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    Hi Anita,

    Oh..Gosh..sorry, I don’t even know how to start my own thread. I just come on here to offer advice and encouragement on posts I see. I also notice that others are also replying on the same thread, so I thought it was okay. However, if you want these boards all to yourself, I will understand and leave. I’m not here to compete with anyone. Just to offer kindness and support. Thanks for your feedback. I will look for another forum.


    Hi JustHere,

    It looks like I’m late in replying, but I just want to ask…

    Have you moved out yet? You know, you don’t need to tell him when and if you are moving out. Wait until he’s at work, hire some guys (BIG guys, just in case he returns!!) and just do it. It only takes a few hours. Bonus if you don’t tell him your new address. Leave your stuff in storage if you have to.

    Leave a physical note (and then promptly block him electronically). Write: “I can’t believe you could convince a young, beautiful girl to move in with you. I moved in with you, despite any doubts and trepidation, purely out of the goodness of my heart. And like the unevolved you managed to blow  it by texting some girl that your living arrangement was “difficult” and then you had the audacity of yelling at me. There was no reason to yell at me, you can talk to me respectfully. Now you can use this well deserved alone time to work on your spirituality. Namaste.”

    Please. Just Leave.



    Hi everyone! Lori here. I saw this conversation and thought I would jump in to point something out. Anyone is welcome to talk to anyone in the forums, not just the original poster. I understand why Anita chooses to only address the person seeking advice, but that’s not actually a forum guideline, so please don’t feel you have to do the same. These are community forums, and talking to each other is what builds community. It’s best to keep the conversation on topic or start a new thread if you’d like to discuss something different. But please do feel free to converse with each other!


    Okay..I think I’m starting to get the hang of things. Thanks Lori. I apologize for all my confusion.


    Dear Justhere,

    I totally understand you situation. Lately I was involved with someone that treated me the same way- even though we were together for way shorter time and didnt live together. But the important think is that you feel loved, worthy and respected. Ask yourself if you feel happy in this situation. Sometime things are so simple and we confuse ourselves being caught up in a trap as if we had all the time and energy of the world to help others. You should prioritze yourself and stand by him only if that fullfills you.

    The night I decided to break things off with my last partner I just felt so relieved because I finally decided to treat myslef the way I deserve- once you feel ready to confront things you will just know what you have to do, no matter how difficult it will be in the beginning, how many moments you will rethink and look back but I guarantee it feels like the ultimate confession! Please, dont let people give you less than what you want/ deserve, you are the only person that decides upon that!
    I will be ckeckin if you have any update.
    Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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