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    Hello ! I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have been loosing my centeredness, mindfulness and peace the closer my due date comes. Any book suggestions on maintaining mindfulness / positivity / peace / serenity / sanity while caregiving for a newborn. I want to remain grateful and positive under the overwhelming pressure of birthing a human and during postpartum. Even a general book on these topics would be great, thanks !


    Good morning Jennifer

    I am currently reading a book called sacred rest and although I am not pregnant I am looking after an elderly parent with dementia so I have to be aware of them 24/7 make sure food clothing nappies etc are in place. I also talk to him  as if he understands me. so when a rare moment of lucidity occurs my voice is a source of comfort, sometimes I just read aloud to him.

    There are also DVD on Amazon on Yoga pregnancy birth & afterwards.

    I hope others will reply and give you more  ideas & support. Blessings to you & your little one.


    Dear Jennifer,

    I am not a mother, so cannot really offer much advice or a specific book. But I think it’s commendable that you managed to keep your peace and centeredness until so late in your pregnancy. And it’s normal, it seems to me, that you’re getting under more pressure as the due date is approaching.

    Perhaps it would help you to affirm to yourself that you’re good enough and that you have everything it takes to be a good and loving mother! According to some spiritual teachings, the incoming soul chooses their parents, so don’t worry that you’re lacking in any way. You are absolutely fine!

    I wish you all the best at giving birth and lots of joy and blessings with your newborn!


    I enjoy Richard Wagamese – Embers, One Ojibway’s Meditations

    Short little meditations on life I found helpful in centering and contemplation.

    Life is Sometimes hard. There are challenges. There are difficulties. There is pain. As a younger man, I sought to avoid pain and difficulty and only caused myself more of the same. these days, I choose to face life head-on —
    and I have become a comet. I arc across the sky of my life, the hard times are the friction that shaves off the worn and tired bits. The more I travel head-on, the more I am shaped, and the things that no longer work or are unnecessary drop away.
    It’s a good way to travel. I believe eventually I will wear away all resistance, until all that’s left of me is light.

    This meditation I came across when I was missing my Mother

    Me: I miss my mother sometimes. Really bad.
    Old Woman: Maybe try missing her really well.
    Me: How do I do that?
    Old Woman: See that sunrise? See how beautiful the colours are? How clar and clean the air feels? How good it fels inside of you?
    Me; Yes. It’s wonderful.
    Old Woman: She lives in that. So maybe just say, ‘Thanks, Mom” when you see and feel things like that.
    I miss my mother really well now. – Richard Wagamese


    Hi.  You mentioned in your post title about manifesting.  You can check out Catherine Ponder she has a book, her audiobook is on youtube for your listening.  I hope you enjoy it if you get to check it out and that your baby experiences peace and has many wonderful moments with you.

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