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    Good evening!

    I was wondering if anyone had advice on evening rituals. To start, I have a morning ritual that always leaves me feeling connected to the divine. I make myself I cozy drink, sit comfortable on my couch, wait for the sun to rise, journal, pray, sometimes make time for reading or yoga or meditation if the time allows. This always sets me up for a beautiful day. For some reason though, as the evening comes along and the work day is over, I always have a harder time feeling connected which often creates anxiety. I find myself scrolling through my phone and finding annoyance in everything around me. Afternoons are usually also the only time I have with my dog and boyfriend, but they unfortunately aren’t getting the best version of me. I know of things I can do in the evenings, I just can’t seem to find the motivation. Probably because I’m tired by then? I don’t know. Anyone else experience this or have advice?

    With love,




    HI Emi I can relate to this very well. I find myself arriving home from work (or even just coming to the end of the day at home) and noticing all that I should be doing before I “let myself” relax for the day. This can create tension in me and between my partner and I, especially if he is ready to relax and I am still go, go, go. I have learnt to create transition rituals for myself (those rituals especially to help us shift gear from one role to another). My favourite is a soak in the bath. As I run the bath and undress I  mentally review my day and its achievements/successes. I practice mindfulness in acknowledging the opportunities and kindness towards myself in dealing with the challenges. The sound and warmth of the water can be very soothing and I also sometimes listen to a meditation podcast on my phone. Before I exit the bath I also think about something nice to do for the evening.



    Hi Emi to honour the day you are about to close is a great practice to go through the day and remind yourself of being grateful for 3 things you experienced that particular day. It could be anything from the guy who served you coffee that day at Starbucks or a family member who reached out to you that day. I think the last hour before you go to sleep and the first hour you wake up are the most important parts of the day. I always treasure these ‘time frames’….Being grateful is a beautiful state you could be in and attracts all kind of good vibes! Best of luck and namaste.



    Michelle- I, too, can relate to the feeling of go, go, go before being able to settle. I definitely will try incorporating transition rituals. This will be simple and easily accessible, but transformative. I know something like a bath, meditation, yoga, etc. would be wonderful. The hard part is getting there. I suppose I can bring myself to do it, even if I’m not really feeling like it, and eventually it will become part of my routine, just like my mornings.
    Jeroen- I love how you mentioned the first hour and last hour of our day as being the most important. I treat my first hour as sacred, but my last hour is nothing but. I find myself eating garbage in front of the tv, scrolling through my phone, etc. until it’s time for me to go to sleep. Like I mentioned to Michelle, I know what you mentioned could be a beautiful and transformative practice for me, but the hard part will be actually bringing myself to do it. With persistence, though, eventually it can become a part of my routine.
    Thank you both for the insight 🙂

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