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    Ah, I have to say that I have enjoyed this thread as well! I am always thrilled to see what each of you have to say in response, as I respect your wisdom and advice, along with your humor and humility.

    It sounds cheesy, but you all hold a special place in my heart and I feel like I “know” some of you. You all radiate with a special kind of light and aura. Maybe thinking you are quite “normal” to the real world, but so beautiful, noble and significant inside.

    It’s been fun imaging how you look and getting clues along the way 😉

    Peace and love!

    Big blue

    The Mod Squad lol.
    Good that the weekend is here if I’m going to write up my impressions of your expressions.

    ) 🙂 (

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    Big blue

    Ok all here is a different twist:

    I = I see with humor and insight into people
    J = Justice for all is what we need
    R = Realistically speaking this it how it is
    A = Attitude for change in life
    M = Mirth with balance right down the middle if you please

    You are all awesome, as is everyone else on TB!

    Big blue


    hahaha So true big blue ! Good job love the twist 😉


    Hey Lightsource @lightsource …….How are you ? Long time no see on TB…All good in life ? Whats cooking in your kitchen ? We have been experimenting with cakes lately as couple of birthdays in the coming week and need to include the dogs in the party so it needs to be doggie friendly as well lol


    You are awesome as well 🙂 Short and simple visions

    @minismita ‘s description of Jasmine is the closest to heart now. I shall be known as Rafiki from now on – human form of the baboon LOL

    Rafiki signing off from this thread


    Hello Jasmine, how are you? I have been thinking of you and wishing you well. Anything new with you? How are your babies doing (pooches)? Things are good with me, thanks. I joined a run club, so lots of time invested in that, but still trying to check in with TB when I can. It’s a positive part of my day. Last night being the weather was so beautiful; I grilled fig marinated chicken, along with fresh green beans, salad and tapioca for dessert. Hmm. How about Jasmine’s kitchen? How did your dog friendly bday cakes turn out? That is such a fun idea! Peace and love to you 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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