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    Hubby was over exciting and see himself already winning. He tried to pin me down but didn’t exept me to catch his head 🙂


    and he tapout 🙂


    He get up and go for the round 2. This time I quickly thrown him and pin him down

    I count to 5 and win the second one.

    No need to lie at that moment I felt pretty confident to make him doing the chores 🙂

    On the 3rd round I throw him and put him in an armbar. Because I know  he is not flexible at all I didnt bend it too much…

    He said we are not finished yet… I have seen how tired he was so I knew at that time I did win 🙂 but ok .

    After crochting his leg I got his back. He was so lost :p


    While I was choking him I did tease him a bit whispering at his ear that it is time now to accept his defeat


    And he did. I congratz him and and stop teasing him. He was not mad but felt a bit embarassed so i didnt tease him too much. Our friend did not laugh too much she saw that he has been affected… He then leave a  bit moody. We havne’t talk about it yet.


    Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce you that the final battle between the soldier and the ballerina has happened :p


    But before that, we have a friend that did came to take a coffeee few days ago. She was surprised to see hubby doing the chores (she know him, she is a common friend) so i explain her what did happen. No need to say she was very amused by the situation. I thought that hubby would congratulate me or at least admiting I did surprised him but he just pretend he did let me win and just be a sore looser… 🙁  I gently tease him and, because our friend is a martial artist (black belt in bjj) she wants to make the referee.

    Hubby didn’t see that coming, he is now hoisted in his own petard…

    So few days later our friend is here, everything is prepared so let’s go!

    So we started by holding each others GI. I realized that he has improve a lot and he seems so concentrate. Quickly he managed to make me loose my balance!



    it is my practice I didn’t find how to directly post a video 😉


    Dear Anita


    I apologize because I haven’t seen your second answer before responding you, even if it doesn’t change my mind for now.


    Thank you take care of you 😉


    Hello !

    A little update just to tell that we fix our re re match for the saturday 9th may and so we’ll know who will do the chores for the rest of the year. Hubby decided to train alone exept for the morning jog. It’s ok it let me more time for my yoga and my others stuff. 🙂 I want to get that free time so I will try my best to keep him “punished”

    I feel strong and in good shape so I am still confident. Hubby seems nervous. I know he hates doing chores so it’ll be intense for sure :p.

    I did tease him a bit telling him to be prepared because this time I won’t have any mercy for him and that he can always surrender now and do the chores if he prefer :p . He smiled but said nothing than “let’s see”. I want him to stay motivate and in a positive attitude. I’m already proud of his progress in fitness, for the chores and for his general attitude 🙂 He is now a lot more gentle and he cares more of what I do or feel.


    Today practice 🙂

    Wish me good luck 😉


    Hello Anita and thanks for your answer!

    You wrote “– There is no cure for Covid-19 at this time. Some drugs are in development, but none has been approved.”

    I am sorry but I don’t agree. I’ll try to explain a point of view with my terrible english and my almost 0 knowledge of medecine 🙂

    Ok it’s the official voice to tell that for now nobody have treatment. That what media give us everyday BUT in the real world some country just destroyed the virus with a treatment protocol. Take a look to how south Korea deal with it! They give a chloroquine treatment to everybody (a mix of chloroquine and antibiotic) who is infected and have symptoms (whatever age or diseases) The result? A death rate below 1% despite the fact they did test a lot of people. On, what I see the global death rate is around 4%.

    Here, in France, a famous doctor is one of the best specialist of that kind of virus and of the chloroquine. He did treat people in his local hospital with it until the governement force him to stop (but still ask his help to deal with the pandemy…). The doctor is Didier RAOULT.


    For the chloroquine, it s the second drug the most used in the world (behind aspirine) so one of the most documented! EVERYBODY in Africa has take it at least one time in his life. I dont know wich random doctor said here to media that chloroquine is deadly. It’s 100% fake news if you take the normal dose (500mg) and nobody has die taking that dose. Some did because of overdose (heart problem i guess) and it would be basically the same if you make an overdose by taking aspirine. yes some people die with overdose of aspirine, like for the chloroquine. So in the worst case it s useless in the best it save ur life.


    FOr now, test are made but it takes time. You need to give chloroquine to a panel of people, placebo for another group and wait to see the result. During that time people will die, despite the fact we could save a good part of them.



    Another thing, chloroquine is cheap and easy to produce. A lot of country discretly buy ton and ton of it. Here some politics admit they did take it and now they are cured, even if it was illegal some singers or atlhetes too… There is also something really strange it s the very low death rate of doctor here (still less than 1%). Are they super human or do they have a magic potion? 🙂


    I am very lost about that question. If even you have a kind of idea or want to debate 😉



    Hello Anita,


    I apologize I didn’t read all the post so maybe the answer is somewhere there. I wanted to know your opinion about why certain country, mine include, just don’t give anti virus treatment to people infected who are high risk (old people, sick people…). I just don’t get it because of what I read/see there and there some country have a very low death rate, even country with old people, and some with a very high rate.

    Chloroquine and others drug of that family seems to work due to the low number of rate. Here politics and famous people take it when they are infected but not the “little” people, because it s illegal… Here doctor have a death rate of 0.4% and the other part of our population 4%, isn’t it strange? What did they take?











    Personaly I would never accept it another time. I don’t really think he is sincere and for sure he doesn’t deserve your serious about having a long term relationship with him.



    Just a little update because we finally have a date for the end of the confinment and it’ll be the 11th may. So, normally we’ll do our third match a bit before that. I thought hubby would be pretty exiting about it but he didn’t seems to be…but it still want to do it.


    I continu to train him 2 hours per day and I have to admit that he has made progress! I do also my yoga on the afternoon and enjoy my new free time. I catch him spy me during my practice two times ^^ . I feel that I am in the best shape of my life but in the same time he did train hard. I did drasticly reduce his smoke. I take his cigarets and he has to ask me to give it when he want to smoke. I always give him but just by that he did reduce it by twice per day!

    My practice today 😉

    For the chores, he did improve a lot! Im proud of him, it’s not perfect but far better. Hope he’ll do it until the end of the year 🙂 But for the paper administrative work, it’s just not possible. I dont know why maybe brain’s men is just not calibre for that so I do it myself, even his stuff…

    So that’s it! In few week we’ll know who will do the chores alone for the next 7 month 🙂


    Hello Anita,

    I am confident but I prefer to not be too confident. He seems determined and for him the stakes are high 😉

    What did you mean “* didn’t reflect under Topics”?



    Hello thank you 😉

    To be honest, I don’t have the project to free him of doing housework anymore. I have few busness project in my mind that will take me a lot of time. HIs video games can wait! For now, he’ll do it until the end of the quarantine (1 month) and stop if he win on judo, continu if he loose. Ow fun fact when he told me that after his training he’ll be able to take me down in any sport and I smile he ask me if i want to try taekwondo or kick boxing with him. I explain him as a ex ballerina kicking high was a daily routine for me and i did show him few ballerinas moves, finally he prefer judo ^^


    well, he said I was “athletic”. From him i take that as a compliment..





    So after his loose, my husband asked me to train him to become the man he was so, the day after the match we started the training and I did give him hard time :p . We jog for 1 hour, then we make some fitness exercices to finish with some flexibility things.

    For the housework, at first I was not sure to ask him anything because I know his ego is still bruised and because he didn’t dare making anything macho anymore. But after the first training, as usual, he put out his clothes and let it in the middle of nowhere with his stuff. He probably expect me to, as usual, do it for him. I was pissed off so I asked him gently 2 times that this afternoon he’ll make my chores, the 2 times he ignored me, ok…  So I did wait he finished his shower and enter in the bathroom. The room is small he can’t escape. I told him firmly that during 4 years we are married I do for you almost everyday  vacuum, mop, cleaning dust on furniture, cleaning the 2 bathroom with the toilets, cleaning the kitchen, cook, buy food online, washing dishes and do the laundry. You never helped me even if you just have to  wash the 2cars 1 time per month, fill up the gaz (so nothing during quarantine) 1 time per week and deal with the garbages. I remind him that he dares challenged me and make a bet hoping I’ll do his “part” too. I remind him that I did beat him fair and square!(I didn’t mention he is a soldier while im a ballerina ^^) so now it’s time to pay for the inappropriate behaviour and as punishment he’ll do all my part alone until the end of the year!

    He did sulk a bit but made it, in the same time I didnt let him the choice… I realised with his weird questions that it was the first time he use a mop :p :p (dont laugh :p) i did show him and “teach” him how to use each or each product, that was cute :p . To be honest, he doesnt do it greatly I had to check and make him correct when it’s not done well but he does his best.

    Now, no need to lie I enjoy a lot my free time :p . For the first time since we are married I did read a book! I took a bath during 1 hour and I finally start to use all the cosmetics I had from the beauty boxes :p I plan to start to learn programing and building a website, I now have time and this is soooo good.

    Today, after the train part and his housework session, he told me that it’s unfair, until the end of the year is too long and not what was planned. He told me that when the confinment ll end with the training he’ll be in great shape and he’ll be able to take me down in any kind of sport. I smile.. He proposed me that when the confinment ll be finished we make another match and if he win anybody take again his part.


    Dear Anita:


    Oh thank you! 🙂


    You are so right to warn us about the injury risk, on that period it would be really bad in many aspect! As any activity there is always an injury risk but if you play safe and slow, with a good warm up, there is no reason that anybody get hurt.

    So, for the match, as before we set the mat and have a good warn up, then make couple of exercices and quickly he proposed me to do it. The atmosphere is a bit strange like it s something serious…

    It start and he show that he was serious putting a lot of intensity. We hang each other kimono, turn aorund each others. He tried to throw me I landed of my feet 4 times but the 5th he managed to do it and we fall together. He tried to pin me down but I blocked him with my legs. I struggle it was tough because he outweight me so much but i have powerfull legs. Finally I managed to hold his both sleeves and so I raised up my legs and catch his head with its, he direclty surrender. I congratz him, saying i ve been lucky and help him to get up. It was a great round but I ve seen in his eyes he was disappointed…

    We prepare for round 2. He got the same intensity trying to throw me but he started to be tired, he mades a mistake so i counter him and he fall on the ground. I go his back so i put him in a hold and make him tap out…

    I don’t brag or dance or tease him like the first time. We go for the third one. He seems really tired already… I catch his sleeve really quickly and crotch his leg. Then I lie on him blocking his legs with my feet. He struggle but I manage to catch his both wrist with my hands and I pinned him he can’t move and I count to 5…and win…

    He was exhasuted he has lot of sweat on the forehead (maybe time to quit smoking…)and was out of breath. I was sitting astride him and because i knew he cant go (last time if i tried to talk him je just leave the room..) I asked him if we were done he said yes. I said so no silence during days. He said no and was a bit mad I didn’t let him go so I did tease him a bit to make it laugh and showing it s no big deal.. “It s ok to have a kick ass wife there is biggest problem in my life!!”

    I finally got a smile from him. He said I didn’t understand . He has neevr been mad at me but mad at him. He was disappointed by himself because of lack of exercices and cigaret…when he was younger he was far better…. we talked seriously about men, women and the image the society give us… I did understand more about him… He want to train to be like how he was before and stop smoking. I told him I help him and together we ll be better person… then I kiss him and let him go…

    For now I haven’t ask him about the housework



    Hello Anita and thanks for your answer,


    To be honest I have been surprised by his reaction. I thought he would be proud of me…

    Today as the Last days he was saying nothing liké Hé was Sad for no reason (3 days now!) so I asked him again to tell me what happen and if it’s Cause of judo.. Hé answer no, everything is good. And even for judo He wants à rematch He was not in good Shape the last time bla bla bla… I Said no it goes to far anyway who care who win? Hé insist and even propose à bet thé looser do the housework part of other during all the rest of the confinment. I was a bit mad I confess he tried to make me do his part because I do almost all the chores alone since the beggining of our relationship…

    Because I dont want to stay in that glacial atmosphère I finally Saïd yes… And we had à normal rest of day… And so we’ll do our “rematch” today

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