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    I’ve been wanting to start exercising again as I used to exercise at least 5 days a week and now I barely work out at all. I find working out helps a lot with my anxiety, depression and when I’m frustrated and I feel like it has a lot of other great benefits which is why I  really want to start exercising again.

    How often do you usually exercise? Do you feel like you exercise enough?


    Hi there Ashley

    Well at the moment i am in another country, working full time and because i suffer from anxiety and the thought of going to a new gym on my own, so i work out at home 6 x a week and it really does help with my depression too. After a work out i feel great! When i was over at ”home” i used to go to the gym 3x a week though 🙂

    Exercise is brilliant, i sometimes need that little bit of motivation to do so 🙂



    I make a good effort to exercise at least 5-6 times a week. That may sound like a lot, but I consider things like yoga, or going outside for a walk to be exercise as well.

    Since I’m hoping to get into a career in health and fitness, most of the days I exercise are pretty structured and intense, but that’s what works for me. It’s been hard lately as I’ve been studying for a personal trainer cert and have felt like all my time should be dedicated to that, so I’ve not been taking the best care of myself mentally. I have found that when I do get out of the apartment, it helps a little.

    Best of luck in finding a schedule that works for you!

    – V



    I agree with Valerie on what you may want to consider as exercise.

    A walk or other activities that does not have to be at the gym can be exercise.

    I believe walking is very underrated as a form of exercise.

    Any physical movement can be considered as exercise.

    Though meditation is not considered as exercise, it is a very useful “activity” for mental AND physical health.



    I’m 62, belong to a gym and try to go every day. It works to keep anxiety away, and strength training is good for the body when your post menopausal to keep bones strong and healthy.


    Most of the time in the morning. But sometimes I attend the GYM at the afternoon when I have much work and keep myself busy.


    Not always but every single time I joined my fitness class and spend about an hour there. 🙂


    Personally, as a third year college student I managed to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Also, since I don’t have a car, I am forced to rely on a public bus center which is a 1.3 mile walk in order to go anywhere for errands or just to get out of the area.


    I entered into my forties this year. Exercise has always been a challenge for me. I know exercise will help with my depression but it is the same depression that makes exercising harder. I hope to make progress and make it a habit from this year.


    Hi Ashley,

    I have a German Shepherd for exercise, I walk with her at least twice a day for forty minutes. It’s incredibly calming and satisfying and I’m lucky that we are surrounded by rolling hills and woodland glades. I used to belong to a gym, I would exercise six times a week but it actually exacerbated my anxiety so I left and got myself a Dog 🙂

    firefly reiki

    I tend to go through stages, sometimes working out nearly every day and then realising I haven’t done any for a few days!  I always take my dog for a couple of walks every day though so at least I get some gentle exercise and fresh air which I feel helps to set me up for the day 🙂


    I work out 5 days a week however usually Monday-Friday. If I miss a day it’s no big deal as long as I make it up on Saturday or Sunday. Mostly I’m doing 45 minutes of cardio followed by stretching and light weightlifting, My main goal is to drop weight so far I’ve lost 40lbs this way. To start I made myself a plan to “form a habit of working out” over 21 days. In reality it took me 4 weeks and 1 day to develop the habit. I did not count my off days when I didn’t work out as part of the habit formation process. I also would use visualization to help cement the habit in my mind. I would picture myself running, seeing my legs moving, seeing the body I wanted to make for myself, and picturing the endorphins being released into my bloodstream. Pretty soon I was starting to see small changes all over my body and my mental health as well. Things will still get bad or depressing for me but much like a trampoline stretched tight: I am able to be more resilient and more intellectually engaged with my problems instead of giving into emotions and depression. After that my body and mind felt addicted to working out even craving it when life gets stressful or even boring. Now it’s been over a year. Working out isn’t necessarily self sustaining in my life but if I give myself permission to fail and always pick myself back up and moving forward knowing that each day is a victory waiting for me and it holds one for anyone who is willing to try!



    Not consistently but whenever I find time, I spend about an hour doing some physical activities.


    What kinds of physical activity do you do, Emma?



    Hi Anita, mainly I prefer Yoga.

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