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    Hi all I feel so down and alone so lonely and sick of having no one to come home to or talk I see no hope of meeting and just prey I die in my sleep so don’t have to feel this horrible pain I feel I messed up with my ex when I loved her but was to busy with mates and treated her miss her so much.just can’t till deal with day to day life seeing everyone getting in relationships and seeing happy couples everywhere hurts so much feel stupid and ugly because everyone else can find someone



    Dear lostsoul86:

    Hope you feel better soon. I happen to feel “down and alone” myself this evening. I asked someone who also feels depressed: what do you do (when you feel this pain)? And he said he has no choice, really, but to feel it. It got me thinking: maybe I don’t have a choice either, this evening/ tonight. Maybe there is nothing for me to do and that made me feel somewhat better. I think that part of that pain is being afraid of it and figuring you got to do something!

    But if there is nothing to do, well.. there is nothing for me to do.

    And by the way, when we feel depressed, we think that… everyone else is happy, but it is not so.




    Hi Leigh,

    Night times are tough when you’re alone. A book that helps me is called Man’s Eternal Quest by the guy who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi. If you go on Amazon if you find one book you’ll find the other. I only read a paragraph or so a night. There’s something about his writing that calms me and takes me outside of myself.

    Try it, and see if your waking life doesn’t improve as well.

    Good Luck,



    jon kirkham

    Look at the positives in your life. And try to calm your feelings. You are not alone, not truly. We all go through periods of time like this. And just imagine being in a relationship but still feeling alone. Because that is also a common thing. People who feel they can’t live with themselves. But if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect another to do so, completely?

    Do you have any activities you enjoy? Music, reading, writing, exploring all the information on the web, drawing, gaming? I sometimes read life affirming books. Recently read feel the fear and do it anyway. Currently listening to the power of concentration. And also some book written by somebody who suffered great losses and battled addiction. But how he came through it and met the love of his life and enjoys nothing more than staying at home doing their own things and spending time together. We sometimes have to go through some extremely difficult times to have us appreciating the reality. And helping us build the courage to go after what we want, once we’ve worked out what that actually is.

    By the way, i lost my partner after receiving a brain injury, managed to get her back. And have now jeopardized my chances with her again. But where there is a will, there is a way.

    But you need to work out what you really want. And work out how to make it happen. If she doesn’t feel you loved her enough then write it down or talk about all of this to her in person.

    Most things in this life that relate to the most serious and important aspects are sometimes beyond difficult. Just put your all into it if it is truly what you want. Make mistakes but learn from them




    it’s a horrible feeling to feel unloved and unwanted. I find myself craving any sort of relationship sometimes just to not feel the loneliness. But you can’t let your happiness be defined by this! Does it feel horrible? Yes!!! I laid in bed for probably 16 hours yesterday because I didn’t want to face the world. No motivation, no joy, no hope… Like Anita said, sometimes you just have to feel that way. It’s a process. There aren’t any quick fixes. Some things will offer encouragement and a respite from the pain, and it’s hit or miss. Sometimes the gym feels amazing and other times you can’t clear your head to even think about exercising. Do what you feel. Happiness is an amazing thing and what we all strive to have constantly, but there is no escaping the rest of our feelings and we are all challenged with sadness, loneliness, anxiety and fear at different times in our lives… You will wish it would just kill you so you don’t have to feel the pain, but it doesn’t, you live, you survive… You’ll come out on the other side someday, new scars and wisdom. Just keep trying to cope whenever you can find the strength, and if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up about it. Be kind to yourself, sleep, heal, talk, read, write, meditate, breath…

    good luck, you’re not alone,

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