AJ’s Art Journal: Be Audacious



Dharma Comics: Figuring It Out



Charity Water: How Your Birthday Can Bring Clean Water to the World

Scott Harrison started the non-profit Charity Water on his 31st birthday to help bring clean, safe drinking water to developing countries (where 800 million people live without it). If you’re looking to make a major difference, consider pledging your birthday. I know what I’m doing on mine!

Buddha Doodles: Get Comfortable Not Knowing


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Mr. Happy Man: Reminding Us That Life Is Beautiful

Eighty-eight-year-old Johnny Barnes spends six hours every day telling people on the side of the road “I love you!” and “Have a great day!” Rain or shine, he makes it his mission to share joy and kindness with everyone who passes.

Following Johnny’s lead: Happy Monday, I love you, and have a great day! Now go and pass it on. 🙂

AJ’s Art Journal: Be of Good Cheer



Dharma Doodles: When You Let Go

Dharma Doodles: When You Let Go


Dharma Comics: Follow What You Love



Street Compliments: Sharing Love on the Side of the Road

Soul Pancake (the site started by Rainn Wilson, from The Office) set up a compliment station on the side of the road, and the exchanges they captured on film are both beautiful and touching.

When was the last time you told someone how you feel?

Buddha Doodles: Hard Pasts


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AJ’s Art Journal: May Flowers Line Your Path



We Live Unbound: An Inspiring Video About What’s Possible

So much is possible, if we’re willing to believe it.

That doesn’t mean we have no limitations beyond the ones we set in our mind; simply believing that something is possible doesn’t guarantee it will happen. But it does create the possibility that it could.

That’s what makes us feel alive: taking bold action toward possibility, knowing that the goal isn’t to control what will happen tomorrow. It’s to create a sense of freedom as we choose what will happen today.

Are you living unbound?

Buddha Doodles: Thoughts Are Harmless


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AJ’s Art Journal: Peace Comes from Within


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Flash Mob of Cancer Survivors: Closer to Free

I’m a huge fan of flash mobs. There’s something about a seemingly random, slow-building display of mass creativity and joy that never fails to make me smile. This one, featuring a group of cancer survivors and a children’s choir, gave me goosebumps. Beautiful voices. Beautiful spirit. Beautiful message of hope.

Dharma Comics: Grateful


Buddha Doodles: Feelings Come and Go


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Improv Everywhere: Seeing Eye People

What a concept…”Seeing Eye People” for texting and walking. Makes you think: Are you paying attention?

AJ’s Art Journal: Concentrate the Mind on the Present



Dharma Comics: Love Is a Puzzle