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    This is such a good idea! Many of us don’t love ourselves enough. What I love most about myself would definitely be that I’m a people person and I may be a little shy at first but I’m super friendly and just LOVE talking to people….also, I really like the way my hair has grown out 🙂


    Hello all, First of all I am sooo glad that there is a forum for everyone to voice all the love and compassion you feel inside. Sharing support and connecting is a wonderful thing. I would have to say that one of the things I love about myself is I am an accomplished artist, I share my soul with people on paper and canvas. It’s one thing to make some money doing what you love, but it’s much more satisfying creating an emotional response in someone. I have embraced the healing and peaceful qualities that painting and drawing give me, and hopefully touch a little piece in somone else the same way. Namaste and have a great day!!

    Anne Southern

    I’m having issues with obsessive thoughts, and right now feel very rejected by a family member. Today though I started decorating my lounge,
    I’ve put this off a number of occasions,mainly running around after my Daughter, and waiting in case she needs me.
    It all stops now……My lounge looks fantastic even tho I do say so myself……. I love the fact that today I’ve sung along to some of my favorite CDs,
    and been here for me xxx

    Alison Roberts

    I love your question and I on a similar journey. It is not an easy one for me, but I have discovered lately that I love my ability to write and communicate with others. I also love my adventurous spirit. Tomorrow, I am going rock climbing for the first time! I can’t wait.

    I am starting a blog to connect with others who are on the same journey of self compassion and love. Please follow me if you can:




    Hey Anne,

    I love that despite the issues your facing, you’re still able to find something you love!


    It’s definitely not easy Alison. Hope you enjoyed your rock climbing!


    I love that having gone through something that would have destroyed a lot of people, I picked myself up, turned myself around and became a person I’m really proud of 🙂


    That’s excellent Sophie. You must be a wonderful example and inspiration to many people.


    I love how anybody can participate in this thread! I love that I’m a good listener, I’m able to sense where people are at, and I want to know more about their stories. I also love that for the most part, I’m organized. Giving a place to objects isn’t so much of a chore, but also an expression if that makes sense.


    i love that i’m strong, generous and a free spirit!


    I think this is neat because I am in the same boat. I have taken the summer to myself and have spent a lot of time by myself and dealing with stresses and anxieties.

    I started by cutting ties (peacefully) with a few people I grew up with because I felt I deserved better people in my life. So far, though I have times where I feel alone it has been very much worth it and it has made me that much more excited to start school again and start meeting people.

    The characteristics I love most about myself is my willingness to learn, the want to conquer fears and learning how to love and be more patient.


    I think we’re all in the same boat here and I’m so happy that I’ve found my way to this boat! I really want to work to better self-love and self-appreciation, and allowing happiness to enter my life. Right now I’m just really glad that I’ve managed to realize that I have this issue with allowing happiness in. So what I love about myself is… that will to turn my life around and walk towards a better self. Also I love that I’m writing again.


    I love that I am committed to a path of lovingkindness and compassion. I love that this is important to me. I love that I try to be attuned to the feelings of others and myself. I love that I commit myself over and over to a lifestyle that cultivates love and goodness in the world. Thanks to this thread I have realized that I do actually love myself very much! Thank you!


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