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    There has been one person in my life who felt it necessary to make sure that he made my life a living hell. When he died, I realized then that I shall be forever indebted to him for giving me a priceless gift. That gift is knowing how not to be-like him.

    I have been through different experiences yet all have a common theme. While I spent many years trying to find that barely measurable amount of time as an opportunity to go for it or not and try my damnedest to keep some kids alive. Being successful in my effort to breach that small crack of time to be next to someone’s kid letting her or him know I am there for them and try my very best, all the while trying to dodge bullets or not thinking about if the next RPG or IED is going to take me out or not.

    Those experiences, and many others, strengthened my personal resolve to overcome bad experiences by placing more importance on happiness. The nightmares still come. I still get sick hearing helicopters or jack hammers, but more important it is the happiness I have.


    Here is a brief summary that should make my worldview clear:

    I think people need their good moods/feelings (their feel-good chemical/neurotransmitter induced states of well being) to allow them to perceive (see) the good value, joy, beauty, happiness, love, and worth in their lives. I don’t think our way of thinking, our outlooks, actions, and our value judgments alone allow us to truly see these qualities. I don’t think we can experience any of these qualities without our good moods/feelings.


    Dear Matt:

    I appreciate your clear and straightforward brief summary of your worldview. I can understand it now and that makes me feel good. I also agree with your summary, your world view.

    We are not rational beings, not primarily. We evolved from other animals, and are, as I see it, primarily animals. This means that before rational thinking there were instincts and emotions to guide us, no logic, no language.

    Thing is, we are still instinctual and emotional beings, primarily, and so, we cannot emotionally experience anything at all without those chemicals in our brains and elsewhere in our bodies.



    I’m not interested in the message anymore. But, I’m very interested in knowing why this is so important to you. Don’t tell me what you are saying, but tell me what is going on in you that makes this important for you to tell others. What is the urgency within you? Of this, I am very curious.


    It’s because I am trying to get to the point where my philosophy (worldview) becomes clear to others.  All my attempts have failed.  But if I get to the point where, not only is my philosophy clear in a summarized view, but also clear in a further explained message, then others would finally understand me and my views rather than scoffing at them out of ignorance/misunderstanding and name calling me.  It’s important that my philosophy is clear to everyone, my therapist, and is backed up by arguments that are also clear to the reader.  That way, we can have a real discussion about it rather than people not understanding what I am saying and backing away from any sort of discussion.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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