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    So , I am here to pour out all my feelings because I don’t know what else to do with it anymore.

    Kindly help me out with this if you  can relate to it to even a small extent

    Thanks in advance for reading this.

    I am a college student presently, and this is something about me and a guy friend of mine who used to be pretty close to me up until now.

    So , I had known this friend of mine since the time when we were college freshers, and since then I have always admired him, and maybe did secretly like him too, but didn’t think much because he had a girlfriend from his town, then and ,they were pretty serious about eachother.He is a real nice guy ,an overachiever yet humble,although a bit emotionally inexpressive or reserved kind but ya,we had been close since our freshmen years

    So recently during this pandemic ,in the month of September, his girlfriend dumped him saying that she was feeling “stressed” around him. And he was very heart broken during that time, because the relationship was 2years old ,by then.

    I tried to convince him to talk to her and sort it out , but he was so badly hurt that he didn’t want this anymore so after a point I stopped . Now , I had never tried to make a move on him ,either before this or even after this, but I could see , he was eventually getting closer to me.

    he was trying to be much more emotionally expressive, and trying to get to know me, supporting me , and always being there for me. And I used to generally have my guard on around even my good friends until I am pretty sure I would want to be close to them. And during the month of December , our winter vacation, we used to facetime each other almost everyday, and I eventually got a bit comfortable around him. I was making attempts of letting my guard down around him, because otherwise I used to feel an insecurity , that maybe he is so perfect he would never understand why I am a mess .

    We used to flirt a lot , he “jokingly” started calling me bae(which I eventually asked him , not to , since if we were friends such  nicknames might be a bit off limit) ,we used to have some real dirty flirting during this time, and I felt somehow , that he might be a bit into me, although I wasn’t sure.

    But , nonetheless by the month of January I had already gotten attached to him, but he started pulling hot and cold on me.

    He used to be a bit busy mostly , but it always felt like he wasn’t putting enough effort. So , I used to get upset if he forgot to or maybe just chose to not call me in two or three days.He used to then get back to me and for some reason he never said to me that I was expecting too much, instead he used to intently listen to me , being “dramatic ” about not calling for few days .

    But then whenever I used to tell him that maybe I should expect this much from him,given he is just a friend, he used to convince me like anything, that “its ohk you are not being demanding , I guess I am being lazy , I should definitely call you everyday”

    and somehow i don’t know if I am wrong but that’s not what you say to someone who is JUST  A CLOSE FRIEND  right?/


    even after such conversations , he didn’t stop with his hot and cold behaviour , he somehow used to himself have expectations that I ll call him before calling some other guy friend of mine, whenever anything would happen , or I would just be talking to him whenever he called instead of doing anything else,and it was somewhere becoming VERY TOXIC for me, I couldn’t focus on my semester very properly , stressing about the times there used to go days after we used to fight on something silly,and then go no contact ,until he used to be ready to apologies(if it was his fault) or forgive.

    I was again struggling with being vulnerable around him, but he couldn’t notice that exactly, because he was mostly more into his life.

    Withing the next two months of this continued behaviour of giving mixed feelings , I realised this wasn’t worth it, and that I must clear the air to be able to move on ,whether he really sees me the way I see him or otherwise was it that we had been crossing boundaries.

    When I confessed to him, and told him , that I wouldn’t have felt this in the first place , if it wasn’t his overly caring and supportive behaviour that made me fall for this, He said Sorry , but I have recently been through a break up , I don’t want a relationship for at least next one year, AND I WAS JUST BEING A GOOD FRIEND, I DONT REALLY HAVE BOUNDARIES , I AM PRETTY DUMB WHEN IT COMES TO KNOWING WHEN WE WERE CROSSING LIMITS”


    the reason he was my closest friend in the first place was because I thought I could trust him with my self and he would never lead on someone he didn’t want , like other guys.



    Somehow I felt like I didn’t even know him anymore.


    he said he was ohk with this,although the first one week  he didn’t take it very well, he called me but i didn’t waste hours talking to him, instead , restricted it to what a general conversation between friends should be like. He thought I was behaving weird , so eventually he said , he would wait , until I was ready to go back to being normal.






    Dear Ishita:

    I will be able to read and reply to you in about 12 hours from now. I hope other members reply to you before I am back.



    Dear Ishita,

    I am sorry you feel hurt and betrayed. You were hoping that he has feelings for you, and it turns out he was just “unintentionally” crossing boundaries. What might have happened is that he felt bad after his break-up, alone and hurt, and he needed someone to make him feel better. And that someone was you.

    It’s almost like in a rebound relationship, where the person is still very much emotionally attached to their ex and use the new partner to make them feel better, or sometimes even to make the ex jealous, or suchlike. Yours wasn’t a full-on relationship but it appears he was using you to feel better after the break-up. This is very revealing:

    I was again struggling with being vulnerable around him, but he couldn’t notice that exactly, because he was mostly more into his life.

    Yes, it appears he was focused only on himself and didn’t care about your feelings. He might have led you on on purpose or accidentally (although I think he was probably aware that you’re developing feelings for him, and maybe that’s why he started playing cold). Anyway, it’s good that you confronted him and asked to clarify his intentions. And I know it hurts that he basically rejected a relationship with you, but at least you know where he stands and what you can expect from him.

    I see you’re having a hard time accepting it, though, and believe that he does have feelings for you but isn’t admitting it:


    He might have had feelings for you in the sense of feeling good in your presence, enjoying your attention and flirting after he was dumped by his girlfriend, taking his mind off of the break-up etc. He felt good in your company, perhaps your relationship was like a welcome distraction for him, but it doesn’t mean he wanted to get serious with you. As you yourself noticed, “he was mostly more into his life.” Meaning, his motives very pretty selfish.


    I don’t think you should hope that he’d come back. Although it’s painful to think that he’s just used you to feel better about himself, it’s probably what happened here. And it would be better for you to accept it, no matter how painful, and to move on. It doesn’t mean that you’re in any way lesser-then or not good enough, it’s just that he isn’t a good candidate. He gave you hope, he used you, and then he backed off.

    The best thing you can do is to feel angry about him for a while (as you are now), but then to accept it that it’s for the best, because you don’t want to be with someone selfish or deceptive like he is. And to move on, loving yourself even more than before this entire episode happened.

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    Thankyou TeaK for reading the entire passage and giving your valuable views on the same, it means a lot.

    yes I am actually very hurt, because not only did I fall for him and got rejected but also I lost a really close friend because I no longer see him the way I used to . For me , he was someone who was a humble , good and caring person , whereas , now he is more of a self-centered and selfish person for me , who actually never really understood me.

    But I dont know if we should call it to rebound, because it had already been 4months to his break up , when he started getting even closer to me, and we have been friends for like two years now, although I agree , he is more of an introvert and a bit emotionally inexpressive, never really attempted to know me this well up until now and I am his only close female friend(not that he doesnt have other female friends but he is really close to just a few ppl in college). So , could you please tell me how Rebounds are supposed to be like, because I have been confused this entire time of whether this was his rebound, and it breaks me a bit inside, thinking , that he would have probably gotten involved with any girl then, he could have got his hands on.

    One time , he used to be super caring ,and overly protective of me , and then the other times it used to just depend on his mood if he would like to care (and i noticed how he used to act the former only when I showed as if I wasn’t very into him, which is kind of narcissistic behavior)

    He is and has been always a workaholic and thus he eventually ,when the semester started got involved in his own work, forgetting completely how emotionally unfulfilled I had begun to feel . Our conversations had mostly become about him, because I had again begun to feel this insecurity, that what if he feels I am a mess. Not that I feel this way about myself, I am someone pretty confident about myself, but I was so into not wanting to lose him, that I eventually began to feel obligated somewhere or the other, because I knew we were very different people , and I really thought that maybe I had begun to become too much for him now, which was so wrong to feel for oneself.

    Right now, I am not even sure if I want to be his friend again or not, given how bad he messed me up.


    Sorry while trying to edit my comment I mistakenly reported it, I hope that doesn’t create any problem?


    Dear Ishita,

    I don’t think it should be a problem that you accidentally reported your post. By the way, edits can be done within the first 5 minutes or so of posting, later it’s not possible any more.

    So , could you please tell me how Rebounds are supposed to be like,

    I personally haven’t been in a rebound relationship, but now I’ve looked it up, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be immediately after the breakup, but it’s the first relationship that follows a “Very Serious Relationship”. Since your friend was pretty serious with his ex, I imagine the relationship with you could count as a rebound for him. You also said he was hurt a lot by the break-up, which would make him a candidate for getting involved in a rebound relationship. Here is a relevant quote:

    “People are much more likely to have rebound relationships if they were the one who was dumped. That’s because getting dumped can be highly distressing and a serious hit to your self-esteem, which is going to prompt more coping behaviors, like rebound sex and relationships.”

    In both of your posts you mentioned something interesting – that you didn’t want him to think that you’re a mess:

    “I was making attempts of letting my guard down around him, because otherwise I used to feel an insecurity , that maybe he is so perfect he would never understand why I am a mess.”

    “Our conversations had mostly become about him, because I had again begun to feel this insecurity, that what if he feels I am a mess.”

    You also appear to have admired him – but I’d say glorified him somewhat before you got to know him better:

    I have always admired him, and maybe did secretly like him too,

    an overachiever yet humble

    maybe he is so perfect he would never understand why I am a mess

    It appears to me that you glorified him, thought he was so high above you, and that he was inaccessible since he has a girlfriend, plus he’s an overachiever so he’s primarily interested in his studies. But when he did show increased interest in you, I guess you were smitten and perhaps felt like your unattainable dream may be coming true after all? You didn’t even talk much about yourself, but it was mostly about him. You put him in the center of your attention, showered him with admiration (I assume) and made him your No1 priority, even to to point of neglecting your studies.

    All this attention felt very good to him, specially since he had been was recently broken up with, which I guess was a blow to his ego. So he was definitely enjoying your company, your attention and admiration. When you were a little more reserved, he’d immediately start showing more interest in you, so that he can keep you hooked on him (“i noticed how he used to act the former only when I showed as if I wasn’t very into him, which is kind of narcissistic behavior”). Perhaps he wasn’t doing it consciously, but he was nevertheless doing it.

    BTW when you say he was “overly protective” of you, what exactly do you mean?

    All this shows me that he was flattered by your attention, and even misled you so that he can get your attention, but he probably didn’t have serious intentions with you.

    It breaks me a bit inside, thinking , that he would have probably gotten involved with any girl then, he could have got his hands on.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that “any girl” would do for him, but in a way, any girl looking up to him and admiring him like you did, probably would have done, yes. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, I repeat, just that he’s not that great guy that you put on a pedestal and admired. He might even be someone with narcissistic tendencies, as you’ve noticed. This showed his true colors, and you’re right to consider whether you even want to remain friends with him or not.




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    thanks, TeaK your reply i guess is an eye-opener for me , given this entire incident has also got to make some revelation about me, on why did allow myself to feel obligated to someone, are such people even worth it in the long run in your life, if you cant be yourself around them.

    It wasn’t exactly that we used to just talk about him, its just , I stopped feeling like telling him my problems , because I have this fear of people be judging it, until I am very comfortable around them(which is a problem with me), and if I wasn’t telling him that , during the time I was facing it and stressing about it, I didn’t even feel like talking about myself even a bit, and he didn’t really see that.

    So, by overly protective, I meant, that he was there for me always, we are in the same club in our college,and that’s how we had met.Now, I am someone who is very involved in the works of the club , and am pretty opinionated, whereas he is , more of an introvert who , didn’t really aim for the leadership position in the club. I have faced instances where some of my batchmates have tried to take credits for my work unduly and it used to make me sad at times, and he has been there in those times (even more ,recently) to fight for me. But somewhere eventually in the last two months I could feel , as if though he had made this more dependent on his mood , of how much support he would want to be, whereas , I had always been their for him , to never allow anyone to do something wrong to him in the club .

    He used to mention a few things about his relationship with his girlfriend at times, but mostly he never really used to mention her, which used to make me feel this couldn’t actually be a rebound then. He in fact used to tell me two months after their breakup that he was pretty much ready to move on, I guess that was a lie then. Anyways I am not sure of anything any more.

    We are also supposed to take a knowledge session for our juniors together this weekend and as of now he has been acting all formal with me , since I told him I wanted distance for a while to reconsider our friendship.I hope this session goes well.

    This has now some what taken a toll on my self esteem too.,on how could I not know, how could I fall for someone thinking I could trust him with myself . It feels as though that he would have only considered me in such a case only, and not ingeneral .


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    Dear Ishita:

    You shared that you had a male friend (“a real nice guy, an overachiever yet humble, although a bit emotionally inexpressive or reserved”) whom you met in college. He had a girlfriend at the time but last September, his girlfriend of two years broke up with him, saying she was feeling stressed around him. He was broken hearted but “was eventually getting closer” to you, more emotionally expressive, trying to get to know you and be supportive of you. But you were anxious, insecure, “that  maybe he is so perfect he would never understand why I am a mess”.

    During the winter vacation last December, three months after his breakup, the two of you facetimed almost every day, talking for hours,  and at times he flirted with you, calling you “bae”, a term reserved to a girlfriend. By January 2021 you were strongly attached to him/ in love with him, “but he started pulling hot and cold” on you, at times not calling you for 2-3 days. When you complained that he didn’t call you, he said that you were not being demanding, that he is lazy and that he “should definitely call you everyday”.

    But he kept going with “his hot and cold behaviour”, not calling you every day. There were fights between the two of you, followed by no contact, followed by him apologizing to him, or you apologizing to him until the next fight. You were into him but “he was mostly more into his life”. During this time, you were very stressed and not able to focus on your studies.

    In March, you told him how you felt about him, and that you felt this way because of his previous “overly caring and supportive behaviour”. He told you that he was sorry, that he does not want a relationship for at least a year, that he was “just being a good friend”, and that he was not aware that he crossed the limits from friendships to more: “I am pretty dumb when it comes to knowing when we were crossing limits”.

    You told him that you needed distance to reset your boundaries, “since I didn’t know the friend I trusted the most was dumb enough to not realise what he was doing”. He then kept calling you, you spent less time talking to him, “restricted to what a general conversation between friends should be like”, he thought you were behaving weird and eventually said that he would wait until you were “ready to go back to being normal”.

    Twenty days later, you are heart broken, “but somewhere I feel he did have feelings for me just that he is not confessing it… still hoping he will come back to me, with this realisation”, and this thought and hope is stopping you from moving on”.

    Your image of him changed from one who was “a humble, good and caring person” to “a self-centered and selfish person” who never really understood you, who is “kind of narcissistic” and who messed you up.

    My input: I agree with teaK, and will repeat/ expand on the following:

    1) Your very positive image of him Sept 2020- Feb 2021 is probably overly positive. When a woman (particularly a teenager/ young woman) is in-love with a man, she sees him as better and more than he really is, and she sees his behaviors as more caring and loving than they really are.

    In-love feelings and wishful thinking go hand in hand, including your wishful thinking that he will come back to you with the realization that he is in love with you after all, and that he wants a relationship with you.

    There is no way for me or for you to predict the future: there is some possibility that he will have a change of mind and heart about you. If he was an emotional and impulsive young man, that possibility would be greater. But you wrote that he is emotionally reserved, an overachiever and a workaholic who is very busy with his studies, and that he told you that he is not interested in being in a relationship for one year (so to focus on his studies and his future career life, I assume)-

    – this suggest to me that unlike in the case of an emotional and impulsive young man, the chance that this career-oriented, ambitious and self-disciplined man will change his mind is unlikely.

    2) From what you shared, I believe that he did indeed flirt with you and had fun doing so. Also, I believe that he shouldn’t have flirted with you when having no intention to have a relationship with you- he led you on, and you ended up hurt. It is very important that in the future, when a guy you like/ are interested in,  is flirting with you, or you suspect that he is flirting, ask him about what is underneath his flirtation: is it just the fun of flirting, or is he interested in a relationship with you?

    It is a forward question that can save you a lot of time and hurt!

    3) Regarding your earlier thought/ sentiment: “he is so perfect he would never understand why I am a mess”- he was not perfect and everyone is a mess some of the time, to one extent or another. Lots of people are a great mess a lot of the time. It is just that any one person is very familiar and intimate with his/ her own mess, not with other people’s messes, so  one imagines that his/her mess is much greater than other people’s messes.


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    Dear Ishita,

    I am sorry you had this experience, but it’s good that it ended, specially if you couldn’t be yourself around him, or he didn’t really care about your feelings. You said you were very different people – in what sense do you mean? Perhaps it could give you an insight in what you glorify in others, while believing you don’t possess it in yourself?


    Thanks TeaK and anita , for your valuable insights.

    Yes its true that this is actually a good thing that this has ended because I feel more relieved now than I did then ,because I am able to take this as an opportunity to focus on myself more.


    You are welcome, Ishita. Post again if and when you need to.



    Hey Anita,

    Its been a while now, around a month, but i still dont know how to get over this hurt feeling, specifically because I think he didnt really do justice to me by giving me  vague replies on the confusion.

    One thing I am really sure of is that I know he doesnt deserve coming back to my life, even as a friend, I wont be able to trust him ever again.

    He is still waiting for me to recover and end the distance clause. Although I can sense a bit of anger in him, when he tried to make fun of my idea in a club meeting but I made sure of giving him a legit comeback , so he backed off then.

    But tbh, I never thought he could be this egocentric and mean person, (which I got to know of him in the last few months)

    Nonetheless , the thing that I wanted to ask is

    We are supposed to work on this one project together until next week, so will be in constant touch(although we both have tried to keep it limited and he is keeping it too formal, i dont mind that as long as he isnt being mean)

    But I also know he is waiting for me to get back to him and I dont think I should.

    And for some reason even though we were never in an actual relationship, I have trusted him through out, so much that I cant seem tolet this thing off my head.

    I cry at times in the night, thinking about, how i thought, he understood me, but maybe he never did.

    I think I should let him know(on call), that he shouldnt wait, and more than that I want to let him know that he just hurt me so bad that I cant even think of being friends with him(but I dont want to explain him whyI think so, because I think I am done with that and I dont know what his reaction will be like, I seriously wouldnt want to get into an argument with him then)

    Would that be a stupid idea,? And if not, would it be better if I call him right away since I feel this suffering or should I wait for this project to end peacefully first?

    Also, if this is a silly idea you feel,

    Then could you please tell me if there is any other way i get over this and let go already?


    Dear Ishita:

    Welcome back, good to read back from you. My impression and understanding of you is that you have strong ethical/ moral values, a strong sense of right and wrong. You thought you knew this young man to be humble and ethical and you trusted him to be behave ethically with you. When he repeatedly flirted with you, you assumed that he was interested in a relationship with you, and that meant a lot to you.

    It was a shock and a great disappointment when you found out that he is not who you thought he was: He flirted with you without the intention of having a relationship with you, he crossed the line from friendship to more and then denied that he did, or excused it. As a result you were badly hurt.

    Before I go on and try to answer your questions, I need a better understanding, therefore I ask:

    1) Did I understand correctly so far, in this post?

    2) Will you tell me more about your beliefs in right and wrong and what part these beliefs have in your day-to-day life?

    3) Will you tell me more about this young man’s behavior: has he been unethical in ways other than having flirted with you, and how ethical- or not- is his life otherwise, best you know?



    Hi Anita

    Thanks for being there to listen

    1.yes you have made absolutely right judgement on me, I m someone who is very particular about what kind of vibe each and everything in my life is setting in me that includes the things that I do and the people I am involved with

    2. I am not sure in which area would you liketo know my values,

    But I ll try to be relevant to you with my answer,

    So the thing is I have a lot of friends, but a very few close ones,

    And incase of a male friend I am even more careful, because I have almost always had a bad experience with getting close to a guy friend that they kind of start having feelings even though they know I dont feel that way. And then it no longer stays the same.

    Incase of this friend of mine, lets call him X,

    I had this idea of him that he is actually a gentleman, and he is mature enough to know the boundaries of a friend ship with a female friend(which I still think he knows clearly, but behaves like he has no idea, because around 8-9months ago, whenever we used to talk abt any other guy friend of mine, he could very easily make judgements on their intention which often use to turn out to be true)

    So I had always trusted him in our friendship of 1.5 years, he was a guy friend I never had trouble opening up to because I always thought that he is someone who would neither lead anyone on and infact, someone who actually understands me, where other people could seem to be a bit naive in judgement (for example when its about standing up to something wrong, he had been my support always)

    So I respected him. And i have this clear demarcation of what is expected to be the boundaries of a friendship

    I dont go around heavily flirting with my guy friends, ofcourse one or two of them casually flirt once in a blue moon, but not the kind I allowed this to be like,and  we always used to only have one on one conversation , when actually X is a very introvert guy even though he hasa lotof friends he never used to hang out with them so much.

    So i don’t know if this help me answer ur second question or not 😅 but please do let me know

    3.its a continuation to 2.

    X and I have known each other for more than 1.5 years, we were really good friends always. Now, until this time (when we started getting close) , honestly my idea of him used to be, he is some onewho is emotionally not very expressive, who isnt into deep conversations, but is a great friend who is really humble.

    So i had never really tried to get very emotionally imvolved with him even a s a friend . There was a time during this phase, when he was suddenly so much into his work that he didnt contact me for a month, and I was hurt then, but I didnt push anything, i had let it pass and waited for him to contact me on his own, but since I never used to bind my friends with any expectations i used to let it pass and be just casual fun friend..

    Now during the month of November and December , he used to almost everyday assert it very clearly how much i meant to him. Even if I used to help him slightly, he used to act too much grateful always, and he used to shower me with compliments almost always, used to be there for me during stressful times, and used to actually make sure that I get my work done by sitting with me always there. He used to actually tell me that he was very much over his ex. And whenever I would ask him anything related to her, he actually used to open up to me, but used to ask me not to go there further because he wasnt ok with sharing the personal details. But apart from that his ex would hardly ever come up in our conversation

    Now, I was obviously a bit smitten by this caring nature of his and all the sweet things that he used to do for me, although i used to have my guard on, about not getting too much revealing and emotionally attached so easy.

    But I began to think that if such a guy who has never been so expressive, is actually making an effort to be that, then maybe he genuinely cares a lot and is into this. So I started opening up to him, trying to make sure if I am actually comfortable around him.

    Although i never wished to ask him directly because I knew that he had just been through a break up like 5months ago, asking for commitment would be too much for me as well as for him.

    So I decided to wait amd get to know him better, but I wanted to keep having the same level or intensity of communication that we had in the vacations.

    But eventually (since he was a workaholic) he started decreasing the frequency of our calls.. Even though we used to talk to eachother everyday on text, our calls as well as what I felt, the quality of conversation werent feeling good, in the two months that followed I eventually again started feeling anxious about sharing things with him.


    And i let him know that because I wanted to really makesure that this be something that he wants too.

    I ve had complained to him once or twice that I thought je should have called me today or so, and that if he feels that I am overexpecting then he should let me know, I wont be angry.

    But he used to always give me the sense during those conversations, that I am not being overbearing and that maybe he should call me daily and tell me everything etc.

    So, here for me.. I would never do that for “just a close friend” And i thought the same abt him and infact i know that about him, that X is a person who doesn’t allow ppl to interfere in his personal space. So I naturally thought that he indirectly wants to tell me that he likes me but maybe just not ready enough to confess.

    And apart from these conversations there used to be his weird expectations that I talk to him first before anyone else if I told him i will call him back or so and let him know whenever I am gng out (which is kind of what a boyfriend would say)

    So, but somewhere these inability to match each other’s expectations and gng round the circle discussing the same issues each and evry week, got into my head, it made me unable to focus on my self and also trying to become someone he would appreciate more.

    He used to keep gng hot and cold on me every now and thn. Which was becoming toxic for me, although he seemed very much fine and into his work

    I realised it was maybe because of this confusion, whther we r something or not, because this shouldnt be happening in case we r just close friends.

    So , I couldnt wait any longer, I had to decide one of the side and thus I confessed.

    So that allowed me to gain a clarity and free myself, but I could never believe his reply, I actually genuinely thought he was into this.

    And then it struck me, that if all of this never meant  to him as crossing the friendship boundaries, did I even know this person? Was he even ever a friend or was he selfish enough to let our friendship be ruined for his personal means?

    Now here is the thing,

    This really broke me, he is one of the only two friends of mine with whom I have tried to stay in touch everyday, (the other is my bestfriend )  and now it shatters my self esteem that I could allow someone to have this much of my attention and affect with their toxic behaviour in my life. I feel bad that i thought i could trust him with myself, that even though guys have this tendency of leading girls on, he is not one of em.


    The thing is I have never cared about a guy this much. I have literally been there for him always, I wouldn’t say I loved him, but I used to like him a lot, and cared about him too much

    And now it feels kind of like an insult to my care for him

    (i wish i could tell him that) but then I dont know, wouldnt that be pointless?

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