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    Guys, my brain has once again thrown me in a direction I can’t out of. I want so much more for my life (most of us do). I want to move to Nashville with my boyfriend, make more money in my field, have a life with more fun and adventure, etc. But I know that wanting more screams LACK, which gives you more lack (like attracts like). I want to accept the way things are but I am afraid that if I do, the universe will see that as me just giving up and not help me achieve the things I see for myself in the future. Has anyone ever felt this way? I want life to be much better than it is but will acceptance keep me where I am? Needless to say, I am confused. lol

    Onder Hassan

    Hi Chelsea,

    I’m in the same position as you at the moment and have been without work for almost a year with no doors opening despite sending applications. I almost feel like a failure despite being educated and with some formal work experience. Being almost 30 in a few months, I feel like I have nothing to show for it and feel lost. I have since been managing my own blog as a way to vent my problems and to help others with similar issues. But the moral of my story is, you are not alone.

    The hardest part anyone can do when suffering from hardship is to get yourself out of the mental rut you’re in and takes a long time to get over, particularly when things aren’t going the way you want it to.

    The best solution i’ve found to help solve this problem is to simply appreciate your current situation and to see it all as a learning experience. Adversity is probably the most valuable thing we could ever experience in life as it’s usually in times like these that allow you to discover who you really are and to realise just how strong you can be.

    Keep your head up and continue pushing forward. We are both going to come out the other side better people. Nothing bad lasts forever.



    The arising of desires is not lack, they are desires. Being hungry doesn’t scream to the universe “lack of food” it says “hunger”. When we take the hunger and lament it, such as “oh my, so hungry, no food, no food, no food” then perhaps we see no food. But to experience hunger and recognize we are the ones to feed ourselves, then the hunger actually lights up food, makes it more appealing.

    In terms of Nashville, for instance, wanting to move there is just a desire. As you honor and respect that desire, the path to move there lights up a little. If you lament the desire, such as “I’m not in Nashville, not in Nashville, not in Nashville, boo hoo” the perhaps the “not in Nashville” spinning could attract the path of “not Nashville” to light up. Its OK to honor your desires, they’ll lead you on your path of joy. We get tired, so we move toward sleep. We get hungry, so we move toward food. We feel love, so we move toward Nashville. Where’s the struggle?

    With warmth,

    Dharmesh Radadiya

    Hi Chelsea,

    Sometime in our life we desiring for something that is around us but we cant see them because do not concentrate them,
    so my suggestion is just to concentrate the things around you and you have you will definately have your answer through your self.

    And i have also experienced that if u want something and you always desiring that “I want this” “I want this” but if you desiring it with a doubt in mind that Perhaps what happen if i failed to achieve it? this is a very dangerous thing which diverts you from your goals and make you nervous.

    If you really want something then do not dreaming about losing it,Dream about that you have already it,this will give you happiness and also let you to be more concentrate about how to achieve it?

    There is a Saying that “If you love something With Complete true Desire,Entire Universe will help you to achieve it”.

    I am from india and I do not have very good command of Lenguage as Matt ,and Onder may be you understand my words and will help you little bit.

    Your Well Wisher.
    Dharmesh Radadiya.


    You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for easing my mind. Dharmesh, your words are so true. I actually DO think of my desires with a bit of doubt in mind because I can’t see the ‘how’ in achieving my dreams. Where will the money to move come from? How will I find a job/apartment in a big city I don’t currently live in? All these questions! I just don’t think the universe has that much love for me because I don’t feel I am worthy of such awesome things because so many people my own age can achieve these things so easily and I feel like everything in my life is a struggle. My dreams feel “bigger” than me. Bad mindset, I know. I don’t want my dreams to fall apart but I’m so scared they will. I just want to be in a place where I don’t feel bored everyday. I’m tired of the monotony but I don’t see how the universe will come through on this one. I wish I had stronger faith but I don’t feel love from the universe sometimes. Everything in my life happens so slowly and behind everyone else. It isn’t fair but life isn’t supposed to be, I guess? I just want to be there and not here in mississippi.

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