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    What lifts you up? What motivates you? What gives you that extra skip in your step? What resonates deep within you? What keepings you moving forward in your life? I’m sure we all have certain songs that lift us from the depths of our despairs, or even just puts us in a good mood! I have plenty in terms of happiness, life inspiring, moving, and even songs that speak true to faith and christianity (but take it as you believe it)!

    Recently, Lifehouse released their new single “Flight” which is awe-inspiring. Their lyrics are profound and echo with meaning and emotion.

    Flight – Lifehouse

    Other life-inspiring songs I listen to daily:

    It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
    Here I Am – Bryan Adams
    Circle of Life – Elton John
    Lose Yourself – Eminem
    All In – Lifehouse
    Gotta Be Tonight – Lifehouse
    If Today was your Last Day – Nickelback
    Life – Our Lady Peace
    Alive Again – Phillip Phillips
    Dare You to Move – Switchfoot
    You Never Let Me Down – Vertical Horizon
    We Are – Vertical Horizon

    And here are some songs that are also life-inspiring, but draw from a religious background. That is, if you’re open to spirituality and christianity, then these songs are great motivators. Now, I’m not a full on religious person, but I do have my faiths and beliefs that I stay true to. I believe in the power of prayer, and I do so during my hard times.

    Dare to Believe – Colton Dixon
    Limitless – Colton Dixon
    More of You – Colton Dixon
    You Are – Colton Dixon
    I Am – David Crowder

    And finally, my go-to song when I am in my ultimate lows and need a deep sense of belonging and purpose. This song actually assisted me during my lowest times.

    Everything – Lifehouse

    You can find the original on Youtube, an updated 2010 Live version, and a cover done by Colton Dixon on Youtube

    I hope you all enjoy these songs and have found some inspiration to carry forward in life!! This is a shout out to you Stefan.




    Hi Spidey…

    Way to go.. u know to keep yourself in good way;-)


    Personally, I have been listening to next to nothing other than Fleet Foxes for the past month. They got me through getting my heart broken and now that I’m bouncing back, I still frickin love them. Good times, bad times and everything in between. 🙂


    Sorry Spidey, your consumer commercial pop wants to make me throw up.

    Try listening to WORKBENCH (peaceful)

    or KINDZADZA (mental)



    Whatever gets you through your day Jonathan.

    All the best.


    I really like some instrumentals from Aphex Twin like Cliffs, Tha, Girl/Boy song.

    Spidey your songs are really powerfull at least what i’ve heard of them. The superhero inside you roars 😛

    Katie i did not know the band Fleet Foxes, i really enjoyed listening to them!

    Take care, all


    Love this post already – Music is big part of my life! 🙂

    Even though i love listening to rap music quite a lot, I have a certain few artists that i just adore.

    I love listening Jhene Aiko. She has 2 albums so far – ‘Sailing Soul(s)’ and ‘Souled Out.’ She is a Buddhist American Singer-Songwriter, with the most beautiful soft voice and a very interesting life. My favourite songs of hers are ‘Spotless Mind’ (the video on youtube is also amazing!>> ) ‘Everything Must Go’, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Afternoon Dream’. But there are so many others you will just love to listen to as well.
    Her voice is captivating and so peaceful.

    When i don’t want to listen to that sort of music, i turn to soundtracks from movies.
    My favourite soundtrack is ‘The Road To Perdition’ by the composer called, Thomas Newman. It’s beautiful.
    Amongst my other favourite composers are Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, James Horner, Danny Elfman and John Williams.
    If you Googled these names, some big movies will be attached to them!

    Also @katie – I love Fleet Foxes! And Mumford and Sons too! Both albums are amaze 🙂

    Deborah Thompson

    I have a whole playlist of inspirational songs to listen to whenever I feel low!
    Here goes:
    What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter (Kelly Clarkson)
    Who’s gonna save the world tonight? Who’s gonna bring you back to life? (Swedish House Mafia)
    But we shared a moment that will last til’ the end (James Blunt)
    I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down (Chumbawumba)
    We are the champions (Queen)
    Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger (Daft Punk)
    Remember the name (Fort Minor)


    For now I’m mostly listening All in and everything by (lifehouse), Alive again (Philip Phillips) , Lose yourself


    My inspirational music would definitely be by “explosions in the sky”, this band is mostly instrumental but their tracks are the type to be played while you contemplate life at 3 AM.

    Another favorite would be “Sleeping At Last”. Beautiful music.

    James Ng

    Hi all. Here are two of my favorite inspirational songs,

    1. “Over” by Epik High

    *This song is about perseverance.

    2. “Alive” by Edwin

    *This song celebrates being alive.

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