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Holly Russel has a BA in Journalism from New York University. She works as a marketing copywriter and counts dogs among her favorite things on the planet – along with tacos, books, social media, and New York City. When she’s not behind a laptop, Holly spends her time practicing yoga, kayaking, and indoor cycling. She lives and writes in Wilmington, NC. Visit her at hollyrussel.com.

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When Helping Someone Becomes Unhealthy: Why You Can’t Always Say Yes

“When you ask for what you need and receive what people and the world have to give, you reduce stress and gain energy.” ~Amanda Owen

It started out innocently enough. The guy I was dating (let’s call him Eric) was applying to jobs, and I, a writer, could help him with cover letters and applications. I offered to help and thought nothing of it. It seemed like a simple thing to do for someone I cared about.

A few weeks later, Eric had some car trouble and I lent him my car. He drove it around for a week and …