40 Ways to Feel More Alive

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell

As I write this, I am two hours away from my first weekly acting class in Los Angeles. I’ve been here for almost two years now, and though I loved Community Theater as a kid, I never so much as researched acting classes until a couple weeks back.

I frequently said I wanted to do it, along with painting classes, which I’m starting next week, but I always made excuses not to start either.

I was too busy. I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t have the time. I wouldn’t be good enough. I’d feel uncomfortable. I might not enjoy it. I don’t like commitment. It wouldn’t lead anywhere.

The list went on and on, but I realized the last two were the big ones for me. I chronically avoid commitment because I associate that with hindering my freedom. (What if I decide last-minute I want to go somewhere or do something else?)

Also, I hesitate to give large amounts of time to hobbies I have no intention of pursuing professionally.

I realized last month, however, that I want to prioritize more of the things that make me feel passionate and excited—and not just occasionally, but regularly.

I don’t know if these classes are “leading” anywhere. I just know I feel in love with the possibilities I’m creating—not possibilities for growth tomorrow; possibilities for joy today.

That’s what it means to really feel alive—to be so immersed in the passionate bliss of this moment that you don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. You just enjoy what you’re doing and love every piece of it.

If you’re looking to feel that sense of exhilaration but don’t know where to start, you may find these ideas helpful:

Say Something You've Been Meaning to Say

1. Tell someone how you really feel about them instead of waiting because you’re scared.

2. Tell someone what you really want and need instead of building up resentment.

3. Share your fears publicly, in a blog post for example, and ask the community to keep you accountable in overcoming them.

4. Tell a friend your greatest dream, and then ask them to hold you accountable in pursuing it.

5. Admit to a friend how you really feel about how you spend your time—then brainstorm about ways to improve it.

6. Introduce yourself to someone you’ve been dying to meet, even if you feel nervous.

7. Ask someone who’s done what you want to do for advice and encouragement.

8. Tell your boss what you can do instead of wondering if you’ll ever move forward professionally.

9.  Or tell your boss his or her services are no longer needed—then finally start pursuing your passion.

10. Tell yourself the truth instead of lying to yourself about the changes you want to make in your life.

Try Something You've Always Wanted to Try

11. Sign up for a class to learn a skill you’ve always thought would be fun.

12. If you can’t afford a class, look on Craigslist for free events related to that interest.

13. Ask a friend to teach you to do something you don’t know how to do—and offer to teach them something else in return.

14. Take that new class at your gym instead of worrying that you won’t be able to keep up.

15. Buy a new or used instrument and look on for instructional videos on YouTube.

16. Think of something you’d enjoy creating—a blanket, a song, or a small piece of furniture—and then do some research today to take the first step in doing it.

17. Write a blog post or take some photos and submit them to your favorite website.

18. Invite a few of your friends to play a sport you’ve always wanted to try, even if you fear you’ll seem uncoordinated.

19. Blast your favorite song and try a dance style you’ve always admired. Nothing makes you feel alive like getting your blood pumping!

20. Make a list of things you think you’d enjoy, and then pick one you’ve never done to try this weekend.

Go Somewhere You've Always Wanted to Go

21. Plan a vacation to that destination you’ve always dreamed about visiting.

22. If you can’t afford that, research cheap ways to travel—staying in hostels, volunteering abroad, or transporting someone else’s car, for example.

23. Issue yourself a “life ticket.” According to Tiny Buddha contributor Jamie Hoang, we find ways to pay tickets when we get them because we have to. Think of travel in that same way—and be resourceful to make it happen.

24. Take a weekend road trip to somewhere close you’ve always wanted to visit.

25. Write down your three favorite hobbies and for each, a place you’ve always wanted to try (i.e.: a beautiful beach an hour away for surfing). Plan to go this weekend.

26. Invite friends to a restaurant, bar, or other establishment you’ve wanted to try, but have avoided in favor or familiarity. (Once you invite other people, you’ll be less inclined to change your mind last-minute!)

27. If you’ve avoided going to a new spot because it’s expensive, start a “fun night” savings jar today, and make trying that place a priority.

28. Make a list of fun “staycation” ideas (for daytrips in your area). Schedule at least two of them for the next month.

29. If there’s a conference you’ve always wanted to attend, book your ticket for next year, or see if you can volunteer there to get free or discounted attendance.

30. Plan some type of creativity-driven travel project—once a week or even month, take photos, draw, or write in a new spot you’ve wanted to visit

Do Something You Thought You Couldn't Do

31. Jot down three qualities you’d like to possess, then three choices or activities that coincide with them (i.e.: adventurous—white water rafting). Make a plan to do that thing.

32. Enlist a friend to help you face a fear, whether it’s quitting your job or skydiving.

33. Create a positive affirmation to replace a limiting belief (i.e.: tell yourself, “I feel confident around new people” instead of “I can’t meet new people—I’m too nervous”). Then use that new belief to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

34. Think of someone you admire and write down three things they do that you don’t think you can. Now make it a personal mission to prove yourself wrong.

35. Think of something huge you’ve wanted to do, but feared you can’t. Now shrink it down to something smaller but related (i.e.: climb Mt. Everest could start with join a rock climbing gym.) Do that smaller thing today. It’s a start!

36. Ask a friend to describe your potential. Find the parts that make your heart race with excitement, and then take one small step today to work toward that possibility.

37. Set a 30-day challenge—i.e. write 5 pages every day without worrying if they’re any good; after 30 days, you’ll have a first draft of a 150-page novel.

38. Ask yourself, “What would I try if I thought I wouldn’t fail?” Take one tiny step toward that goal today.

39. Ask a friend or your significant other to design an “opposite night” for you—a night when the two of you do things completely opposed to what you usually do.

40. Share something you want to do but think you can’t in the comment section here. Just putting it out there is a great start!

This is obviously a large list—and there’s far too much to do all at once. But maybe you can pick just one thing that resonated with you, or pick one thing every week or month.

The point is to do something to feel passionate, excited, and exhilarated.

We all have different interests that inform what we want to do; and we all have different responsibilities that might limit how we’re able to do them. But we all have the ability to make at least one tiny change, or take at least one tiny risk.

Today I’m going to spend several hours doing something I haven’t done in 10 years with people I’ve never met. I feel terrified, but oh so thrilled and alive.

What would give you that feeling?

Photo by Yafut, garryknight, Alec Schueler, chetbox, and John_DL

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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  • Stephany G

    I want to stop worrying so much about the things I can’t control.

  • munshun

    I’m with you Stephany.
    Things I can’t control consume me and somehow hurt the ones around me. Will I have a job tomorrow? Will I be able to pay this or that tomorrow? Is my car going to be broke tomorrow? (see the tomorrow pattern?)
    I have tried writing or learning a niece piece of software… but when I’m there, holding the pen, or in front of a computer with the new app open, my mind drifts away and I cannot accomplish anything. I wish I knew how to focus.

  • Tiffany

    I want to be able to live in the now constantly.

  • I would like to paint images compelling enough to be used in tandem with a blog post of yours.

  • breathinglight

    I want to start writing again. I’l do those 5 pages a day!

  • Sid Hartha


  • Nix

    I want to stop talking about joining a waterpolo team and just do it!

  • Sid Hartha

    I want to start believing in myself more.

  • Jane

    I want to feel trusting enough to get out and meet good, loyal friends (and be one). Too many “failures” have led me not to believe in myself or others. This creates tremendous pain and loneliness in my life. Thanks for the great article.

  • lah533p

    I want to write a song

  • Karen-sharman

    I want to re discover my innocence,passion and joy!!!

  • Lori Guenter

    The one thing I’d like to do?  Not sure it’s one thing…

    I want to ditch my 80 mile commute to a job that is sucking my soul of of my ears and find a way to make a living in my little town.  I don’t want another job.  I have one of those.  I want a way of life that is simpler and satisfying.  I want to work with the earth and live with the ebb and flow of the seasons.  I want to feel the rhythm of those things.  I think I could get there if I could get a small farm.  But that’s not possible for me.  It’s what I’ve always wanted.  But I think I’m getting too old and I don’t have the money to get what I want.

    All or nothing?  Maybe a little.

  • Lori Guenter

    Why doesn’t my name show up in my first comment?

  • McKenna Stephens

    I want to host and produce a television show. I want to believe in myself and love myself again.

  • I would like to raise enough money to return to South Africa (from UK) and spend quality time with my grandson & his sister/brother who is on the way.

  • I want to own a yoga and wellness studio where I live. We have nothing like that.

  • Vincent

    I want to learn to love myself, to be okay on my own. I want to write again, I want to travel.

  • Rana Chetan

    Practically looks not feasible.. May be I may sound negative..but that’s a fact

  • rbabs

    I want to stop so much browsing around youtube and facebook and the internet!!!!! Instead make MY OWN youtube videos of me doing what I love to do, including singing and playing instruments, and instead of envying others for their AWESOME ADVENTURES and their great TIMES, make my OWN great times and memories with myself and with my friends, and do things *I* have always wanted to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x)

  • Jpgann

     I want to travel to at least 1 new country every year.

  • CQ

    I want to be the person I know i am meant to be and start the living the life of purpose that I am supposed to be living.

  • zobyt07

    I want to stop thinking and reading about a better life and actually start living a better life – being more positive, energetic, optimistic and grateful. 

  • Another suggestion: Jump into a hole in the ice.

    Gives you the best feeling in the world!

  • koen

    I want to live my life into the fulliest so that I can die in peace with a big smile on my face.

  • Shannonpoynter

    I’m a matter of days away from giving birth to my first baby. I want to retain the feeling of confidence and contentment I have worked hard achieve. The unknown is causing me to unravel a bit which is no help to me, my partner or my baby. I must let go of the fear and worry and trust myself 🙂 I can do this!

  • You’re never “too old”!

  • Kennedy

    I would like to become a translator, a philanthropist, a UN ambassador!

  • Bryn21498

    I want to ‘not’ have to worry about benefits for the elderly being taken away………

  • Priya

    I want to be thankful and greatful for what I have and stop worrying about the things I cannot control

  • Cece

    I want to quit my boring job and sign up for a Yoga teachers training retreat to India or some exotic country.  I’ve been practicing Yoga at home for more than a year and I think I’m ready to go further and I really enjoy practicing Yoga.  

  • eightydays

    I say go for it. I too am working towards a more simple life, less stuff, less worrying, less about others and more about my little family. You’re never too old. Make one small change each day to work towards your goal. You will get there. 


    beautiful things to do .Thank You.

  • Marsha

    How about a pottery class?  Handbuilding and the wheel.  You could make all kinds of earth related things? 

  • Lina

    I want to write a post here on Tiny Buddah about self-love, acceptance and peace. And I think I will 🙂 One day

  • I would love to read your post Lina!

  • Claire Godbehere

    Serenity Prayer
    To a God of your understanding
    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change
    Courage to change the things I can, and
    Wisdom to know the difference

  • Claire Godbehere

    Serenity Prayer is easy 2 remember n very useful.
    I was diagnosed with adult ADHD a while ago n as I read n learn more about it I understand myself a lot better.

  • Amy Eng

    I want to learn more about sculpting by taking an art course, but I’m always doubting myself about my abilities and whether people will like my work..

  • Iwanttoseeeveryonehappy

     Farming is a great thing to do. It helps one being themselves rather than living the fake life in this busy world. May be u can join someone’s farm and later build your own.
    Better late than never. Always follow your heart and see how happy and contended you will feel 🙂

  • Erika

    Work as an illustrator.

  • I’d love to do that one too! I haven’t been abroad since college, and I’m hoping to plan a trip for 2013. Where would you go first? I’m thinking Italy…

  • That would be an awesome experience, I’m sure! I’ve known quite a few people who’ve taken yoga teacher training in other countries, and they all had amazing adventures.

  • I’d love to see a video of yours when you make one! =)

  • You’re most welcome Jane. I’ve had some issues with trusting friends, as well, after some disappointing experiences, so I can relate to that one!

  • Congratulations Shannon! How exciting!

  • You’re most welcome! =)

  • That’s great! What do you think you’ll write about?

  • I know that feeling Amy! Sculpting looks like a beautiful art form. I was thinking it would be fun to do pottery/ceramics too. Just the idea of making something from raw material gets me pumped.

  • What kind of show would you host/produce?

  • Which comment are you referring to Lori?

  • Are you going to do it? And when?

  • You have some beautiful art work! I love the Awe Inspiring one, Sketches of Passion and Pain, The Still Lifes…and so many others! I could use one on the site with a link back to you?

  • Amy Eng

    Yes! It’s an amazing feeling when you make something beautiful out of a block of clay. 

  • fadednotebook

    I think that is a wonderful idea, do just one 30 second and I will watch it too!

  • Jtmasters

    Could you use part of your vacation time to volunteer for an organisation that gleans farmers fields after the harvest for a charity? Then you can get a taste of the life realistically without a gigantic life-changing commitment. 🙂

  • fadednotebook

    Your local public station, not PBS but your public access station, probably offers classes on directing, producing, and camera work- they also usually have volunteers who’ll do that for you! So all you need is a niche to fill and you’re all set! Go for it!

  • Mmmm…. I lilke this ‘opposite night’ idea…….

  • #23 is among my most favorite “ways” on this list. I remember reading that “life ticket” contribution when it was published and it’s still such a great reminder. What I want is to overcome some personal challenges that bring me down and sabotage my progress and/or ability to function at my fullest level of potential in other areas of life but overcoming those challenges is something that I believe may never come to pass, unfortunately. Thank goodness for hobbies, gadgets and music!

  • Joanna

    I hate when the thought of money holds you back – a good reminder that money always turns up or gets sorted when I choose to do something .. Last thing that made me feel the most alive I’ve ever been was coasteering – I pushed every fear to the max and it was liberating !! 😉

  • Travelbug2585

    I want to quit my job, which brings me no satisfaction, and start studying for the job of my dreams

  • Roy

    I just registered for a singing class at my University thanks to this post. That being said, I am absolutely terrified, but I will stand there and sing my lungs out. I hope I get good. Thank you!

  • Alexander

    I want to find love and not be too shy to let it pass

  • selena

    i met a girl who is training for a half marathon. i thought i couldn’t do but i started training anyway and I’m getting better each day. eventually i want to run a whole marathon one day.

  • Joshua R

    I want to find something to motivate me.

  • Jackson

    I am going to be a great major league baseball pitcher

  • Alexi

    Stop over thinking about the things I know hurt me.

  • JayJay

    I recently took up yoga, here is place in Bangalore, if you ever come

  • I want to stop worry about being “accepted”. I want to move forward and be happy in my decisions.

  • sam

    I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

  • Lola

    I want to have the courage to live my life the way I envision it. To stop worrying about how it will affect others but instead realize it’s my life to live the way I see fit. I want to explore places I have not been before. I want the ability to write with a passion I had before I started worrying about the success of the written piece itself. To play guitar again with enthusiasm instead of seeing it as a competition with my fellow guitar players. This has become a ramble, but ultimately what I want is to view life as an adventure I had always dreamed it would be instead of feeling trapped. And my adventure will begin now.

  • nik

    i need to stop doubting myself when I talk women

  • Janet

    I want to dance, just dance.

  • Just a thought, but none of these seem to be about enhancing others’ lives and the way in which that can give us meaning and help us feel more alive. It invites friends to help us do what we want but by doing that assumes that we are the centre of the universe. Just saying’ 🙂

  • Chang

    I want to speak the truth and be happy! Looks like it is too much to ask for in this world.

  • jr cline

    I’d like to be in love and be loved again.

  • Leigh

    I want to be able to move on from my first love and let my broken heart turn me into someone who loves and accepts unconditionally, rather than turn me bitter and judgmental

  • Leigh

    I am right there with you

  • I want to find motivation and to stop trying to change things that I can’t.

  • crsmit

    i want to be able to talk to people iv never met before, and come across as confidant and happy. dispite my size

  • Glee

    It is so very comforting to know that many want the same things I do! I love this article…I want to start living MY life and SHARE it with others!

  • carpe_diem

    i want to be able to let someone new in even though i still i cant let someone old out. i want to learn how to not bottle everything up so i wont always be depressed. and i want to find myself.

  • blossom

    i want to find my calling in life, I’m 21 and in college and i feel like everyone else has a sense of direction. I cant commit myself to something because i think I’m go to fail or be bad at it. People i love tell me that i can’t accomplish things. I think one of my biggest fears that holds me back it thinking that someone else could do a better job than me, and i put myself down by making excuses like im not smart enough. i KNow that sounds really dumb. I want to have a fulfilling Career and make enough money to support my children’s education and dreams come true. Where do i start?

  • koen

    Start with believing in yourself. I do not know you but I do believe in you. I believe in the power of every human being. If you want to make the change, the best way to start is to believe in yourself. I believe you can achieve all those things. I hope you will too.

  • Astra

    I want to let go of the anxiety and stress that i hold onto, because i believe it keeps me ‘safe,’ and just feel free to embrace and enjoy life again with no worries.

  • jayz

    dan u r most welcome to india.. 🙂

  • Maya

    I want to be independent of the opinions and thought from others about me and start being myself and change myself how I want me to be without pressure from other people.

  • Josh

    A person that loves me incredibly shared the following idea with me, and it turned my life around. I now share it with you:

    “If you make it about being better than others, your achievements will be empty. That mentality is about making others inferior or about feeling inferior. Nothing good comes out of that. Instead, be the best YOU that you can be. Find those things that set you apart and harvest them. Focus on what you are good at and better yourself in it. Everyone has amazing things about them. Don’t let yours be cast into the shadows, rather share your light with that of others in communion.”

    We become what we practice.
    Each tiny step in the journey is equally as important as the destination, and many times the tiny step is much more fulfilling than the final goal. In fact, it is the conglomeration of tiny steps that we cherish and not so much, say, a degree in your case.

    Look at point 38 in this post.

  • Josh

    I want to be so engulfed by my inner peace that others can feel it when I’m around them.
    I still have a ways to go.

  • Jhenny A.

    I want to start losing the extra weight. But my willpower always disappoints me.

  • I want to forget about the people trying to bring me down

  • ChefDebRT

    Before my mom died, 8 years ago, she told me to ” go be happy…do what you’ve always dreamed of”…When her will was read, it said “to my most precious darling daughter…GO DO IT”.. It took me a little while to figure out what she was talking about, but then one day my daughter asked me why I was not a chef.. my answer was, ” some day I will go to paris and study cooking, but. ( fill in a million reasons why I couldn’t)..” Then a few weeks later I received the money my mom had given me with a letter reminding me of my childhood dream ( I had been 6 at the time). I wanted to be a chef… So at 40, divorced, with two small daughters.. I enrolled in culinary school, and I completed my internship in the south of France, and Thanks to my mom, I fulfilled my childhood dream, 35 years after I dreamt it! I NOW am a traveling private chef, with corporate sponsors, and stories that were unimaginable just 7 years ago… My daughters have traveled with me to some amazing destinations, and I am so grateful to bring them on this journey. Might I add for every “you should do it” there were 100 “what are you doing?” I risked failure everyday…. still do. But there is nothing compared to fulfilling a dream and along the way, I hope i can be the one person against 100 that tells those close to me.. GO DO IT! Because IF a divorced mom from a little tiny redneck town in Texas can find her way to Paris, and Avignon.. ends up cooking with Master Chefs… they my friends, any dream is possible. GO DO IT!!

  • Thane

    I want to stop worrying about how I am seen through other people’s eyes, stop living for my family and acquaintances that aren’t even close to me. I would like to take a risk that I feel I need to take, but that others might not understand. I would like to live my life happily and give up the anxiety and depression that keeps me so safe and miserable.

  • JJdon

    No one has it completely figured out. If they do, they’re lying. I mean that only in the best way.

  • vroots

    I want to travel the world and see what it has to offer, 1 country/city a year! and to do something different and amazing that scares me. Quitting my job sounds great too

  • Barb

    Jenny. I don’t know you but have been in such a situation. It isn’t your lack of willpower that prevents losing weight. Once you DECIDE you are ready tc commit your efforts to a goal of weight loss…. You have conquered 85% of the battle. Give it some thought, and. Best wishes.

  • SMarsinelli

    I want to make something good happen. Whether it’s good for someone else or myself, I want to be the one to make it happen. I want the satisfaction and joy brought by work(not necessarily a job) paying off in something other than money.

  • kenken123

    i want to lay with twenty women at the same time. and i know what uu must be saying ” whos this dumbass guy”. but well let me explain my complete thought. i would say im a goodlooking young guy, and like to stay fit. i am constanlty pushing my body to see how far i can go, and what’s my limit.. i do this with surfing, rockclimbing, skiiing almost every sport and i also take it in terms of travel, spicy foods, my workout. i like to saty busy and entertained. i do understand though the taboo like “this guy’s just a perv” or something along those lines. but really im not, i love the free spirit and there’s nothing wrong with loving the natural human body, especially the beautful essence of a woman. i would just want to do that before i died. 20 is a big number but hey its the dream (im open for debate). i just want to see exactly how active my libido is and if i could even meet such a physical feat.

  • Sammysunshine

    I don’t believe it is necessarily about will power, but maybe more about presence and loving ourselves. Check out Geneen Roth. Her book, “Women, Food, and God,” is excellent– I’ve read and referred to it multiple times– and the snippets I’ve read from “Appetites,” are also great. I think she will help you. She has definitely helped me. 🙂

  • Jhenny A.

    Thank you Sammysunshine. I will try them.

  • deedeesmilez

    I am going to Valencia, Spain next year. (I don’t say anymore “i want to go”. Because is something i made up my mind to do”)
    I can’t right now because I have to have the half of my credits in order to go with my university’s student’s exchange program.
    Problem?: well, I am kind of lazy to work (looking for a job), but i know i have to work on that because i am sure I am going there. About school, well I am studying for my tests and doing homework ( I never was those who skipped classes so I have no trouble with that). Because I know that if i fail at least one class the next 3 semesters there won’t be ANY chance ( by school program’s rules) that i can apply for the exchange. Besides, I have to have a very good GPA because I will have to compete my place there. SO, IT’S NOW OR NEVER. It is one of my biggest dreams, (also going to Italy with my mom and my best friend). So, I don’t talk about it as a wish but as a fact.
    I have a free spirit…… but i have to work harder and work against my laziness.

    Did I mention I am 28?…. I tried college a year after my grandma died ( who i loved so much), I had very good classes but It wasn’t what i was looking for (although, I finished italian classes, which i was in love with since i was like 13 and it was one of my biggest dream I achieved and that’s when I knew that I COULD DO IT, I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT TO AND IT’S ALL ABOUT “WANTING” ). I came to Mexico to do the admission test for Marketing major and i passed it. I am happy now, doing what I like. But I have one important person I own it, I OWN IT ALL. My mother, I couldn’t had made it without her, she’s my favorite person of all. SHE’S, DEFINITELY, MY ROLE MODEL. She never had the chance to go to university but she never gave up. She’s everything to me. And someday, soon, I’ll pay her back all the good things she ever did for me.

    Seek your eudaimonia.

  • kavin

    awesome messages!!..

  • yes i a agree with it.

  • joss722

    i want to stop worrying about what people will think of me

  • Jeori

    This list sounds like a drink night that evolved into a weekend out

  • NoGoalsLeft

    I’d like to find a goal which fills me up with love for myself and even more love for others and which stops me focusing only about what others think about me.

  • B FROG

    Great blog, very inspirational.. I print out this great advices and then write my favorites and develop a plan to do it! It’s amazing how you can be feeling a bit down sometimes and then read motivational advices and it picks you back up!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • B FROG

    Some advice.. Start. Everyday you wake up, be grateful for all you have, health, work, friends, family.. after convince your mind you will have a great day! Then again at night, and be grateful for the day you had, even if it wasn’t the best of days. Do it every day after some weeks, without doing anything else you will actually feel better, energetic, and will start doing things you want without thinking about doing them if becomes a habit, and feeling good will become a habit.. I do this and my life has changed dramatically for better off course! Best of luck!

  • untamedshrew

    I want to be able to speak in public confidently.
    I want to smoothly accomplish a job interview.

  • nikki

    I want to run a marathon .

  • annonomys

    who are you meant to be?

  • DFA1979

    I need to use my creative talents and not let them waste away…

  • DFA1979

    I need to use my creative talents and not let them waste away….

  • Paige

    DFA1979, I also need to find a way to use my creative talents! I have the remains of countless art projects I have started and never finished, and all of the materials needed to work on them. My biggest issue, or one of them, is being able to pick one area of art and work at it until I can come up with something I am really happy with. I am spinning my wheels, and it feels as if life is passing me by.
    What kind of art do you like to do? What would you like to acheive through your art? I’d very much like to hear about it, and maybe talking about it could inspire you to use your talents! And inspire me, too.
    Best of Luck to you! I hope you find what you are looking for.

  • L. Danielle

    I want to impress my family and make them proud.

  • Sarah

    What a beautiful story!

  • Sarah

    I want to start a revolution centered around compassion, humility and understanding. I want to rile people enough to make them want to break out of this two party political system and realize our potential to make positive changes as a collective group. I’m an artist, and I sit behind a desk for the majority of my day because I need a steady income to stay afloat–it’s paradoxical to my goal, and the goal of many.

  • Whenever i’m looking for for motivation to live a full life, i come to this post – it’s just such a great reminder 🙂 this post encouraged me to start my own online business/blog and i haven’t been happier. i also booked a trip to visit a friend out in Seattle in December. we definitely are resourceful when we have to pay a ticket (probably because we don’t want to go to court!), but i think it’s necessary to think about ways to be more resourceful and create a life we love. we’re all worth it, but only if we acknowledge it and take action for a better life 🙂

  • mahyar

    i want to overcome my fear of the dark. Its been a fear thats stuck around since i was a kid and ive never faced it. I want to change that – and i want to prove to myself that i am capable of achieving great things

  • Dee

    I’d love to make movies or even short films

  • Jimmy Nguyen

    I want to be more spiritual and spread love and happiness to everyone I come in contact with.

  • I want to remember all these little things I read online, I want to be able to go to them on my days off, to make it a point to DO THEM.

  • K Broncucia

    I want to tell the girl I have been obsessing over how much I Like her, but I cant. I also want to show her the drawing I did of her. Out of complete fear of rejection. Im beginning to think that the slightest possibility of being with her is fading.

  • keith

    yes! do just a 15 second one and I will also watch!

  • Brandon

    I had to respond to this because for some reason it brought me to tears. Beautiful story, thank you.

  • renee

    I want to realize in more ways my reasons for being on the Earth, here and now. I want to realize my potential.

  • renee

    …and I want to write something. I’d love to write a book. I know I have it in me
    My procrastination tendencies get in my way.

  • Andre

    I want to get out of my comfort zone and really push myself.

  • missm213

    I would love to finally discover what I’ve been searching for……….my purpose here on earth. I’ts been a very long and hard journey for me to heal from my past, I am ready to move forward, if I could only figure out what I’m passionate about.

  • elegantgi

    I want to set up my first website and make enough money to live out my dreams.

  • Lost 2.0

    I want to start thinking more about what I want for my life.

  • seize_yo


  • as

    I want to believe in myself and know that i can do it on my own and not needing a man to support me and stay unhappy. I dont want to just settle because I dont think i can do it on my own.

  • Willow

    I want to get a lead role in a play. So im going to keep auditioning till I get one.

  • Tears in my eyes! Well done!

  • reno gonzalez

    i want to learn how to dance sing rap and make beats

  • Heydyboo

    I’ve always wanted to be involved in theater, but never made a real effort to achieve this goal. Two days ago I auditioned for the first time and I felt fantastic. Don’t know yet if I am part of the cast, however I could tell the director and the rest of the audience liked my performance. Great post! Those suggestions really work.

  • KC

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. My Mom died 4 years ago and she similarly urged me to find my happiness and truly live. I’m still working on it; thank you for the inspiration.

  • Cricket


  • I liked your post…although i wonder how many follow these good advices?

  • Graham Fraser

    What would give me that feeling? We’ll never know. If the alternating terror and despondancy every item on this list fills me with is what feeling “oh-so alive” is supposed to feel like then someone please kill me now. I came to Buddhism specifically to STOP feeling those things.

  • Graham Fraser

    If you, Lori, with all your wisdom and knowledge – a life dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, and healthy perspectives – can’t start new things without feeling terrified what hope do I have? I don’t want to learn to live. with it… it serves no purpose… I want it to go away.

  • Hi Graham,

    I personally try to focus less on *not* feeling terrified, and more on acting in spite of my fear. I mean, the feelings, those are what makes us human. They may never go away. But we can learn to push ourselves beyond them.

    I can understand the resistance to that. I’m not a fan of feeling things that make me uncomfortable. I just know I caused myself a lot of pain when I fought my feelings, because I’ve realized they’re not going anywhere. I am a highly emotional person, and while that hurts sometimes, it also led to this site.

    You can’t make the difficult feelings go away without losing the benefits of pushing through them. You also can’t make the painful feelings going away without losing the pleasurable ones. It’s all part of the same complex package.

    That’s my take on it anyways…


  • I suspect we all follow it sometimes and struggle at others. We all have moments of strength and clarity, and moments of weakness and confusion…

  • This is true…it’s part of being alive. Life it’s a struggle…so we got to fight it in our own way…

  • I always start early and get to bed very late like in the morning sometimes and it seems I just never get enough rest. Finally I have to give myself a break and sometimes I may catch up on that badly needed sleep that I have lost from trying to push myself so hard.

  • triciadomingo

    I want to be able to see the bright of things no matter what happens and I want to be able to share that euphoric feeling with everyone.

  • njjohnson88

    I want to heal old wounds, find the strength to face new battles, and conquer my bulimia.

  • anonymous

    i want to get rid of my complexes, fears…i want to possess will power determination self control. right know i am a mess and have no idea how to fix it. I DONT KNOW HOW TO BE STRONG INSIDE, so that no one can bring my confidence and morale down anyway…

  • Joy

    After avoiding it for over half my life, I’m going back to school and know exactly what degree I’ll pursue, and what I want to be when I grow up.

  • mandy343

    wow. I have been thinking of doing several of these…nothing like seeing your thoughts typed into actual words do you begin to feel motivated!

  • Smily

    I want to travel the world and help people less fortunate than I have been.

  • aman7779

    i cried

  • drumology

    I want to get on stage with a good group of musicians. I want to tour the world to spread this universal idea of love through music. I want to make every single concert we play to be completely free, no one should have to pay for love.

  • acceb54

    I want to quit smoking so much weed!

  • Dillon Vaughan

    I want to be a successful artist.

  • The Wolf

    I want to let go of the useless negativity i carry with me thru my day… i want to confront family problems and let go of my relationship and live for myself for once! I want to courage to do so, and I know happiness will follow 🙂 I truly hope other people that feel like me will also find the courage to be happy

  • Lynn

    That’s me right there. I need to take that jump too. No one gets it, but I have to, and this year I will!

  • jw

    I’m right there with you.

  • ChefDebRT

    I am so sorry that your mom is gone…It’s the part of life that just plain s*#cks.. and no one wants to be in this particular club. Sadly, we all join.

    I wanted to take a moment to Thank you for your comment (and to all those who posted). It made my day!

  • mary

    I want to stop telling myself that i’m stupid and speak more clear and articulate everyday as I known i’m capable of. And stop listening to N’sync, which i’m currently doing. Haha. Beautiful tips, thank you.

  • Astride

    After so much what if i don’t make it talks, i have finally sucked up the possibility of failure but also the possibility of making it so….I GONNA BE A SINGER! :p NO if or buts about it x

  • blayla39

    Go see my son in Colorado!!! I desire to live a prosperous life. In every area, as a Child of God, a lover, mother, sister, daughter. Prosperous in love, forgiveness, financially!

  • jaqueen7

    I wish to fullfill my dream that I started years ago… fashion designing n to live out my days being content n at peace. Not feeling guilty

  • yuhu

    stupid things, you can’t feel good if you don’t feel good… trying to improve your life is worthless, people don’t change… live your life 100%, that’s it

  • Jose

    anyone here has any extra time to make money blogging ? please let me know at

  • Abrar Khan

    I can help you with that. Contact me in my email @ I would like to talk you.

  • Kyle Bourke

    By far one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while. Life changing advice right here!

  • kumaresan

    Thankful to you for such wonderful article which consists of good practices and advices.I really posses to do this activities.

  • Denise Turney

    Love this list. Living an honest life is beautiful!

  • taylor

    I have always wanted to be someone else when my true self makes me feel sad. I guess our qualities are in the genes, so no matter how hard we try, we are always be perceived the same by others. Now, I realized that no matter what people say, we are the one who know the real us. Thus, we just need to pursue our dreams no matter what they take. I want to work hard to achieve my dream to have a big, comfy home. Also, I want to travel to Greece. Thank you for teaching me to pursue my dreams and to let go the fears.

  • EGBarham

    I want to work for a magazine and be a journalist who travels around the world and documents the stories of regular people. Eventually, I want to put together a book of some of those stories. That’s my dream.

  • Nvulane

    Awesome, just enjoyed reading through and picked a lot to practise in my life, especially telling someone my real feelings. I’m also thinking of saving for my travelling expenses and attending conferences and seminars.

  • lucious

    i wanna spank a walrus

  • Alex

    Awesome ideas. Thank you for the creativity, I needed that.

  • OT

    I want to graduate college, then move to Paris or Milan to pursue my life as a jazz musician. Although it is easy to say, some days I feel like I’m not good enough, or I don’t have what it takes. It’s a lot of work, but I think I can do it!

  • amy

    I want to fulfill my childhood dream and write a book about my life and all the experiences I’ve been through up to this point. I just feel like my writing is so amateur compared to all the books I’ve read and it discourages me.

  • Jairo

    I would love to just get with what my intuition tells me in and around my life. I’d like the courage to allow my wishes, opinions, feelings and wants to be materialized with having self doubt sabotage them. Id love to allow me to become that aggressive passionate person I know I am but lack the courage to be.

  • G30

    Thank you, this is a great list. Starting today. Cheers

  • Porshaporsh

    This is such an inspirational article, thank you – talk about seek and you will find!

    My dream is to start a doctorate in social policy so that I can finally start to give back to a world which has offered me so much. I have worked for 7 years supporting homeless young people and writing local strategy and this has been such a rewarding (and heartbreaking at times) vocation, ,but I feel that i can go no further in changing the world around me in this position. I have studied hard and graduated with great marks, but self doubt and fears of financial instability have stopped me dead in my tracks. No stable Job – No home?
    I have a deep passion for fairness and positive societal development which I know can use, through academia and research, to hold politicians and devastating policies to account – who am i to cluck and moan in dismay if I am not ready to act or put my penny where my mouth is?. I also know that I dont have the answers to how our country should be run, but I want to be ready with constructive, evidenced and inclusive points and certainly be at the forefront evidencing how it most certainly shouldn’t be.


  • Whatevs

    I do all these on a regular basis and am still depressed.!!

  • jbaconnewb

    This is SO stupid (feel free to laugh because i do) but i have a fear of popping balloons. I DONT KNOW WHY! And its ridiculous. I do not fear horror movies, spiders, snakes, cliffs, ANYTHING! But I seriously get nervous around balloons. haha 🙂 Sooo… just as a side note, I am going to overcome this fear!!! I am going to sit down with my hands tied behind my back and have my very close friend pop balloons in my face. ALL DAY. haha:) yikes… anyways…
    I have always wanted to write a novel and publish it. I have won over 6 awards for my writings and I am sixteen. I love to write and everyone says I’m gifted… so why don’t I write? I’m not sure… I guess I’ll “Get around to it one day”. So I’m going to do that goal! 5 pages a day for 30 days to equal a 150 page draft. Hey that’s somewhere! The most I’ve been able to get is 42 pages… And then I stop. Every time and I don’t know why! So here’s hoping for the future! 🙂 Wish me luck.

  • jbaconnewb

    Oh my gosh I am the SAME way! I am a flipping expert on HOW to live a positive life… but I need to start applying it. and not just for a little while-but forever

  • d_eye

    Thank you for sharing these lists, by just reading this it makes me feel alive! I’m empowered, i would love to try something new! I get excited, i get curious on how i can challenge myself and try new endeavor. Ever since i was a child i want to write, but i was afraid i cant write a good one. Now, is the time to break free!

  • I’ve always wanted to make an youtube acc and share dance cover, my life experience and make funny video but whatsoever have no experience in any of them. and am so scared i will fail miserably and will be made fun of ><

  • Simon

    I am transgender. I’ve been on ‘the patch’ for about eight months, but I have noticed no real changes. I decided that I am going to call my doctor Monday and ask to begin injections. They will make more drastic, quicker changes, and that is scary. I’m afraid my family will stop going out with me in public like they said they would. But, it is who I am and I want it to happen, so I’m going to do it! 🙂

  • JunkheadRooster

    Your story is indeed inspirational. I’m glad you made it!

  • Nour

    I gave up on my childhood dream of being an Airplane Pilot. And instead chased what everyone thought is a more realistic career, like being a dentist. However, I realized I had no passion for being a dentist.. and so I was getting no where!! I want to change that, I want to believe in my passion, and my dreams, I want to be a Pilot.

  • Gatz

    Weird feeling … but I wrote something … proving that i am alive 🙂 thanks for the post.

  • Clifford

    I have always dreamed of traveling around the world with my family. I have no idea what the future that God made for me holds. But I’m sure that if this is not happening, He has something bigger. Well, at least, I got something to look forward to as I live my life.

  • Dave (Personal Growth project)

    This is a great list of things to shake your life up. If I had to summarize in two words what makes people feel fulfilled and more alive, it would be growth and connection. When human beings are growing and when we feel connected to others we are happy. When we are stagnant and feel seperated we get depressed and feel worthless. This is a big list of things to do to make sure you keeping growing and keep connecting! Great article.

    Dave (Personal Growth Project)

  • iamsethbaker

    I want to pursue my music career, but I’m on scholarship at university and i feel chained down

  • katlang

    I want to stop letting my OCD control my life and accept things that are beyond my control

  • jeff

    i work at a homeless shelter and try to inspire people all the time and keep a good attitude for all to see and feed off of.(hoping that people can feed off of positive energy as they do negativity) some of these people really have it hard. this year i am trying a challenge of wild land firefighting for just that…the challenge. i did the certifying classes and just waiting eagerly for that call. even working in this field i find it hard to just walk up and meet/introduce myself. i am even trying a site called just to meet cool people. and it has kinda worked but not locally for sure. i have shunned negative people almost totally and i find myself with just 4 people that dont do drugs and are positive that i hang out with on a regular basis. i read and saved this list to hopefully expand myself. i actually practice some of these things already. just last month i took up frisby golf for the hell of it. i am not good yet but working on it. lol… i have traveled a lil and i have tried my hand at alot of things. i am always up for learning new things and good hard work. i even work for a local network maintenance company on the side to use my brain and last week i was in portland at a cousins house and dug up some bushes for him that he has meant to get out for a year, i havent seen him in over a decade. it was pretty cool. but anyhow. i want more in life and a good chance i can take advantage of.

  • sbinx

    Make a list of things you would like to someday do, a bucket list. Break it down. what needs to come first. if nothing, go for it – today! If something, make that happen. Take the small steps. Even if it’s reading one paragraph of the bible a day, or planning out what color to paint the living room take the baby steps to checking things off your list.

  • giovannim

    What if I don’t have any friend?

  • WildOne

    I have been bullied since first grade and I’m now going into high school. While i was being bullied i turned to music to help me through all of the pain. At one point i almost turned to self harm but my friend showed me a new band and they really inspired me. That band saved me and i had always loved singing but never thought i would do anything with my singing. After that band inspired me and saved me i decided that i want to use my talent in singing to inspire and save people with the music i create like i was saved.

  • SheHasDimples

    I want to smile at every stranger I see. With no expectations or fear. Just smile whether they look like someone I want to get to know or someone I don’t. I Just want to have an attitude of being kind and friendly to everyone I see. Kind of a be driven by love instead of by fear kind of thing. But I can never do it because I’m in constant fear that I will either 1) be rejected, or 2) invite some kind of crazy/clingy person into my life. When all it is, is a smile. Does that make sense?

  • Just do it

    I want to have the courage to search for the help I need and chase the things that make me happy.

  • ajcmezzo

    That is awesome! What an inspiring story.

  • ajcmezzo

    This is so true. I’ve been doing it for almost a month now and I am amazed at how much better I feel, how much energy I have, and how optimistic, productive, and energetic I am in my pursuits. Put positive energy into life, and it comes back to you many times over.

  • double r

    I want to stop putting so much pressure on myself. Stop doing things I feel I have to do and do things I want to do. I need to accept the fact I am not Superman.

  • Anne

    I want to quit my job for more reasons than there is space here. I want to earn a living doing something I love. I love yoga, I love the water, I love food, I love wine. If I could come up with a way to incorporate all those things, I’d be one happy camper.

  • Carey Talmage

    I am so glad you’ve had dreams come true. I’m about to embark on my senior year for my bachelor’s. I’ve been studying French in France for the last 5 weeks for my major in French (my second major). I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to see Europe. I’ve made the decision to work the hardest when i get back for my final band camp (I’m in marching band) and throughout my last year of school in the US. I’m going to go to a French speaking area for graduate programs or I will teach english for a year and then go to graduate programs. If my dreams can come true so can everyone else’s.

  • Brittany

    I want to INSPIRE and EMPOWER others and become a motivational speaker. Sounds so cheesy but damnit I want to do it! I want also want to be free…and let go of worry. I’m always stressed about nothing. All this pressure…from where? From ME. Silliness.

  • Brittany

    God, that is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  • Giselle Miller
  • hope

    I want to be a model. I lack 2 inches in height though according to all the research I’ve done. I’ve heard there are exceptions though and I want to be that exception! It’s my dream! I get that rush everytime I think about myself modeling!

  • Jenn Hourani

    Oh Lori. You’re always bringing so much light, happiness, and inspiration to others. Just reading this at work today gave me a jolt of electric magic – and pushed me to follow through on a few things I’ve had on the backburner. I think the brevity of life makes this post so moving for me – I want to live every moment with “passion, excitement, and exhilaration”… and Tiny Buddha has been instrumental in helping me achieve that.

    Thank you for everything you do for all of us, and for continually sharing yourself in such a brave and open way.

  • Freshy

    I want to go to college without worrying about the money

  • What a wonderful comment, Jenn. I’m so glad this was inspiring to you, and I appreciate that you took the time to write. Thank YOU! 🙂

  • Arabella

    I want to enter a cheffing competition! I am a chef and its my first year as one and want to push myself to higher challenges.. I am a private chef on a yacht and want to exceed my own expecations. I want to learn French, I want to work with animals and I want to explore the most remote hidden treasures around the world.

  • Rose

    I’m afraid to tell a friend that her meltdowns are too much for me. I know it sounds like a simple task. I’ve known her my whole life and am worried it will sever our friendship.

  • Miles

    I want to tell the girl I love that how I feel. I’m afraid. And it’s pretty complicated. HeLp !

  • Sel

    I did an exchange year and during the last month I met this guy and i instantly fell for him. We were actually a set up date for prom and i was anxious because i didn’t know him at all and i thought it might get awkward but it was quite the opposite and we laughed, danced and talked the entire night. We kept in touch and I knew he liked me too but I had to go back home a few weeks later. Now I still can’t stop thinking about him… am i just idealizing him or is he the one?

  • vedashree

    i needed somthing adventurous to make me feel alive…………something out of my imagination…….its hidden somewhere down the road but i am not able to figure it out……what i really want from my life!…..maybe something adventurous will help me reveal the mystery……

  • bingbingwa

    I want to leave the rat race.

  • Cora Rose

    I always wanted to be close to wildlife, spend quality time with animals in different parts of the world, help where is needed and make a difference.

  • chrisdeffer

    How can I not realize, live by, embrace and take comfort in the simple facts of life? I am bewildered. In the moment, “I yam what I yam and that’s ALL that I yam”

  • Iris

    I want to travel europe with nothing but a back pack, find a ovely family with a farm help out for a month or too then move on

  • Craig Grimm

    Nice post…Keep up the excellent work.

  • WordSmith

    Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer… I have had the urge to create, to inspire, to instill in people something more powerful than just the words I could put together. Once I was old enough, my father introduced me to Stephen King… and I fell in love. I don’t know how old I was when I came to the conclusion that someday I would be as famous as him, only bigger. I have come to realize over time that my message is going to be much more than just a simple story, or a character going through trial and error. I have known for some time now that my voice should be heard…… but fear has kept me from that path. Fear of judgement, fear of disapproval, of rejection… I am afraid that no matter how I pour my heart and soul into my writing, no one will hear me. I am afraid – no, terrified – that there is no way for a single voice to rise above the mass static noise of the entertainment industry, the electronic generation of Smart phones and tablets. I am worried and anxious because writing is not my only talent, and yet it is the one that fills my soul. I am worried that I won’t be able to meet every requirement of my life’s journey…..

    But being worried that I won’t make it is no reason not to start.

  • Ambervision

    I really want to kill myself, but I’ve alwaysbeeen to scared and found some excuses why now is not the right time etc.
    Reading this, I think maybe I should just take a first step that commits me to the act with no chance to turn back.

  • Hi Amber~

    I’m worried for you! Are you seriously considering taking your life? Is there someone you can talk to, a family member or friend? If not, will you promise me that you will call a hotline if you considering taking action on this?

    Please let me know you are okay!


  • Ambervision

    I don’t know that I’m okay really, but I won’t take action on it. Thank you for your caring response, and I sincerely apologize for bringing to this place what does not belong here.

    It is really late here in the Netherlands and I’m so tired, but can I send you and email in the morning? I know I shouldn’t want to bother you with what I should take to a therapist instead, but your response touched something in me.

  • You’re most welcome. You can absolutely email me. I am on EST, and I may be out for a bit of the morning, but I will respond as soon as I am able. I hope your night isn’t too stressful or painful.

  • evangeline

    i know my problem is that of a teenager….but i would appreciate any help i can get…..i like this guy and my so called “best friend” knew this….and yet she would keep trying to impress him, talk to him, engage him when he is talking to me or laughing with me…..this ruins my day and i get filled with anger….no matter how many times i have tried to be positive about it, it just doesnt work….

  • moax6629

    i want to be an internet activist or an ethical hacker !

  • Ni

    I cried to this. And you have inspired me more. Thank you. I needed this today

  • JennyG

    I’m about to retire from the Public Service at 60 and I’ve enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. I shall start at the end of October and I’m just so excited but also quite terrified, as it’s a heck of a long time since I’ve done any serious study with exams etc. However, I figure that the worst that can happen is that I learn a lot of stuff that will be interesting and will hopefully help me and my husband to live healthier lives.
    I always wanted to do something connected with health but somehow I ended up doing office work. I’ve enjoyed a lot of what I’ve done but I don’t much care for my current job and I sat down a few months ago and asked myself what I really wanted to do. This is it!

  • jay

    Remember your happiness is far more important than other peoples opinion. Social pressure is only a form of control. A lot of people use it to ease there own insecurities. If you want to free yourself from this type worrying just be true, honest and realistic with yourself. If others don’t understand, you can not change this and its not your fault, if they care about you they will accept your quest for happiness and maybe join you if they find the courage. The world is full of “the living dead” don’t let them drag you down……

  • Rev Nancy

    at the age of 50 I went back to school and got my Masters of Divinity and am now an Ordained Minister in Rural Quebec. As a woman I feel I am a role model for others. I am incredibly happy and fulfilled

  • AJ Jackson

    I’ll help you. Life and others in it are the only things that allow life to remain exciting, yet still a mystery. Maybe we could tell each other about our thoughts, beliefs, and desires in an attempt to force them to spring to life.

    What do you think???

  • AJ Jackson

    Anything worth doing is worth doing together! I’d love to know if there is anything I could say or do to help you. This post is truly inspiring.

  • Hassan

    Hello. Thank you for this. Be more blessed as long as you live. Hassan

  • Franaita

    I want to work and travel to new countries every 6 months. I want to learn the culture, religion and politics in every country I visit.
    But I don’t know how to go about it.
    The problem is that Im a finance student and I don’t understand anything about it. I hate reading the economics and business newspapers. I realized that commerce is not my field after attending 6 months of college.It really sucks and I still haven’t figured out what I really want to do.
    I have studied french and little german though. I think I could learn more languages and maybe do something related to that for my career. But Im not sure if majoring in languages is my real aim or just an escape from finance.

  • Bigaloo

    I want to feel connected to other people.

  • Mike Hedrick

    Wow! What a powerful story. I haven’t cried like that in years. I lost my mother when I was almost 4 years old but I’m sure she would have said similar things to me. You story seems to have had a profound effect on many of us, as shown by the comments. I believe we recognize on some level that we have not been true to ourselves and our dreams, still feel the need deep down inside, and like a fountain all of this bubbles to the surface until it forms a spray that jets into the sky and into our lives.

    My hope and wish is for your story (and this article) to inspire people to act on their dreams, don’t give up hope!

  • Jazz

    I want to get EVERYONE who posts similar comments on inspirations from old and young in one place at one time. With the wisdom and discernment cumulatively, we will change the world. We will touch lives, inspire, and enlighten the oblivious and save our people from themselves.

  • Marchelle

    That’s deep…

  • You are my hero! I teared up as I read your story. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  • Carlly O.

    It’s a short term thing and I know its a little bad but I really want to sneak out and go to my bf’s house. He means so much to me but i cant really talk to him w/o sneaking…

  • Kamile Ko

    Few yeas ago I felt like a dead… Everything what surrounded me was boring… But finally I’ve discovered theatre performances and it helped me so much 🙂 Really people, if you are suffering from depression you should visit this theatre- Restoranai
    🙂 It must be included to this list of things which helps to feel alive 🙂

  • UnhAppy3

    I want to stop letting my friends (who are going nowhere) bring me down and walk all over me. I want to stop drinking and follow my ambitions. I want to go far far far away.

  • Pam

    Awwwee… This one is sooo touching. :’)

  • Fabio

    i would like to meet you! lol….no but really i would love to no waste my life.

  • Nameless one

    If you enjoy writing, go for it. Don’t worry about the rest. It will work itself out. And if you haven’t read Stephen King’s book On Writing, check it out. I’ve read it several times; I think it’s the best book of its kind. Very moving and inspiring.

  • Nameless one

    They don’t sound like very good friends. Drop them. Find something you enjoy doing and you’ll meet other people. You don’t have to move away; just find another orbit in your current community (unless it’s so small there are no other options). Then maybe you do have to move. But always ask yourself, is this me? Am I living my life or following others?

  • i want to take some good moments from the past to the present not to lose them and go through them again and again

  • Gracey

    I want to learn French!

  • Jib

    I recently broke my leg skiing in the alps and had to get surgery in Italy. Now that I have made it back home to Canada, and also in the hospital, I would wake up occasionally to really intense feelings of dread, helplessness and anxiety. I would get these when sick as a child and not know how to describe them. Now it feels like I am a body you try a medical operation on, but it is pointless because the brain is in trouble. Or you are in irrational mathematical function and you try to plot yourself on the graph. Then tonight I woke up with the feeling as well and was brought to tears and not knowing why i felt so bad. In truth I believe eating dinner too close to bed time had an effect. In any case the bad feelings continued until I started hearing a part of Islamic prayer in my head. I have long stopped identifying as a muslim and have a spiritual approach to religion but into my head popped “Allah Hooakbar” which means praise Allah and I began to sing and pray this out loud through my tears and the feelings began to subside. I would start to pray to Jesus and the feelings would still subside. I believe that these feelings came from how small and helpless we are and that we should confide and believe in the power of God and in the universe. I was tending to think that God was a metaphor for all things and organisms. Now I wonder if there isn’t much more taking place. Now I’m quite sure Allah came to my rescue tonight, and I am grateful. Nonetheless, I don’t believe any path to God is less righteous than another. But there must be gratitude and unparalleled reverence, ie worship, to the universe around you. We are powerless to it, and must accept that to be truly at peace. Water is our most powerful element, yet it fights no forces.

  • anky

    nice!!!! and if you wana download hollywood movies for free go to

  • Karina

    I want to be comfortable around people and not scared.

  • AndyNIII

    i want to be myself again, live my life free of anyone’s expectations but my own, improve my self in my career as a chef and find a appreciated love.

  • Mateus Goncalves

    I wonder if feeling alive is that complicated. Travelling, dancing, blogging, telling people about that stuff and everything else. I do that since I was a kid and still do not feel alive. This place sucks, like very other place else. I’m bored here, I’m bored the same way on the other side of the world. I could be bored in Heaven just like I’m here.

    There’s no where to go. As Campbell said, the Hero goes to the Axis Mundi and finds himself, finally he feels alive. Well, the holly mountain, the Axis Mundi, as far as I know, is not that special. It is actually just a mountain, I can see it with Google Maps, so what’s the point?

    There is nothing special anywhere. It is all More of the Same.
    That makes me wonder, what’s the point of this sucking place?

  • Wallz

    I still feel numb. I am alive. I love everything I read and will apply it to my life. I am open to trying new things. Just feeling curious as to why can’t cry or feel emotionally attached as I once was.

  • Inspiring! I’m really happy for you!

  • ana

    please change #9 to say Or tell your boss his OR HER services are no longer needed

  • Good call–done! =)

  • Mike S

    Go Someone You’ve Always Wanted to Go… er, Meet Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted to Meet, er, um…

  • kavin paker

    Have faith in yourself. I think you will be surprised by how much you will do, all in good time!
    Alps hotel

  • Evie

    I really want to get into drama. I feel totally stupid writing this, because this is such an amazing blog and you have a brilliant life and a fulfilled dream, but I’m not even fifteen yet. I keep waiting for my fears to evaporate around me, so I can start paving my way to being an actress like I want to do. I also love to write. My dream is to be an award-winning actress, and to one day write a novel. I just don’t think I can do it. I have a very low self-esteem and don’t feel like I can join any classes that would help me be an actress. It’s just my passion, and everytime I’m acting I don’t feel like I’m myself, I am absorbed in something DIFFERENT, you know? Something so entirely different it takes away my breath, and I can just be a character, a person. That is magical, but I am ashamed to admit that I am too afraid to even ask my parents if I can audition for a summer programme in London, the opposite end of the country since I live in the north-east of the UK. It would really help me become an actress, everything I’ve ever wanted to be, but I just can’t do it. This makes me feel so pretentious; this website is a beautiful hub of positivism and progress – but I suppose I am here to ask for advice. Not about acting, or writing. I would be honored if I could find a way to be a better version of myself, one that isn’t afraid. That sounds so stupid, since I am commenting on a post related to living as a better person – but I suppose what I really want right now, is somebody to tell me that I’m not alone, and that I CAN be confident and maybe even fulfill my dream someday. I’m sorry for the super long post! 🙂

  • Evie

    That is beautiful! I am so happy that you are living such a purposeful and enriched life doing what you want to do 🙂 congratulations!

  • Hi Evie,

    What you wrote doesn’t sound stupid at all. You’re NOT alone and you CAN be confident. And you most definitely can fulfill your dream someday!

    In regards to asking your parents about the summer program, what’s the worst that could happen if you did? I find that asking myself this question really helps me get to the root of my fear so that I can overcome it.

    And one more question: Is there more you love about acting, beyond being able to be someone else? I ask because I had incredibly low self-esteem growing up, and I was also drawn to acting, largely because it provided an emotional outlet and an escape. The first reason was a lot healthier than the second.

    Of course, this was just my experience and may not be yours. But I thought I’d put that out there, since you mentioned that you struggle with low self-esteem, as well.

    Sending good thoughts your way…


  • Really a very beautiful story!

  • Sophia Patel


  • Enz0

    I want to tell a workmate that I really really like her, we get along and spend a lot of time together, but I haven’t been bold enough to tell her how I feel about her

  • easyday

    This is pure gold of which i am happy to mine.

  • Really helpful tips, you should try at least once.

  • Missy

    somehow, I am afraid of being myself, cause I have mood swings. I like to enjoy life but my mood swings might scare others.

  • A few of those in particular (1, 2, 10, 16….) were always biggies for me. Not that the others aren’t, but one has to start somewhere…:) I started with those about ten years ago, at the end of a long first marriage that went…how shall I put this…badly.

    The universe, in response, sort of aligned itself in my favor. Long story short: I was reunited with my first love from college, we married, retired, moved to Europe permanently, and are living our dreams. Amazing what happens when you have good advice like that which is being offered here. The dominoes WILL (amazingly) fall where you want them to fall.

    Thank you for this.

  • אייל טנדלר

    From experience, don’t tell your Boss what you can do 🙂

  • April

    I want to run off the edge of a cliff into a pool of glistening water, then watch the clouds while I float away.

  • Caitlyn

    I know how you can do that, if its still your dream, email me sometime.

  • Cat

    I know how you can do that, if you still feel stuck, i can help. email me sometime, if youre ready to start your dream.

  • Jackie

    me too! what are some things you are doing to achieve this? I’ve been starting by meditating 5-10 minutes a day a few times a week.

  • Jackie

    I’d love to open up my own café!

  • Chelsea

    I feel like doing most of these are really about having money. For those of us who are completely broke and already entertain ourselves the best we can with most of these… there is really nothing more that can be done without factoring in an increase of money.

  • awakenedradio

    Wonderful ideas for getting out there and enjoying life. Doing something new and exciting keeps it real. Thank you for a great share.

  • maneet kaur

    heyy lori! thanks for the inspiration.. 🙂 you made my day ! and today i wanted to complete the 7th task on the list.. 😉 so i wanted to ask did you figure out that acting n painting is your passion..see im 16..n i am curious about everything..i wanna do everything..i like meeting new ppl n going new places..i just like having fun.(well..what kind of a goal is dat ..right?)..n i don wanna spend my life studying,ducking my head inside big fat books…its just not me…what do u suggest? hw do i figure out what makes me come alive..n plz suggest some careers you think might work for a person with a high IQ- but finds sitting wid a book n studying too boring- like me..i just want to hav fun..all the best for ur future..! it ws lovely reading ur blog 🙂

  • You’re most welcome! I discovered my passions by trying new things and seeing how I felt. If you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, I suggest making a list of things that sound interesting to you and then trying them, one at a time. Then really, it’s all about following your nudges and instincts.

    As for identifying a career that might be a good fit for you, I recommend this personality test:

    I hope this helps!


  • lanalovely

    I want to go back to school, again, and finish. I dont believe i can because i have two toddlers, work full-time, have bad social anxiety and depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. I think im a scary quitter and will never amount to anything. I dislike myself because of who i am.

  • wishful_thinker

    I have always been more creatively inclined as a person, but then I ended up being an engineer. I have always had more excuses to not do what I love. Besides, I have such digressing hobbies that sometimes, even I wonder what is that one thing that stands out above everything else. I wish to spend my time doing something that makes hours seem like minutes instead of slogging and trying to make things happen. I hope either the fate will turn its wheel for me or I will end up taking a stand by either enjoying what I do or do what I really enjoy. I want to experience that emotion of feeling alive and going in a momentum or flowing in the rhythm..

  • Great article, thanks for posting!!

  • Amanda

    I want to become a professional singer, my family wants me to keep quiet and go to school.. I’m going to keep singing because it makes me happy. 🙂

  • Hello Lori, A terrific post! You have identified some excellent ways to live an authentically happy life. I’m a blogger at Ahh The Simple Life, and have been studying some of the research being done in the realm of positive psychology. What you write about in your post is right in line with what Martin Seligman calls “authentic happiness.” I truly wish you well with your new adventures. You serve as an inspiration to all of us.
    Cheers, Carol

  • Corson Nikkel

    Something I could do but I think *know* I can’t.

    Workout everyday and have a basic job that still pays the bills.

    That last part is the one that no longer exists.

    In the meantime I found this while googling about Buddhism, so rock on!

  • inspiring and useful! thank you for sharing

  • MarianaT

    I want to live in Canada and work for Cirque du Soleil

  • Krystian C

    I want to stop fearing the unknown and stop letting all the opportunities in my life pass me by because I fear that I don’t know what might happen. I want to live life to the fullest and stop worrying and over thinking every situation in my life and having it discourage me.

  • tinybuddha

    Why would you post photos like the above to people who don’t feel alive!?! What if they cannot afford to go to Caribbeans – this will make them feel even more miserable and “not chosen”.
    Gosh, I hate all these new-age semi-rich working-bee narcissists who think they hold the God for the balls and everyone else needs their fackin “wisdom”.

  • Rupok

    I wanted to do research to further my career as an academician, but haven’t been able to do it. Whenever I resolve to do it, I remember to do something else – I guess it’s called procrastination. I’ve been delaying it for years on end now, and am in a bad shape with the career. I mean, I am into a career where only research can take you up, and you’re not fit or eager to do it. Could anything be more pathetic than this!
    I wish I could engage myself into absorbing research and publish papers one after another, like some of my friends are doing. I really wish I could.
    But I have a hundred thousand other things to do. And I don’t see any way out of this apparent ‘busy’ schedule to do something I require to do.

  • Marco A.

    But what if the thing you love to do, and want to do has ended in failure and embarrassment multiple times in the past – and now you are more settled than back then?

    Is it still a matter of courage, or is it just foolishness to pursue it?

  • Kristina o’neal

    I’m 20 and I love ballet. I want to be a ballet dancer even though I’ve never had training besides youtube videos and a year of gymnastics when I was young. I feel like it’s too late for me to even start. Everyday for two months I’ve practiced my pirouette, but I can only do one cycle. I feel like I’ll never accomplish my dream because so many girls start out as toddlers. Even though I’m not a trained dancer, I’ve used it to help myself recover from a traumatic event when I was younger, and I would like to express myself through dance. I’m going to keep my head up and tell myself I can do it!

  • Kristina o’neal

    Very inspiring and heart felt! I’m so proud of you for following your dream! Your story has inspired me to follow mine!

  • Wonderful, teary, makes one feel happy to be alive.

  • no

    “Just quit your job and start pursuing your passion! :)” where’ve you been since 2008?

  • landon

    I want to travel somewhere I don’t care where it is.

  • Rachel

    Hey Lori,

    The start of your post really resonated with me. I used not be scared of committing to an activity, I would not do one if it did not have some sort of an advancement in it for me. It had to have an end date and a certificate.

    Then I started thinking about all the little things I wanted to do. I crocheted my first scarf this winter and I am so proud wearing it.

    When time and money permits I am wanting to do a six to twelve week acting course. I don’t want it to lead anywhere, I just want to see what the teachings will bring out in me. And I cant wait. Cooking, I want to do every cooking course I can get my hands on, because I think working around food with other people brings some great connections into the mix.
    I no longer not do things because of… I plan for them and attempt them.

    Great post. I enjoyed it.


  • Lig32

    I’m terrified that I’ll never live a life that I’m happy living. I listen to what I’m supposed to do (get a job, show up, do my job). when my days and weeks are over I have no energy left to do the thing I love the most in the world, train Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’m exhausted, sad, and trying to figure it all out.

  • Jessie Johnson

    I want to follow my dream of being a singer, I also want to be a person that changes the way people see America and help this country become one truly united nation, because right now we are seriously struggling with that, I also want to help the US become a true democracy, where we don’t have to worry about lobbyists and things like that. But, most of all, I want to be happy, and make others happy.

  • Arrem

    I wish honestly that i could JUST DO IT. And i hate making excuses. Now i am just writing this because the last tip recommended me lol. I wish commitment would be a lot easier to stick to. Gonna try doing something I want.
    Tbh i’m stuck with thia job i hate but i can’t quit caus if i dont keep it i’ll feel worthless (and i need some kind of income). I’m gonna grt fired soon i bet (it’s telemarketing, no sales so far). But i’ll try keeping a positive view of things 🙂

  • BatGirl

    I’m bisexual.

  • Annon

    quit grad school.

  • Sharyn Constantine

    THIS is exactly the story i needed to read today. Thank you. Im so grateful that you followed your mothers and your daughters advice and followed your dream (with all the “apparent” obstacles) and it turned out so amazingly well. I’m going to take a leaf out of your book.Congratulations and am I am truly happy for you and your daughters.

  • Vinay Menon

    This is by far the best 40 ways I have read. I have a lot of learning and growing up to do. Amazing!!

  • Vinay Menon

    Oh and btw, I want to start writing blogs. And be a musician simultaneously.

  • Pres

    is ur name an alice in chains reference

  • yololoy

    I want to surpass Muhammad Ali. That will be my way of honoring him.

  • This is an amazing article i love all the ideas thank you for sharing.

  • EB

    One of the wonderful things about the internet is the access it gives to so many helpful thoughts and suggestions. It would have been great to hear this when I was a younger man.

    One of the wonderful things about age and experience is the wisdom to look in new and different places for inspiration. I would never have looked here when I was a younger man.

    Thankyou for sharing 🙂

  • You’re most welcome! =)

  • Leanne

    How dare you assume that everyone has friends