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Thad Cummings is the author of Running from Fear: Walking into the Desert and Finding Life Again and Radical Compassion: Subverting a Culture of Hostility. After spending nearly a decade running businesses and non-profits, he founded Changing Company where he shares his passion for bringing new conversations to the landscape where all voices are heard, barriers are broken, and the polarization of our community is diminished. To learn more or get in contact with Thad, his books, podcast, or workshops, visit: www.ChangingCompany.org

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Radical Compassion: How to Heal Our Hostile World

“An enemy is a person whose story you do not know.” ~Irene Butter

We all know the status of our currently hostile nation—it feels as though you can’t make it through a single speech or read an article or engage in a conversation with friends that doesn’t somehow touch on polarizing topics or divisive politics. The focus is on our differences instead of our shared humanity.

It’s all too easy to blame other people, other groups, and other political parties for the endless strife in our world—civil wars, famines, natural disasters, school shootings, homelessness, environmental destruction—just as it’s easy …