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    Frank Ra

    So much has been written about happiness… Pursuing it, giving it, taking it, sharing it. Happiness as an attitude, happiness as a by-product.
    The real question is: what is happiness for YOU? How do you live it? THANKS FOR SHARING!!!
    Peace and metta,
    frank BioHarmonizing: Harmonize your life – Live at your full potential!


    Dear Frank,

    Well, ironically enough, I wrote my post on TinyBuddha about such a topic. I haven’t been very zen and centered lately, so thinking about it and explaining it will help.

    You know that feeling you get right after yoga or a good meditation? When your heart feels light, the light outside seems brighter and more beautiful, you feel compassion and simply at ease with the world?

    I find that to be happiness, because in that moment you are truly experiencing what you are doing and letting go of the if’s, what’s, but’s, whatever’s! And just being. Living honestly.

    That, Frank, is my definition.

    How about you? 🙂




    Frank Ra

    Hi Gaia,

    Thank you so much for the open, honest and inspiring sharing!!!

    What is happiness for me? Good question, thanks for asking 🙂 Happiness is mainly an attitude. As you mentioned, it includes being at least OK with what it is. Often, appreciating what it is, its variety and richness. And sometimes, actively embracing it.

    Some life events may be very hard on us, some may be very uplifting. TinyBuddha offers many examples of awesome strategies and approaches to cope with the downturns, and make the best of the best moments in our lives. At the end of the day, our joyful attitude – while does not necessarily determines all the events we live – is what influences how we live them.

    I look forward for other awesome TB members to share!!! Thank you in advance,


    Ani Alexander

    To me happiness is when you get the harmony between your values and your lifestyle. When you feel good about your life and your self. When you look around and realize that you don’t wanna change a thing- neither the people around you, nor what you do… anything.

    It is when you realize that there is nothing more you need than what you have now 🙂 Happiness is waking up with a smile on your face !


    Frank Ra

    Everything is perfect as it is 🙂 Awesome Ani!


    Ani Alexander

    Thanx Frank! 🙂

    Jenn Hourani

    Hi Frank… 🙂

    I think happiness is being the youest you possible, letting others be the themest them possible, and accepting yourself and others for being that way. Content with the knowledge that everything is in its right place, despite the imperfections, fears, and doubts present. It’s a feeling of fulfillment, similar to the sensation Gaia described after yoga, where you feel unity with yourself and the world, in conjunction with the ugly, bad parts and memories, not in spite of them.

    What about you?

    James Gummer

    Happiness is my puppy stealing a sock and then not running away until he’s sure I’ve noticed he’s stolen it.

    Jen Saunders

    Happiness is being with the people you love and laughing so much that tears stream down your cheeks. But it’s also being aware enough to be present in that moment and realise that you are happy 🙂

    Jackie Vecchio

    Great question and answers! I feel happiest when I am being myself. I feel most like myself when I am laughing. 🙂 Happiness for me is also feeling completely free, self-expressed and bold! Thanks for asking this, Frank!

    Harriet Cabelly

    I’m starting an 11 month certification program in Positive Psychology at Kripalu in the Berkshires (MA) given by Tal Ben Shahar.  I will certainly be contributing to this discussion as I actively and excitedly participate in this course starting next week.

    Two main components of happiness are Pleasure and Meaning.  So much falls under these two categories: joy, purpose, contribution, service to others, fun……

    It’s all about the journey, the means, the small steps of daily living that we accumulate into the tapestry of our lives.

    Thanks for inititating this discussion.

    Harriet at http://www.rebuildlifenow.com

    Mark Hermann

    Happiness is my three year old son jumping on me insisting I tickle him until he screams for me to stop. Then he makes me do it again.

    It’s my eight year old daughter demanding I read her a story and having her snuggle up in bed with me to listen.

    It’s the feeling I get when I’m trying to write a song and nothing seems to be coming. Then out of nowhere, a great song suddenly comes through and I feel this deep sensation of satisfaction.

    It’s that place you get to in meditation where you connect with that place of knowing. The inner peace you feel deep down in your heart that’s unshakable, no matter what is going on up on the surface.

    It’s knowing you’ve been useful to the world and given your very best in service to others.

    That’s my definition of happiness.


    First 40 years my life was pure HELL, deeply Depressed, extremely Sad and Unhappy.    I trully believed that the only way out of this misery was to KILL MYSELF.


    Fortunately I met a group of people and learned about “MYSELF”, “MY LIFE”, and “LIFE”.   Next 15 years I felt HAPPY without any reason.


    Last 10 years, I’ve lived “BEYOUN HAPPINESS”.    If you want to see more, go to my Facebook “senseits sasanuma”.

    Thank you

    Onder Hassan

    What got me on the path to personal development was all due to the fact that i rarely had reasons to be happy and was always miserable.

    I expected things in my life, which when it didn’t come to be, would make me even more miserable. And it would put me in a downward spiral.

    But it wasn’t until i began to switch focus when i started to see what happiness for me was really about. I noticed that the more i did that helped other people, the more purposeful my life was and the more I felt useful as a human being.

    I used to think that acquiring materialistic possessions and achievements would make me happy but it never did.

    The trick is to do the things you love, challenge yourself and to essentially give in value to others. The more often you do this, the more wealthy you’ll find your life will become.

    It took me a while to figure it out and is something that is universally agreed upon by many others who end up living successful lives.

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