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    Hi MG03

    Sometimes when we feel we are far away from God or disconnected, this is where your faith will come in.

    when things are going well, we feel connected and that God is hearing us. But when things are hard, stressful, bad, etc..we feel like God is  not listening. Just the opposite. God walks us through the pain. Tell your God how you feel and ask him to guide you in the right thoughts, words and walk..That saying…Footprints  in the Sand. the last sentences. “why when I needed you most, you were not there? God replied…the years when you saw only one set of footprints is when I carried you.


    You need to contact the authorities ASAP!
    Please do not waste time about what to do.
    anyone who knows there is abuse going on and does Nothing is just as wrong.
    Please contact the child services and the police station.
    this should not continue.
    Please do this now.


    Glet, nice of you to give this poor soul money and to care.
    Are there any shelters that he can go to and also have a meal each day? can you perhaps find out if he has any family or contact someone who can help him? Seeing someone like this makes you stop and think of how we are so blessed with shelter, warm bed, food etc.

    You dont want to stop there..God has put you in his path and vice versa. Now a chance to help a bit more. He might not be aware of different shelters around the area. Do your neighbors know him? does he need clothes, etc? maybe congregate with your neighbors to help with food, clothes. money etc.
    If often baffles my mind that there is so much greed and money being given to our athletes, but sometimes we cannot even feed the people in our own neighborhood.
    Thanks for caring about this person.


    Cleo, I am sorry that your cat has not been around for 2 days, but you need to be proactive if you want to get him back.
    When a cat gets out, they become disoriented in their surroundings even if they can see you and you see them. Even if they are domesticated.
    You need to call him and he needs to hear your voice. You need to call his name morning and evening so he knows you are looking for him. To just sit back and grieve is not an option. Walk up and down your street shaking the bag of treats or dry food as well as making the sound of opening up the can.

    Have you left food around your home and called animal control? Have you put up posters for your cat? Even if he is an outdoor cat, you still need to do this. You should put things of your scent around your home as well.

    best of luck.


    Dear kelly,
    I am so sorry you are suffering so much with being bullied. There will always be haters out there, but they are the ones with the real issues. I think having anxiety and depression will allow you to feel worse. You said meds never helped you. Well, I do believe that you need to try different meds and stay on them a bit to actually feel a bit better. Are you under Dr’s care? He/she may be able to suggest ways in which you can develop a thicker skin and perhaps have you try some meds that may help you feel better.

    There really are nice people in the world, but we are surrounded by the news, media, internet and the majority of it that is out there shows the bad and negative. Reading these blogs, trying an antianxiety or antidepressant, talking to friends, family and your Dr can alleviate some of your stress. Please know that if you want to cut yourself then you should talk with a professional.
    You are an important person in this world and you have a lot to give to others. Please take the suggestions and talk with someone soon.

    God Bless.


    You are well rid of him! dont give him a second thought. He shouldnt be asking you how many guys you talk to anyway.
    not his business. Sounds childish. move on.


    Hello Kenneth,
    It saddens me to hear that you are having so much depression and feeling so unworthy.
    YOu dont say wether you are on any meds to help you feel better. Are you seeing anyone that can listen to you objectively?
    A lot of people do not know their extended families that well, but they being your blood relatives would want to know how you are feeling.
    What if the roles were reversed? You dont need to have any plans right now for your future, but what you need to do is to get yourself well and whole. Start with seeking some advice from a Dr. Have a physical to rule out anything and then see if you can have someone talk to you and listen to you. Starting on antidepressants might be helpful. There is nothing the matter with going on a medicine for this.
    Please keep me posted.


    I understand the same ol, same ol, day in and day out thing we all experience. I do feel however, that you like some of the other posts said, that your a bit depressed. Have you talked with your primary care physician who can perhaps recommend a therapist or just soemeone to talk with? YOu say you wont take any medication whatsoever. Why?? Being on antidepressants, even the slightest mg may help you to start to feel like “all is not lost”. Some being seretonin reuptake meds work on the seratonin in your body to eventually (1 week or more) start to feel better. There is no stigma any longer about antidepressants. Many people including myself have been on them and they are what keeps us feeling well and our best selves..on most days.

    Audrey, dont be afraid of the future. Today’s tiny buddha was about facing uncertainty. Everyone is uncertain about their future, and its totally fine. Rest assured that you wont always feel this way.

    What are you grateful for in your life today? It can be the most simplest thing: like just being able to work out. Having that cup of cofee in the morning, a roof over your head. Are you a spiritual person? Know that there is a higher power guiding you even when you dont feel it.
    Dont you ever say your life is not worth living!! Just reading this makes me very sad.
    Please think about talking to someone for an objective view on things.
    I wish you the best Audrey.


    Please Lea..it hurts me to see that you would rather be dead. Your beautiful 18 month old child would be without a mother if you were to act on this.
    You say you have been to many Doctors, but I dont see if you have been given any anitdepressants?

    I have been on antidepressants and the they have helped me tremendously after other things did not work. I tried a few before one worked for me.
    I also exercise as well and try and have a positive attitude. I believe in a higher power and that for me is very helpful.

    Also, you just had a child..your hormones play a big role in how you are feeling? Can you talk to a significant other, or parent or friend about how you are really feeling, rather than masking the feelings and saying how amazing life is…life is hard..I will give you that.

    Please make an appointment with your therapist to have you start on an antidpressant. You have a lot going for you! Please please let me know how you are doing!!


    Its selfish if you DONT work on yourself. Your boyfriend is not respecting you as a person. If he agrees to start to change and you see this change, then you have to decide.
    sometime being away for awhile, he might realize that he misses you.


    Dear Shay,
    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling depressed, and btw..rightly so. First of all, you are so mature and responsible to acknowledge that you have worked so hard to not become a product of your upbringing!! Brava!!! Do you have any friends or acquaintences you can talk with beside your family? You might want to think about talking to a social worker or someone from a church.

    You are not alone..there are SO many people with the similar backgrounds like you and I applaud you for being so open and wanting to take action.

    Your boyfriend does NOT deserve you. He is the one that is childlish and insecure. You are only going to make your self feel worse for remaining in this relationship.
    I know your heart is breaking and its not easy. We have all been there in one time of our lives, but time heals all wounds and Time wounds all HEALS…which I think is an appropriate adjective for him.

    He is making you feel like the one who has issues. Not true. You have the rest of your life to find someone who will care for you the way you ought to be treated….you are only 24 years old. You might be in love, but its better to move on from this now and put it behind you while he is disrespecting you.He is also quite older than you, so he has been around the block a few times.

    Yous should be SO proud of yourself for going to college and getting a degree. You seem to be a lovely person, but too nice to this man.
    I would try and talk with someone who can guide you to best way to leaving this relationship. Dont start a fight, but stay as sweet as you are by starting to save a little money each week and plan on what you need to do to move out. Are your debts his debts?? Sounds like you have gone into debt together.

    You said you dont feel like your love is safe with anyone right now. Your LOVE is safe with YOU, and that is all you need right now to get you through. YOu are stronger than you think.
    Is your Mom getting any help at all from her addictions?
    I pray that you will find the strength to leave this relationship in a mature way. You will be better for it in the long run.
    Please keep me posted.

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