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    Christina Kellagher

    Usually I am taking something from someone’s trash, digging around in junk bins at a thrift or taking something off a friend’s hands, painting, writing,decoupaging, refinishing furniture, melting crayons, crocheting… you get the point, I got nuts and am always inspired by something or another. However, when I am in a creative rut, I often wonder what inspires other people to create in general. I think it would be refreshing to hear all the different ideas people have to get their creative juices flowin’
    So let’s hear it! 🙂

    Elaine Rushlow

    Going to a design show, pursuing design blogs, finding a piece of cast off furniture and thinking how can I make it look unique and new…sometimes I just get inspiration from nature or something strange that I see. Instead of just looking at it I look at it I ask myself why does this just fit so well into nature or it’s surroundings. I am always amazed at whomever in the universe planned things out so perfectly…such colourful fish, flowers, lush greens, monochromatic smoothed out rounded rocks on a beach. The weathered soft feeling of a piece of driftwood. Don’t look to far for inspiration don’t try to hard. It’s usually sitting right there under your nose and you don’t realize it.

    Elaine M. Rushlow
    aka Designher

    Onder Hassan

    In my experience, I find the best way to come up with creative ideas is when I try not to think of coming up with one.
    A lot of my best ideas come from simply living my life and having lots of ‘me’ time.

    The Google offices actually encourage this by allowing their employees to spend an ample amount of time taking part in fun activities.

    I would say the reason why this works is because you’re allowing your mind to ease by engaging in things that aren’t directly related to what you’re trying to do, which is coming up with a creative idea. If you simply let go and have faith that your mind will come up with a solution subconsciously, it will eventually happen.

    Maxwell Maltz in his book ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ refers to this as the ‘success mechanism’ 🙂


    When I’m in an uncreative, sloth-like state I’ve found there is nothing I can consciously do to get out of it. I used to struggle with it a lot but I’ve come to realise that this down phase is necessary and a good time to just chill while the subconscious consolidates all the cool stuff you did when you were in your creative high phase. I think a lot of creative people don’t notice how much energy they actually use when being inspired and constantly coming up with new ideas, it’s a bit of a mental marathon. So I guess it’s no wonder we drain ourselves dry and if we allow ourselves, this time can be just as nourishing and inspiring as the high times


    Actually, having some great art/design/literature/comedy books/websites/movies and blogs ready for when I’m feeling dull always helps with putting things in perspective and feeling more creative!

    Paul Newsome

    This a good question because I’m not sure. I work in a variety of styles in oil on canvas depending on the commission and the buyers request. Sometimes I participate in local juried shows and a gallery. If you like, check my website at paulnewsomeart.com. My best answer to this question is to simply start with some ideas on the landscape paintings I like to do. Then I paint a small plein air oil sketch and work on a larger scale finished painting. Sometimes I can find a beautiful spot with the right light and my juices get going. Paul

    Marie Jacob

    Watching Sci-Fi movies, going to art shows or just visiting a new, random place is inspiring. I do get those ” art block ” moments. Sometimes, just changing the paper and type of pencil helps. Inspiration comes around and leaves…


    I found this question difficult to wrangle because although I’m fully aware of the creative juices flowing, I’m not certain how exactly they’re being squeezed out of me. Yes, easing up on the mind allows my creativity to flow. Nicely communicated, Onder.

    Micaela Miranda

    What I have found is that whatever I do to get into creative flow mode can be explained in a very simple routine:

    I warm-up my playfulness – it can be to put some music up and dance, make word games with what everyone says or try to get that piece of paper right into the basket from a challenging distance

    Open space for creativity – breathe, meditate, go for a walk in the woods, be silent, listen.

    Make sure my space for creating is clear and ready for a successful creating session – it really plays with my mood to have clear space will I be writing, drawing or training… creation space is sacred, and easy to keep clean and with positive energy if we just remember that it is a sacred task to declutter it. I ,for example, dedicate 5 minutes a day and it works very well for me.

    Make sure I won’t be interrupted – as a mother and host of a house that never stops with people coming in and out (I’m proud and thankful of my busy social life! But there must be sacred balance!) I just am not shy to ask my beautiful soulmate to take over for a while on kids and friends OR make sure everyone is happy and busy in activities OR schedule in my creation time in times that I know I’ll have peace and quiet (funny side note: while I was writing this post, I had my 3 year old daughter and her friend emptying the whole closet. So also, to be flexible if your scheduling strategies don’t work PERFECT and just work around it – also good piece of advice)

    Spread the love, M

    Kadfad Harry

    Reading about others experiences, articles, forums, and the news.
    Listening to videos, music, general conversation, chit chat.
    Watching situations and everyday people simply living and behaving with their environment.

    Staying very far away from design blogs and other designers.

    There is no routine.


    I find that when I hike with my dog I get a ton of ideas. I just have to remember them when I get home.

    Jim Darling

    As a writer I’m usually either writing, researching or cursing the agent who rejected my latest effort. But when I hit the wall with writer’s block I usually just write about anything that comes into my head and sooner or later I get inspired to tackle the current project in hand again.


    For about a year now I have been practicing appreciating everything in my life. As time went on it was getting easier to appreciate things. Around February and March I was getting consistent on appreciating things and I would listen to Native American music a lot. I was feeling really good. Then I was drawing with my children a lot. I wasnt good before that. I started to notice that the cartoon characters I was drawing for the kids were getting pretty good. I then was curious if I could draw people. I asked to co-create with spirit and while listening to spiritual music I was drawing peoples faces amazingly in just a real short time. Now when ever I ask for guidance and for spirit to create with me I always see amazing things manifest

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