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    Miniature Bodhisattva:
    Thank you for your support and sharing your thoughts. I know i cannot protect her from herself, and being young in her mind, its her choice to make, and I cannot force free will.

    Every one defines love differently, and it is everything and it is everywhere.

    Im grateful for sites like this that allows us to communicate and release our emotions and support each other!
    Thank you!


    I feel your pain, as i am dealing with a break up myself from a 9 year friendship, 6 year relationship.

    I find what helps me:
    1. Talk to your friends if you have any left. Someone willing to give you value into your situation.
    2. Positive affirmations during the day – try “Louise Hay Meditation” on youtube. YOU ARE WORTHY!
    3. When the going gets tough, harness that pain and anxiety and unleash the F*****G FURY at the gym until you almost drop dead!
    4. Find salvation in books, self help books, and positive messages.

    Take some time off and LET IN the anger and frustration rather than putting it off, then go to the gym.
    Some people will say keep yourself busy, but i find what helps me is to face it now rather than letting it hit you like a ton of bricks. You “keep yourself busy” is a form of masking the symptoms like taking a pill, but we all know thats not the answer.
    My best friend called me brave for not taking the pill and becoming a hopeless zombie like him. He said if he could do it all over again, he would rise from the darkness.

    Good luck!
    Fight it, dont run from it like your chicken shit boyfriend that cant face his own parasites.
    You are WORTHY!
    Mastery of Love – Don Miguel Ruiz


    WOW Ladies,
    I felt as though you were talking about me. Ill share what i can and hopefully it will resonate with you.

    First off, i want to warn you that you are subconsciously absorbing all of their negativity, and love will run out as it did with my girlfriend.

    She was the only one that has shown me unconditional love, but everyone has a breaking point!
    I knew what I was doing was wrong, and made an unconscious CHOICE to hold onto the past, and I was destroying my relationship not even realizing it. I knew something needed to change because I didnt want to lose her, because she is the ONE.
    I begged her to stay, and what has helped me was changing my routine.

    I could go on for hours on what I did to break my habits. Break my endless loop.
    “Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result is insanity.”
    – Albert Einstein

    I made a conscious choice to make the change within my self. I was awake. I was self aware.
    Its been 1.5 years, and we’re still together, but now she has found her own issues and has awaken, and become self aware.

    Quit those sugary drinks, eat high quality foods, master your feminine/masculine energies, the words that are projected out from me needs to be projected back to me (i want trust from you, but I’ve learned to get it is to give it), EXCERCISE EVERYDAY!! (especially from 3pm to 6pm when my psychosis (anxiety) kicks in), and if I may suggest a book, “The Mastery of Love” Don Miguel Ruiz (THIS IS MY BIBLE!)

    If you need any more suggestions, please feel free to ask.

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