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    Nina Sakura

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently in the process of preparing for competitive exams in management studies. Staying at home at the moment and want some tips on maintaining discipline in terms of schedule – for example, sleeping on time, exercise routine etc. I tend to get lazy at times and routine tends to go haywire. How do i stay on track and ensure minimal wastage of time?

    @brievoung – any idea on what to do to stay at peak performance? I am also working part-time as an online tutor.


    Hi Nina,

    I’ve noticed that my life works best if I boil it down to one or two things.

    Studies: I would read a chapter, write a page, and review my notes every day. (Read, write, review something every day) I would also study in a group.
    Sleeping: Bed by 11, wake up at 7
    Exercise: After studying an hour (enough to feel virtuous) I would use exercise to take a break and integrate the mental with physical movement. Then you can finish up if any studying is left when you are in that calm post-exercise state. Review notes then?
    Chores/Errands: Do on the weekends or when you don’t have class the next day.

    Basically my advice is study for an hour first thing in the morning/when you’re able every day. Then Exercise. Then do whatever else you have to do.




    You can also use the Streaks App, or a Habit App. Something about marking everything “done” is compelling!

    Nina Sakura

    Okay Inky, thanks. At the moment, i need to devote about 3-4 hours a day to the online tutoring, 6 hours of exam study prep a day and the rest i can allocate for other activities. I tend to get lazy often. Thats the part i struggle with.

    Sphria Choubey

    Remove temptations
    Eat regularly and healthily
    Don’t wait for it to “feel right
    Schedule breaks, treats, and rewards for yourself
    Forgive yourself and move forward

    Nina Sakura

    Hi sphria, Thanks a lot – i have been trying to block chunks of the day for certain things and will keep these ideas in mind 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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