He Left me after 7 years together for Conservative Parents.. Help me Please!

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    anjum niklo

    Hi Nita ,

    I was with him for almost 6-7  years . Can I have your email . I will  talk to you there . I will be Glad if I can be of any help .



    Anjum do u have WhatsApp? If u can share with me that’s best pls

    anjum niklo

    Hi Nita

    you can mail me here




    Hi Nikki,  Can i contact you by mail or number…




    ciara verma


    Hi Niki,

    Can you update on how you are doing? I am going through the same situation. He left me after a 10-year relationship and chose his parents. I sacrificed so much for him. He told me it is my fault and it was my decision that I made such sacrifices. He gave me all sorts of excuse for break up and he changed drastically. He is now cold and behaves like I am a stranger.

    Currently, I feel so lost and hopeless with life. My career is in a ditch. And I do not know what to do with myself. I know I want to progress in life. I just don’t see hope for the future and I am so scared.


    Sneha Shukla

    Hello friends,

    I am writing this because there are lots n lots of things going in my life. Its all messed up i am in love with a guy who belongs to muslim caste in the beginning it was like a fairy tale till date also its ok but now it’s the time where i have to decide whom do i choose whether its him or my family it never mattered to me that he is muslim & after 7 years i am facing lots of trouble because he is not at all understanding he never even tries to understand event though he loves me but love isn’t sufficient to complete whole life together sometimes in anger he use to abuse me which he is the thing he is changing but still sometimes he say some bad words which I don’t like i am completely depressed and i wanna run far away from this life where i can live peacefully where i can be i but today i am so confused that what should i do because i know that he loves me alot its just we belong to different caste i am tired of running i just want some solution



    Hi Niki ,

    How are you now ?

    R u with your bf ? Or you have moved on in life with positivity ?

    Please let me know the answer.

    I am going through the Similar situation from past three month .my bf doing exactly same as happened with you and I am stuck I am not sure what am I doing ?

    Giving him many chances is right or wrong ?

    I am completely devasted and will be starting my depression treatment next week .

    I want to know from you have you moved on?

    Please help me .




    Dear Rasika:

    You asked Nikki to help you. The last time Nikki posted here was on March 8, 2017, more than five years ago. There is little chance that she is still following this old thread, but it will be a nice surprise if she responds to you. If you would like, you can share more about your story, and I will be glad to reply to you and do my best to be of little help to you.


Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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