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    Hi Peter

    Thank you! Your post was very thought provoking. It’s lovely to see you around.

    Do you have any advice about acceptance? It is something that I have always struggled with.

    Love and best wishes! ❤️🙏


    Thanks for sharing you thoughts Anita!

    Hi Helcat

    I’m not sure I have any advice about acceptance. I’m a head guy and for the longest time I have approached the acceptance by trying to think my way through. If I could just identify all the variables, get them sorted, then maybe I would understand and understanding accept. (I was going to say that didn’t work, but realizing that was a dead end and the frustration that lead to was something I needed to experience)

    I struggled between the notions of acceptance and resignation. Acceptance more often then not felt like resignation, giving up, leading to a slide into indifference, and indifference to depression.

    Our minds are trained to accept and conform, shaping our thought according to….. We need a great deal of energy to bring about a change within ourselves, but we waste our energy through conflict, through resistance, through conformity, through acceptance, through obedience… ” – Krishnamurti

    First time I read that I was taken aback. In what ways are we trained in acceptance? Is acceptance a something the mind requires to be comfortable? Is it a waist of energy seeking acceptance? By acceptance are we really looking for belonging?  To many questions, my head self is elated. 🙂
    I concede that acceptance and the desire to be accepted are entangled and influenced by others more so then my own experience… Avoiding what I sense is a trap I move on.

    I’ve mentioned before the idea that the question behind the hero’s journey is ‘How to respond to Life as it is’  which concerns the notion of acceptance. The Hero that completes the task comes when he can answer with a YES. A Yes  that is acceptance of Life as it is, its wonder and horror while remaining fully engaged. Put another way a ‘detachment’ that remains fully engaged. Acting because its it authentic to ones truth regardless of results.   (This is the interplay of the temporal and eternal. The engagement is in the temporal, the Yes in the eternal experience. )

    In practice ( I guess this is advice)…. through out the day I will ask myself ‘how am I responding to Life in this moment’. The answer is surprising easy to discern. When I’m feeling anxious, angry, worried, frustrated the answer is pointing to a No. In other words I do not want to accept the moment as it is. The No usually coming from the ego wanting to be in charge and change things ….

    To be honest I spend most of my day in a No frame of experience  but I don’t beat myself up over it (or pat myself on the back in those moments when the answer is Yes).   Its weird but the asking of the question is often enough to create the space for stillness. ‘Oh I’m playing that game again, trying to change the present by changing the past’ 🙂 no wonder I’m anxious. 🙂

    The challenge is that a No seems easier to engage with. You get all that energy by resisting and that can be fun if were being honest with ourselves. A Yes on the other hand is more subtle – fully engaged in the moment while being ‘detached’ from the results.  If I can’t measure a ‘win’ what fun is that?

    As you said “learning to accept and be on board with my choices” The Yes and acceptance is about the engagement not the measurement of the results. Does that make sense?

    Its a change of perspective, a experience of the eternal perspective – the sun neither rises or sets, it is, you are. YES?


    I thought I would share a meditation

    As all meditation and contemplation do, I notice breath

    Each breath a arising from ,and a return to.

    Movement arising from and returning to stillness
    Time arising from and returning to eternity.
    Life arising from and returning to Love


    I imagine a blank canvas
    (I notice that the image that comes to mind is of a white canvas and laugh realizing that a canvas of any color remains blank. Laughing again realizing that no mater what arises on the canvas it remains blank. We have been conditioned to believe the white canvas is blank and that once draw upon no longer blank. Yet if you continued to add paintings to the canvas the canvas would it not eventually become a blank black canvas.)

    Like the sound of AUM which among other things is the sound of every word spoken or will be spoken, surrounded by silence
    The blank canvas contains every image ever created or will be created, surrounded by emptiness
    The canvas only waiting for the image to be drawn up from it and then return.
    The canvas remains blank, the surface a playground of motion, time, measuring, judging, duality… life, the canvas remains blank.

    All things are a arising from, and a returning to…
    The present moment not a slice of time to be grasped but the eternal now to rest in

    Nothing is gained…
    Nothing is lost…
    No one is lost…

    All exists within a blank canvas the eternal now.
    Arising from, returning to




    Dear Peter:

    Thank you for the meditation, I will read and give it my best non-duality shot tomorrow morning. I read your first post of today attentively early this morning, and I found it me3aningful and useful.



    Hi Peter

    That was actually helpful for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

    It is true. Anxiety is an addiction and provides energy like a shot of espresso. At the same time it wastes energy almost like dumping it all on the ground at once.

    I wonder if it is something that I do when I’m tired then?

    Regarding your quote. It brings a new perspective to acceptance. Before I was thinking of things I have yet to accept. It highlights that we also accept things that aren’t true. Not just about ourselves, but the world.

    I used to think that the world had order to it. But as I get older I see more and more the chaos in the world. I grew up in chaos and it terrified me as a child. The mind sought patterns to control my emotions. It was tiring being scared all of the time. With rules, I could take a break from being scared. It wasn’t real, the chaos was still there. But I was giving myself permission not to think about it for a time.

    Thsnk you once again!

    Love and best wishes! ❤️🙏



    Dear Peter:

    I notice breath. Each breath a arising from Movement, and a return to Stillness. Each breath arising from Time and returning to Eternity. Each breath arising from Worry and returning to Calm. Each breath arising from Anger and returning to Love. Yes. Silence. Emptiness. Nothing gained. Nothing lost. Yes.



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