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    Hi guys!

    I need some advice.

    How does one cultivate genuine happiness without regards to money? I just got a much better job…much better than most jobs I’ve ever had. And even though I’m making more money I still find myself worrying about how long it’ll last and stuff. Money never leaves my mind and makes me very stressed and worried which then rubs off on my relationship with my boyfriend. We have been clashing a lot about it lately. How do I get over my money fears and just enjoy life as it is and not worry about where my money is going all the time?


    Hi Chelsea,

    Read the book The Richest Man in Babylon.

    Follow its advice on what percentage of your money will go into different things (saving, spending, investing, etc.)

    Then don’t worry about it.

    And be happy with your boyfriend!

    Happy Reading!



    Dear Chelsea:

    At times when you are not worried about money, do you sometimes- or often- worry about other things? Do you remember worrying about other things before you had any job at all?



    Dear Chelsea,
    Imagine if you lost your money and you were stricken by poverty? Imagine if your boyfriend left you or he died and you could never see, hold, or hear him again? Meditate on these things and it should make you better appreciate what you have. This is a practice in stoicism.


    Thanks for the book recommendation Inky – I’m going to check it out too 🙂


    my dear lady. I am ALWAYS poor. never have any money. also have a job where I get paid more than I have ever been paid in my life and I never have any money. I come from a poor family where we started our working lives at the age of 8. you’d think that would give me money sense but no. when I have money I pay all the bills then have a wee blow out then eke out the remainder of the money over the course of the month – usually running out around 12 days before pay day

    and do you know what? I am very happy!

    what worries you most about not having any money in the month? have you ever been poor before? what do you do with your money that makes you happy that you can’t bear to be parted with it? what does your boyfriend say that makes you two clash over it?

    Do you know what, I think I subconsciously run out of money on purpose because I am used to it but it means that a survival instinct kicks in and I like that. I like thinking about how to get by and the challenge of running day to day with no money. I like it when it’s a Saturday and all my friends with money are all going out and I cant go cos I’m skint and what do I do? hee – I grab an equally poor friend and we sneak into the neighbouring farmer’s field and realign all the haybales into lines and we laugh!! our friends with money are standing at the bar having the same Saturday night as last week.

    I’d say tap into mindfulness. challenge yourself to spend NO MONEY for 2 days. live on your wits, make a packed lunch or left overs for work, walk there – whatever – just have fun with it. play a game for 2 days no money spending. it’s fun. come join me in the fun,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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