly difficult and it never really gets anywhere. And it can isolate you as well. And of course, there are lots of people ready to cash in on it, which kind of disproves the God theory, because if this f*cking thing called God really wanted us to find It, It has made the process impossibly hard. Which either suggests non-existence or malevolence. I’m done with it all. It is quite laughable.

    best wishes,




    Hi Tannhouser

    I don’t know anything about the statistics between depression, spirituality and atheism however there is indeed a lot of nonsense when it comes to talk about G_d, Religion, spiritually, humanism, even atheism… there is a lot of nonsense in the world.

    Their is a fable, sorry can’t remember the details only that the lesson was to be careful about the questions you ask. There are some questions better left not being asked as once they are asked you can often find yourself falling down a “rabbit hole”

    Good for you for understanding what helps and does not help you.


    Hey Its Jess

    Dear Tannhauser,

    As far as I understand, spirituality is more about letting go of the anger, wants, being at peace with oneself and less about waiting for God to intervene or LOA. Getting upset over people who sell LOA as a scam is pointless because some people do need to turn to such idols for answers. I am glad that you don’t follow these mindlessly.
    If you can elaborate on the situation which was bothering you maybe we can talk about it. I am sure you can find other ways to solve problems without relying on anti-depressants.

    PEACE! Have a great day 🙂

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    while I agree that there is a lot of BS when it comes to God/Spirituality/Religion, this idea that “spiritual but not religious” have mental problems while atheists or religious folks don’t is also utter BS. These days you can find studies that justify whatever you want to think. But look around you: your acquaintances, friends, family. Is that really true?

    I don’t particularly believe in LOA (it all is explained by psychology) but to be fair, I have read some about it. I have no clue why people associate LOA with sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Like, seriously, that’s not what LOA says at all. In fact, from what I understand, if you want to fix your situation, you need to (1) want to fix your situation, (2) clear any block that you might have that stops you from doing it, (3) take action. Rewriting it in a logical, more psycholog-y way, it means: you didn’t want to feel depressed anymore, you were so decided about getting better that you went to a doctor, got your meds, and is following the treatment, which made you feel better. While I’m not saying that everyone with mental health are in a position to help themselves, you’d be impressed by how many people just won’t take action to improve their lives for any reason. This is true of SOOOOO many things out there.

    That said, to me it explains why there are many people stuck with scammers and such: they are hearing what they want to hear! Doing inner work, knowing yourself, accepting the unacceptable, is SO HARD! And there are many folks out there willingly putting their power in those folk’s hands because they don’t want to do it (I am stating this, I don’t mean to judge their reasons at all).

    Anyway, just my two cents. Spirituality is much more than believing in God or in some “magical” LOA, but to each their own. Good luck.



    Jess, I couldn’t find other ways to solve my problems. I was right out of options and my mind needed a rest. I don’t have a problem with taking anti-depressants.

    Niv, I think LOA is a load of horsesh*t, and I don’t believe prayer achieves very much. They are basically two sides of the same coin. Having depression has really made me see just how much of religion/spirituality is wishful thinking and self-delusion. I used to have an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on my wall. But after this recent bout of serious mental anxiety, I took it down. It seemed ridiculous to have such a thing on the wall when, in the end, I had to help myself anyway. I may as well have put a picture of myself on the wall and prayed to that. Or pray to Joe Pesci. For as we know, Joe doesn’t f*ck around. Joe is a guy that gets things done!

    Best wishes,




    I have ended my spiritual searching.

    In the past few days I have seen signs pointing to the Indian spiritual master Shirdi Sai Baba, and it has caused confusion in my mind, for he claimed to be the Way the Truth and the Life. He was saying and doing things that Jesus did, and in the end I judged him to either be an imposter or an incarnation of Christ. I am done with religion and spirituality, as there is no way I can reconcile these two characters or their respective followers. Christianity thinks Hinduism is evil, and vice versa. One says we are inherently sinful, the other says we are Divine. One believes in resurrection, the other in reincarnation. It is just an unbridgeable chasm, and I won’t bother even trying to bridge it. I am done with spirituality, and ABOVE ALL, I am done with man-made, divisive religion. All my religious paraphernalia has been dumped in a suitcase under the bed.

    Instead, this evening I shall do what normal people do and get absolutely hammered.

    Best wishes,




    I totally agree Tannhauser.  I also think that people who have not experienced severe depression should not be giving medical advice about antidepressants. This is not an all or nothing world. Do what works for you.  Peace

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