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    What does this statement mean to you?

    Do you feel it’s true? If so, what have you experienced in your life that makes it true?

    Or do you feel it’s false? If so, why?

    Anne Southern

    Hi John.
    I’m unable to cope with rejection.
    I can remember from a very early age feeling like my world had ended when a friendship ended.
    I’ve reached the age of 52 still feeling this way. The father of my 2 children walked out when my eldest son was 5years old. He’s now 33,
    we never saw their dad again. I stayed in a very a abusive relationship for 10 years, even tho he kept leaving, he’d return after a few weeks.
    Nowadays I try and avoid any situation where someone might say they don’t want to see me or need me. I feel my heart tightening in my chest.
    I then build up an whole scenario of how I’m not part of their lives.
    I’m living alone now because I’m so scared of letting anyone into my life, I try desperately hard not to ask anyone for anything, as a way of self protection.
    I’m letting life past me by.I realize I’m doing all this self sabotage. to myself and allowing certain family members to treat me bad.
    I would love to feel that I was in control of my own life but it doesn’t feel that way.
    Looking back over my relationships I’ve always hooked up with people who have issues,,again making myself myself my own worst enemy.


    Yeah, I believe it’s true. I am the worst enemy to myself in a way where I am innocent. I love being innocent but sometimes it made me run into wrong people and ruin myself. Sometimes being too nice for others or a people pleaser I say, causes a lot of troubles and problems in your life in such a way that no enemy can cause such problems in your life. And sometimes, indulging ourselves in bad tracks or habits also ruin the beautiful life of ourself. And on top of that!! We let others hurt us first of all and there, we are the enemies for ourselves. Yeah, this is true. I strongly agree with this.


    Hi John – interesting question – I think we make ourselves our own worst enemies when we’re not following our inner voice. If we’re getting led by some one else’s priorities. I believe if we follow our joy, we cannot go wrong. If we follow fear, that’s when we get into self-sabotage.

    Annie – So sorry to hear you felt this all your life! As I mentioned to John above, when you follow fear, instead of joy, you’re not leading your life at all, but someone else’s. As long as people can control you, they will – that’s how families operate, that’s how society survives. There’s no support for an individual, because that’s not useful for them. It is your responsibility to look out for yourself, to stand up for yourself, and to find and listen to your own inner voice. As long as you’re ignoring that voice, these situations will continue to come up, because your inner voice is trying to get heard. It wants you to pay attention. Once you start doing that, as you start honing in on your voice, your Self, your Soul, all the other voices will fall away.

    I hope this helped. If you’d like to talk about this further, maybe start another thread (don’t want to hog John’s thread), or reach out to me – saiisha[at]rocketmail.com

    Namaste, Saiisha


    Hello John,

    We all have that inner voice that tells us we aren’t good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, confident enough, strong enough…etc. I used to let that voice get the best of me, but I was the only person who could challenge those thoughts and I DIDN’T. It definitely has a lot of truth to it.

    Wow, Saiisha. That is the most powerful thing i’ve ever read: “As long as people can control you, they will – that’s how families operate, that’s how society survives”.


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