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    Yay !! im really HAPPY for u 🙂


    Thanks Peter 🙂


    Thanks Nina.
    i was talking about 3(a)
    calm n steady and looking forward 🙂


    we suffer because we compare our life with others.
    you are unique in your own way
    your talents are different from others
    i am sure lot of people love the way you live your life (because they think they are missing that)
    1) Have growth mind set
    2) Love yourself more


    If the foundation of your friendship is strong then talk to him that you feel neglected.
    still if u get no good response then time to move on.

    its not worth to get hurt time and again for the person who doesn’t care for u.
    but if you love him unconditionally then accept him but stop judging.
    at the same time take care of yourself too:)
    because everything needs nurturing(includes you )


    Beautiful list to find Soulmate 🙂

    And i dint challenge Peter but i got confused and wanted clarity.
    Because it was pointing out duality.
    That is to seek or not to actively look for Love?
    but i think he was saying about Peace within.

    Lot of people have manifested Soulmate:) For some its easy.
    but than being in default mode we can consciously choose that’s what i was trying to say:)

    But now i think i should be the person i seek( i should be the Love i seek:) )


    Without actively Looking for Love(or anything for that matter) how will u find one?
    Because Mr Peter said that When we set goals its keeping us away from what we desire.
    when something is clear in our mind we happen to experience it in physical realm.
    we should look forward without fear.
    i think that when we Focus we manifest.
    If anyone has different perspective please feel free to share:)


    Even i am in search of Soulmate:-)

    I am learning Self Love and Self acceptance( i am still work in progress:-) )
    Accept your Life as it is right now and be clear what are you looking for in your Soulmate (i am still doing it)
    Start enjoying your life Right NOW and stop waiting .
    connect with yourself (Meditation is a good way to start)
    Hope this helps Vj

    Best wishes,


    hey Anita…u interested in frnshp with me?


    if u like her so much…y not reconnect?
    but if its over for good..move on..but hv the good memories:)


    the moment u realise the pain and suffering…Suffering ends…n u no longer be in the same situation fighting against it..loop breaks..
    instead u choose different reality n raise your standard higher:)


    Hi Anita…i still live with my parents..yes they abused me physically(hitting me abt anything n everything n every day too)..mental abuse was too heavy too..but t moment i took charge of my life…life is different ..im more mature now…bcoz i changed….my parents changed looking at t wiser ME…i was extremely angry for the things they did to me as a child n as a teenager…but its possible to excuse n at the same time learn the lessons n not to let it repeat again..because of my parents n my past im still working on my self development(especially on my self worth) 🙂
    Anger was too much on my parents for thr inhuman acts..but in this anger i was burning myself too.
    i thought…its imp to heal myself..let go n be happy.
    i can say i hv changed a LOT in a stronger way n helping out people in a way it changes thr life forever
    it dint happen overnight…but took years to affect my parents in a positive way:)
    Love heals everything. love changes the perception.


    hi Anita
    no need to re live t past
    thr is no right n wrong…
    right n wrong co-exists.
    ur asking for justification.but sadly we r responsible for what happens to us.
    dont bother abt t abuser…instead concentrate on your well being.
    but its important for u to let go n forgive the abuser in order to get out of situations(bcoz they replay in ur mind till u forgive)
    i understand its difficult..but not impossible
    it takes too much courage to forgive the abuser.


    Pomplemous..your replies r v.witty:)


    Hi Jessica..Abuse in any form is not acceptable..be it physical/mental/verbal.
    your mom says she loves u…but look at her what she does to u n ur brother.
    Actions speaks louder than words. what ever sweet words people say to manipulate u…dont trust it when it doesnt match their actions.
    because Actions speaks louder than words.
    i have to say ur a brave person(i hv to mention i have been through too much of physical n mental abuse from my parents).
    you dont hv to accept their unacceptable behaviour.
    save yourself first from this…then your brother.

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