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    Inky makes her coffee
    And as far as the inner eye can see
    Tiny Buddha names appear to support you and me.
    Visions appear next to the names.
    Pick any name and play the game!

    I picture Jasmine as an Asian lady
    I don’t even know why.
    She sips a parallel cappuccino twelve hours away
    Her smile is happy or wry.
    Seeing the Universe as whimsical so
    She doesn’t get
    Why people drive themselves crazy
    That they aren’t enlightened yet!

    Matt is an older man who looks younger
    Surrounded by Tibetan Bowls.
    Or he is younger but looks older
    And getting those Bowls is one of his goals.
    But not attached. Never attached!
    The Universe will manifest them when the Energy is a Match.

    Big Blue gazes into the distance
    I see a man, his beer and a truck.
    And dozens of ladies pining for him
    But they are out of luck.
    He is delving into the Mysteries
    So he is not interested in them being a tease!

    The Ruminant I call Rumi.
    I see her reading Rumi off the shelf.
    Wild hair, large blue eyes
    As graceful as an elf.
    And if you’re lucky
    She will help you access a Higher Self!

    OK your turn!
    Did I come close?
    What names do you get a visual on the most?
    Or cast your name in the hat
    The Visions might surprise you ~ you can be sure of that!



    Love it. You are seriously so talented.

    I will be honest with you for my part. I am not Asian but am very happy to be called one if thats how you have envisioned me 🙂

    I do love my caps 🙂 It brings so much happiness in my life so to just sit there at the end of the day and enjoy a cuppa is my ultimate indulgence.

    My smile is infectious and when I smile, the whole world around me smiles and giggles like mad. I dont know what is wry ? But when I am sad, I do make sure everyone is aware lol.

    Yes, I am always trying to understand why people drive themselves crazy when life is so beautiful but I think I am getting a better understanding of people now. If someone wants to be happy, they will find a way to be happy. If they want to be sad and miserable, they will find a way to be that way. I have been seeing this trait in my work for years but was trying really hard to work my way around it. Finally, the penny dropped for me at TB.

    After coming on tiny buddha and reading other people’s perspectives and advices, I feel like, I have grown another 100 years in the last 6 months. So much wiser and have more understanding and it is showing in my current attitude. Its all good mate !!!

    I did get few visions during meditation after reading Matt’s initial work that there is more than what meets the eye but it neither a good or bad feeling. It is just a contradiction in my mind. I have come to accept it as his advices and words work a treat for us all and I always look for the best in people.

    No comments about The Ruminant except that she is a fine writer and I wish I could try to be a fine writer one day as well

    Big Blue – he is a balanced bloke according to me and I always appreciate his insights and learnings.

    I love Al the most on this forum. His posts always always always put a huge smile on my face and I feel really nice. I have also fallen in love with Raeeka’s vibrant face. How goergeous is that woman ?

    What about yourself ? Who warms your heart on this forum the most ?


    oooooppps. How could I forget to say a few things about you Inky !!! I love you 🙂 And like I have mentioned in the past, I really enjoy your practicality and how every post of yours puts an automatic smile on my face.



    Big blue

    Sorry what was that you said …?



    hi Big Blue

    “Sorry what was that you said…. ? ” What are you referring to ? I hope not to the smooch. It is not the same smooch as the english smooch. This smooch is when 2 soul friends come together on TB ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Big blue

    Hi Jasmine,

    I was pretending to stare into the distance. 🙂

    Oh that smooch ha ahaaaa. 🙂

    Big blue

    The Ruminant

    I saw this just before going to bed last night and pretty much fell asleep imagining what others would look like 🙂 I am really bad at that. I don’t get any kind of strong visions of what someone might look like, and if I do, it’s usually wrong 🙂 I do usually imagine something, but it’s all very vague.

    With Inky’s previous name, I imagined her as this cool blonde, of German descent. Curls (but not naturally curly). Now I see her as this rather tall woman, slender constitution. Dark strawberry blonde, the sort of hair that you can’t quite say if she’s a redhead, blonde or a light brunette. Wavy hair, or even a bit curly. A tough, survivalist type. I guess “survivalist” can mean those people who are actively waiting for doomsday, and I don’t mean that in this case 🙂 I don’t know if and when she lets her guard down, but when that happens, I have a feeling that underneath there would be a very delicate and ethereal being; fragile, but still never weak.

    Jasmine, to me, is like this compact force of nature 🙂 Like a giggling whirlwind that comes in, does her magic and then goes again somewhere else, where it’s interesting. Dark, straight hair. I also have this certain image that is Asia-Pacific type, but when I focus on the Aussie aspect, it kind of puts everything in different perspective and perhaps even makes more sense to me 🙂 I have experienced Aussies as very direct, but in a different way from us Finns. We’re rather reserved and shy, whereas they are more dynamic, and so even though I appreciate the directness, I am sometimes left slightly shocked and confused by it 🙂 So, dynamic, tropical, playful storm 🙂

    I still see Big Blue as a young man in his early thirties, even though I’ve understood from his posts that this could not be possible 🙂 A gentle, shy giant, probably unaware of the potential for having a really commanding presence. It is adorable and perplexes me in the same time. It’s like with those really big, calm dogs that don’t understand that they are so powerful, and they just look at the really small, yapping dogs with both interest and slight fear, seeing them as more powerful than themselves. In reality it’s kind of the other way around. The yapping dogs and people yap because they are scared and they are also probably scared of the gentle giant. So it’s safer to keep the giant believing that he’s not that strong. I can understand that. If Big Blue were to really harness all the power that he has, women would be in trouble 🙂 They would no longer be able to control him, and that is both scary and exciting.

    Matt I see as someone in his forties, dark, short hair. Regular height, regular weight. I can’t really imagine anything else, because I see him as so balanced 🙂 Likes good food, but not too much. Exercises, but not too much. When there is a nice flow, it’s hard to grab onto any particular thing. I think the friction happens when the natural warm flow meets the rest of the world 🙂 It’s like he would’ve spent three years in the Himalayas and has come back to the chaotic “real world”. There is both frustration and awe on both sides: we want to have that calm and serenity as well, but are still stuck in the chaos. Matt knows how to access the calm and serenity, and sees the potential and beauty in everything, but isn’t always understood by others who are still stuck in the chaos. He also communicates from his heart, which is healing for those who can accept it and confusing for those who can not.

    As for me…wild hair, yes, though I don’t allow it to be like that 🙂 Big eyes, yes, but brown. I like to move swiftly and quietly if possible, and I do like graceful behaviour, but a lot of the time I have the grace (and eating habits) of a hobbit (despite being rather tall). I absolutely do not see myself as enlightened nor can I directly help anyone achieve such a state. I’m not even sure if enlightenment would be my goal. If the world would be a sinking ship and enlightenment would be the salvation, I think I’d be someone who deliberately stays in the lower decks after finding out where some of the exits signs are. So when others are in chaos and don’t know where to go, I can show one or two ways to get them going, or even slap a few faces of people who are too confused to function or are going in circles and don’t even realise it. There are other people on higher levels who can help others on different ways and to possibly reach salvation in the end. I might be going down with the ship in this reincarnation, even though I keep vowing that I’m never coming back again 🙂

    Big blue

    …. Oh dang Another beer rolled off the roof of my truck!
    Edit for smiley face 🙂

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    Thanks The Ruminant @theruminant

    Jasmine – 4 smileys. BB, Inky and Matt – 2 smileys. See my smile is just too infectious ha ha ha. Even TRs got the bug now ha ha ha – 13 smileys in one post.

    I am not sure, which aussies you have been hanging out with but let me share something special about the rest of us here. It may entice you to come and visit us down under LOL

    Being Australian is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. Proud to be Australian 🙂

    Big Blue, cheers !!! Another stella downed lol


    Hi Guys! Hi Rumi!

    Well, you got the survivor part right! Where I live we’ve had three “Storms of the Century” in one year! So for a while I was a “Prepper” by necessity! And I do have an ethereal, delicate soul. But emotionally and spiritually I outwardly had to be a warrior. I have dark hair, actually, though blondes run in the family! (And, I am a little bit Finnish, too!! We were the “Forest Finns” in Sweden!)

    Isn’t it interesting that we have similar visions, some of which are true!!


    Hahahha , love this !
    Inky I have always imagined you as someone who just speaks her mind and tells it how it is! the kind that gives Tough love! I imagined you as an artist though I guess because of “ink”y 🙂 I imagine you being pale and have dark hair for some reason and someone who does have some sort of wild side:):)

    is such a kind soul , I imagine her to look exotic and to have black hair and big brown eyes she is wise and caring but I feel like she doesnt get mad fast but when she does it is scary 🙂
    Big blue I dont know that well but have read a few forums where he has answered and I can see that he is probably some sort of jokester ( I think thats a word:p) seems like the type that takes life easy , wise in a sort of care free kind of way I pictured him as a big man (not heavy just big boned and tall) and for some reason wearing a white tea shirt 🙂 !
    I dont really know matt well enough though 🙁
    Who do you think I am:p but you guys probably dont know me well enough yet 😉



    5 smileys in Alpal’s post lol. The Ruminant is still winning the smiley race. Hey Alpal, are you a clairvoyant ? You are spot on with 2 things – big brown eyes and I dont get mad easily as it takes a lot to press my hot buttons nowadays but when I do, my husband is scared of me ha h ah ah ha and has to sleep in the guest bedroom. I dont lose my cool anywhere else ha ha ha although it may seem otherwise with my posts. I am full of beans and the calm within the tropical storm LOL

    I do not get visions so I am not sure who you are but whoever you are, I am sure you are very beautiful and exotic as well. I have seen Inky’s photo on her blog so I think you get quite close to describing her. I think it is inky’s photo.

    Big Blue – it is your turn now to describe the 4 ladies. I wonder what matt has to say in his poetic ways 🙂


    I think Alpal is clairvoyant ~ I do artwork and as a kid always had ink on my hands. I do have dark hair. My skin turns pale in the winter but brown in the summer (olive complexion). I do have a tough love thing where I tell the truth. But am quiet IRL. But my closest friends know I have a scary intense wild side *eye gleam*.


    Hehe, just remember, you asked for it! Brought the four of you into a contemplation and had some visions.

    Inky – you appear before me as an amazon warrior princess. Full of magma, intense love, intense passion, the mother of volcanoes. Well honed, spear held confidently in hand. Fighting for space you already have, sometimes so caught up in the hunt that you forget the forest is alive, part of you. Friends with birds, rodents, but still jumping, turning icy, when roared at. Lions roar, birds chirp, rodents squeek, and there is the queen, poised, ready.

    Jasmine – you appear before me as Glinda, the good witch from Oz. Bright, vibrant wings, an aura of white. Never really getting too involved with the lives of munchkins, but laying a spell here and there as needed. Sometimes forgetting how arduous walking can be, “why, just float toward the sun, silly ones.” But always there when needed, tireless in your loving, a force of nature.

    The Ruminant – you appear before me as Hermione, from the Harry Potter stories. A wand that never seems to miss, strong through many years of attentive practice. Shy in matters of romance, uncertain that a mind as keen, a witch as skillful deserves or could be loved by another. Used to feeling alone, the boys busy being jealous that someone so beautiful, talented, could also have more courage than they.

    Big Blue – you appear before me as Lancelot, from the Arthur legend. Gallant, romantic, bowing your head before the goddess in reverence, honor. Sometimes pulling out your sword when unneeded, sometimes loving a woman too much, but when you’re at someone’s back, they needn’t worry, you’ve got it.

    As far as me, I’m a contradiction, wrapped in an enigma, stuffed in a paradox. Haha, all garbage, boring, false. The hero I look up to, try to be like, relate to, is Kermit. Raised in a swamp, dreaming of friends loving one another well, putting on a good show. My circle of friends is just 7billion people wide. 🙂 (one, I lose!). As I dance through space and time, I just try to make space sit in our sandbox. What’s here? What do we wish to build? What visions spring to heart? I try to help any of us find our map, pack a bag lunch for the road, and trust that our little ripples of light knit together into a better world for us all. Then do some dishes, play some minecraft with my kids, kiss my wife, go to work. I’m not very remarkable, just making some space to look for answers, happiness, like the rest of us. Sing a song of hope, I say, you never know, but always feel!



    Matt the Kermit

    It is good to see your fun and easy going side. Love your visions 🙂

    Glinda signing off for the night in the real land of Oz. Look after my munchkins while I catch up on my beauty sleep LOL…..my tummy is hurting from all the laughing now ha ha ha

    This is so much fun.

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