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    @Smile – I checked out that website and I have been watching the video and listening to that guy speak. He seems very knowledgeable about what he is talking about, I will continue to see what he has to say. He’s very open minded, which I like. Thank you for this.

    – Thank you for this and I’m glad that you know how I feel. I like how you said “It’s up to me to create meaning for myself – I get to decide WHY I’m here, and because of that, I can decide what’s important for myself.” I have recently been telling myself things like this a lot and try only doing things that I’m interested in. Eventually I will find something that I truly love and enjoy and I will never look back. Thank you for posting, I will defiantly take all of you advice and try focusing on the smaller things in life. I think the point that you have made is, sometimes the little things can make the biggest changes. Feel free to message me anytime jakebb212@gmail.com

    – You’re right. It’s just been hard for me to accept. Thank you for this. If I feel I’m wasting my time no matter what, then why not waste my time being happy? “Get busy living or get busy dying” was a good quote from the movie Shawshank redemption I think?

    – I’m glad my title caught your attention because I received a great answer from you. I live in Texas actually and yes I was up late last night 🙂 I have recently become interested in Canada because I have come to enjoy snowboarding. Out of the blue my step dad gave me a bible about three weeks ago and said that he felt like he was supposed to give it to someone. So I have been reading on it from time to time. Thank you very much for your reply, you sound like a very smart strong person. Wise. Your post defiantly made me feel better. Thank you again

    – I try my best not to look at it all too hard and think that far into it. But just enough to be open minded about things and keep learning. Your outlook is very unique. You sound smart with a large vocabulary way beyond mine lol. Thank you for this. Enjoy life


    Not to long ago I’ve gotten so depressed, with nothing and no one to help me go on. No reason to live. And on top of that my boss started banging my girlfriend. So I lost my job as well. Your not alone in pain and loss. But my advice to you is:

    You can take advice from other people and learn so many great story’s and tips from them but the ultimate choice to be happy is yours. No one can make you happy except yourself. And you can’t make anyone else happy until you are happy.

    I must also refer you to my post I wrote on someone else’s topic. There might be some good advice in there I hope? It seems to fit well.

    Also a bad diet only weighs down on top of depression and all kinds of bad things. You MUST have a healthy diet If you want to start feeling better about yourself.

    I hope you the best.


    I just finished typing some advice to another person. It might help give you some insight(I guess is the word)?


    Hope this help’s you…took me a long time to type 🙂

    Jacob, 23
    I’m going through something similar as to what you are right now. It just comes in different waves, but it all leads to total destruction.
    I eventually just had enough of everything and couldn’t take anymore of this hell. No friends, No family around, No hobbies,
    No skills, just alcohol drugs, depression, and delusions.

    -I moved to start completely over and clear my head, bad habits, and other things I picked up-

    I don’t know what you are going through, but it sounds like you have so many negative thoughts in your head and memories that
    you just can’t get away from. I’ve found it so hard for me to want to change in the same place I’ve been messing up the whole
    time. Sometimes it’s not bad to just leave and not look back and start over. A new scenery was the best thing i’I’ve ever done.
    Just know that in your heart you can get through all this mess and go on to be a better open minded person. Learn to except and
    RESPECT yourself. Or no one else will. Your past is your past. Some people just need someone to tell them to quite being a
    B***h about it and move on. Your future will out weigh your past and you can write it however you want. Surround yourself with
    only positive things, people, even the photos and music you look and listen to. They all affect you in someway.

    Here are some things that have helped me get back on track. I only wish you the best and hope that some of my ideas may help
    you or some other reader with having a happier life.

    =Goal===Clear the mind, Clean the body, Set up a healthy lifestyle, Win=

    I complete stopped drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
    Start standing up straighter with your head higher
    Started a fitness plan and EXTREMELY healthy diet(organic). and began eating like a monster.
    Starting taking bioplasm cell salts, chorella, mens 1 a day, and Argentine. Lots of water!
    Meditation. Started researching the third eye awakening, and taking steps on cleaning out system.
    Deleted all my photos and numbers out of my phone except family.
    Ive been saving only inspirational photos on my phone. Example would be amazing sites of earth and nature.
    Made a music playlist of only instrumental music for mediation and concentration.
    Started a new hobby the I never thought I would do..and I love it. Snowboarding
    A good sprint in the morning to a short walk no matter the weather nature throws at me. Followed by stretches
    Extreme Dedication
    Stop watching TV. Only adds more useless fog and crap to your brain! Spectating is not a sport!
    Martial Arts
    Breathing exercises
    I try and never pass up a good deed. Helping an old lady cross the street, picking up trash on the ground etc.
    I search for positive things on Google and YouTube like, people are awesome, talents, healthy foods etc.
    Do anything that is good for your heart and your brain. Your body loves you so much, why trash it?

    (Just as a side note, after only a month of all this. There was a day i was eating and I felt a happy high and my brain felt warm)

    Remember…Actions Speak Louder Then Words!!! I am always open to share my advice 🙂

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