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Adrienne Enns is the Founder of May You Know Joy. Her mission is to inspire our most intentional and joyful daily living through products, conversations, and experiences. She is the creator of May You Know Joy intention cards, author of Intentional Days, and host of The Intentions Sessions podcast. Her own intentional living came through her recovery journey.  She is grateful for every day and to be continuously sober since February 2012.

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The Profound Joy That’s Possible on the Other Side of Addiction

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~Rumi

As I stood on the doorstep of that rehab facility, I felt completely empty except for the overwhelming weight of anxiety and shame. In that moment, I wondered what all the normal people were doing today. How did they cope? And how was it that I couldn’t hack life and that things had spiraled so far down?

It’s hard to admit you have a problem. To be honest with yourself when you’ve numbed everything out for so long seems ridiculous. To …