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    What exactly is the meaning of life to You ? I thought of putting this in the ‘Fun’ section (as it could be a really fun question ) but decided to put it in the ‘Spiritual ‘ section as that is where it probably belongs to me more personally .
    I appreciate all answers . I am always asking this question and am curious what members of this forum think !
    Peace πŸ™‚


    Just to let you know , I am new to this forum . . . . And looking forward to some interesting chats πŸ™‚
    I am a wonderful woman in my 30’s been through several lifetimes of hardship with a silly smile slapped on my face because I have hope and it is just my way ! !

    Eric Schmit

    Lessons and preparing oneself for the next life.


    Eric , Do you feel the next life is more important than the here and now . . . the Present?

    Anybody else have any feelings ?

    Lyla McLean

    I’ve lived a long time and have had to create the meaning and purpose in my life. I think we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it. I think the meaning is in finding your passion and following it, to find out who you really are and make changes if changes need to be made. I suspect we are here to grow in love and compassion for each other I think the purpose of life is to give as much as possible and to leave this life having fulfilled our potential. That’s just my thoughts for today. I don’t have any beliefs nailed down flat. I’m trying to live the St Francis prayer and I know it will bring me peace.

    Howard Williams

    Your life has whatever purpose and meaning you give to it. Most of those answers are inside you. Your spiritual path is what is happening in your life and your efforts to make yourself a stronger better person in pursuit of your highest knowing and understanding. The nice part is that any path you take leads you home. Why not take the one that gives you the fullest opportunity to be authentically and completely who you are?


    Personally i believe we’re all energy inhabiting a vessel which is experiencing things in order to play a part in this life, and grow for the next one.

    To translate that practically I reckon each individual has their own life meaning, and that happiness and fulfillment is usually found from following your instinct and being true to yourself. Way easier said than done though.

    Drink, sex, laughter and thrive are all good back up options though lol


    There isn’t any intention of life.
    Human being isn’t here to accomplish some task or do some specific job.
    You are alive now just because your atoms are trying to stay in stable structure.
    So live as you wish, without restrict yourself with any bounds.

    That is my view of life πŸ™‚


    This is the most complex question in existence yet has the most simple answer – Life has no meaning because Life simply ‘IS’. The answer has to be simple because if one gets down to digging the meaning of life, one can spend his entire life and yet remain confused or even literally go mad. Many philosophers, psychoanalysts have tried to find the meaning of life and have landed in the mental asylum. Life is ‘NOW’ and is to be lived in the ‘NOW’ – that’s it. Life is not supposed to have any meaning because it has to be LIVED FULLY AND TOTALLY. An example will explain this – Usually when a person looks at a beautiful sunset, instead of totally savoring the sunset and letting it’s beauty penetrate his being, he lets his mind run in various directions – I wish I had a camera to take a photographs of this sunset or I wish my kids were with me, I wish this sunset could be seen from my apartment and so. In thinking these thoughts, the moment of the sunset slips away – Why? Because his mind was busy trying to find some meaning, some conclusion to that sunset and he misses the moment. At the most he enjoys a ‘half baked sunset’. Existence was whispering in his ears not to let any thought divert his mind but to enjoy and savor the sunset totally – this is what Zen also teaches. In the real sense of the term if there is any meaning to life, it is living totally in the NOW and being totally PRESENT, ALERT and WATCHFUL. Out of this alert consciousness, whatever one does is right.


    Micaela Miranda

    To find how imagination works with gravity.

    We come to this life to learn how we can find and implement our higher purpose.

    From free form, we take the form of matter to experiment conflict so we re-discover empathy for the Universe.

    does it make sense?

    Surya Das

    β€œLife has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”


    I believe it to be too convenient we exist only to suit ourselves. We are animals, with a primal instinct to simply survive, procreate, eat, sleep etc. However, humans arent any normal animal. We are capable, of logic and emotions. I ask why…? Answer… Its what makes the human experience unique. I believe it is how we use our logic and emotions to be better than just eat, poop, screw creatures. Sadly enough most humanity doesn’t aspire to anymore than that as an existence. Like most animals however, we do have a sense of community and combined purpose. We (some) understand relying on each others strengths and weaknesses creates a greater community at large, by proxy rising ourselves up adding to our enjoyment and our experience in the process. Many people forget this. They live their own life, pursue their own wants, needs, desires. They do so selfishly without regard for their fellow earthling, of whom their decisions can and will some how impact. So is the meaning of life, to simply suck as much nector out of the flower as possible only for oneself? filling ourselves up and effectively draining the flower of its life? Or are we to be like the busy bee, participating in a colony, buzzing from flower to flower taking what nector we need, little from each, to contribute to the colony, and in turn ensuring our own purpose is not in vain and our existence is fulfilled and has meaning. Providing for our family, our community and them in return for us and for all those to come. All the while pollinating ensuring the flowers contiuned existance to be enjoyed and leaving something good, that brings life, and ensures that the lives for those after will be left with the resources for their existence to have meaning and purpose as well. After all what good is a bee, with no flowers? Consider? Agree? or maybe Im full of crap…. both are possibly true :p


    Quite simply: Balance.





    My purpose in life, is to create happiness within myself as also to other people, fulfilled my dreams and goals, improve myself each days by doing simple little things such as be kind to others. Spread love and receive love. I don’t know, i just wish the world have more people with ambitions and do actually have a heart to appreciate everything around them, and especially LOVE ANIMALS!
    Many people takes life for granted because they grow up being conditioned that way… we were born to love, and we grow up to hate. It is sad…
    The meaning of life to me is, to find love and peace within myself and others, to appreciate and have gratitude towards anything around me, to always question about life and never stop being curious, also feel for others… show your empathise, follow your passions and learn the art of letting go. Know yourself and love yourself, i don’t think anything can go wrong in life.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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