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    I dont want to rant about about another break up, rather want to express gratitude and learn to let go.

    I was in a 6 year relationship, that ended off and on, and its been a week since we have talked.
    I went through my midlife crisis 1.5 years ago and she is going through hers as I speak. She is seeking out relationship experience & her sexuality with other men, being that this is her first relationship.
    She doesnt know if if its her head or heart, but I am deeply hurt she chose to leave to fulfill her sexual conquest. I understand its all part of growing up and experiencing life, and there is no right or wrong, but only resonance.
    I am letting go, and moving on with life.

    Im grateful for the time I spent with her everything she has taught me.
    – teaching me patience
    – nutrition & nurture
    – cooking
    – sharing “inside joke” moments
    – inviting me in to life & family
    – positivity & optimism

    She is a true leader and is the light that shined into this darkened soul.
    She has shown me the brighter side of life, and to remain positive.
    She took me in, and nurtured the good parts and brought me to life.

    I shared this site with her, and if you end up reading this, or maybe the universe will tell her:
    Im forever grateful for the life we had together, and I have placed your consciousness deep inside my soul.
    You’ve given me your greatest gift in the world, your time!

    Love is a choice, and I choose to let go.

    Be well! I hope you find “happiness”

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    That’s lovely. Someone told me once (and I’ve made the decision to believe it), “words that are spoken / thought are always delivered…even if only energetically.” So I have no doubt yours will make their way to her, even if she never logs on to the site.

    And I applaud you for not only expressing gratitude, but also your hurt/disappointment. Both are equally valid, and one does not diminish the other.

    Take good care of yourself in these days ahead.


    i like to think of love like energy… it cannot be destroyed, it only changes form. your letting her go was an act of love. and i am sure she still loves you, maybe only differently.


    Miniature Bodhisattva:
    Thank you for your support and sharing your thoughts. I know i cannot protect her from herself, and being young in her mind, its her choice to make, and I cannot force free will.

    Every one defines love differently, and it is everything and it is everywhere.

    Im grateful for sites like this that allows us to communicate and release our emotions and support each other!
    Thank you!


    Hi, I’m new to this site and felt drawn to this post
    My husband pushed me into marriage ( second one) our relationship was fantastic at first then I realised once he’d moved in with me, that he had some very nasty traits. Jealous , clingy,childish I won’t go on ,but I loved him never the less
    Around 6 months ago he basically said he wanted to live on his own, have his own finances back and travel , causing me to have to sell the house and other upheavals
    He had some sort of midlife crisis I know it , he still contacts sometimes to say how much he loves looking at my pictures and how he grieves , but on the other hand he’s away on a 2 week trip to the USA that I should have gone on pasting all his pictures on Facebook ( so I’ve been told)
    The question is I’ve become very interested in Buddhism and have started meditation classes and for years have tried to adopt the non attachment and forgiveness etc, I think that’s why people are amazed at how strong I am as it’s definitely give me strength
    I am however really really struggling with anger I imagine whilst I’m sorting out the mortgage and finding a new house, also,the fact im bewilderment and sad as to why this happened , he has flown and is free of all responsibility ,he’s travelling got lots of plans like I was just a chapter in a book
    I would appreciate some ideas on how to let go of him as I believe the best punishment is for me to be really happy


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