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    Hi everyone!

    So here I’ve been the whole day, crying my eyes out. It was my last day of high school.
    It’s not for what you would think really. I was excited school was over. The thing was, I was excited, alone. This school is very VERY clique-ey, and I went there for all 4 years without successfully making a best friend/group of friends/good friend etc.
    I’d like to say I’m a pretty charming girl, and I’m generally attractive (I feel really weird describing myself like this). I never understood why people didn’t reciprocate to me.

    Friday is the graduation ceremony and it’s the ultimate good-bye for all of the senior students. That’s only part of why I’m terrified, seeing as I’ll be marching across the stage and smiling for the camera while so many people are watching. I have intense anxiety and I used to have a bad case of social phobia which I feel I’ve overcome quite a bit.

    I really want to calm down about the situation. I should be excited. It’s the last step, and my family and boyfriend will be there cheering me on.
    I just want to stop crying.



    I dont think you should worry too much, I put up a topic about how lonely I am and in it I mentioned that I didnt go to my graduation due to a social phobia of sorts. I definitely think you should just forget about how much of a big deal it seems and realize that once you have gone you will be happy with yourself. I can guarantee that.

    Plus, college is a much better experience than high school and when you are there i am sure you will make more friends, it isn’t nearly as cliquey as high school.

    Dont worry this seems like a typical situation of scary at first and happy when you actually do it. In your mind it is terrifying because you think about an awful situation and you cant do ANYTHING to stop it. But remember when you are there it will be real, and wont be worth worrying about because you can actually tackle the situation.


    When you walk across you will think “OMG, OMG!” and the butterflies will be crazy in your stomach I won’t lie.

    But ~

    1. The Walk only takes 3 seconds.

    2. The further your last name is in the alphabet when they call you to get your diploma, the more everyone will be zoned out. The only people Watching with High Intensity will be your mom and boyfriend!

    P.S. When you re-meet/run into the HS girls later on they will remember you as being “So nice” and “I wish we hung out more”. And they will really believe that!!

    Good Luck!


    Congratulations Jasmine —

    You are about to embark upon a world of opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. In todays world an education is an excellent commodity to have. I would look into an internship program in the field of your interest. The job market needs young people with a sense of direction for a career. These companies have educational benefits that will allow you to continue your education and have a solid place of employment at the same time.

    The other side of the coin, is a four year degree, unemployed and 45k in debt. Now the party life at your local university appears to have the raised the cover charge at the door.

    Celebrate, think about your career choice and be good to your self, Lady Jasmine. Walk in peace.

    Big blue

    Hi Jasmine,

    Congratulations on your graduation! You made it!

    I used to get really nervous in any group or public place.

    Here are a few ideas:

    – get to know your “inner Amy.” I’m talking about your amygdala. I’ll wait while you Google it… Amy G. Dala. Let’s consider Amy as looped in on this discussion.

    – As you get to know Amy, think of three things that you are proud about from your high school experience. I’m guessing it’s a cool list.

    – Put yourself in the shoes of a specific classmate, then another. Admit that they will also be nervous at graduation. For different reasons you three will be nervous.

    – Do some research. Identify a couple alumni who are notable for something. Business success, beautiful family, etc. You will soon join them as a graduate. Note: they were nervous, too.

    – If you can, sleep well, eat well and do some reasonble but challenging exercise before graduation. You’ll feel better for the day.

    As you go along with Amy and these folks, plus family and classmates, faculty and others, think about how they are with you on this day.

    When you see classmates, say “Congratulations (or high five or fist tap) we did it!”

    When you and Amy cross the stage, go with one of the above thoughts. Then congratulate Neo. Neo Cortex. You’ll find her to be the more cerebral one.


    Big blue

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