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    Hello fellow TB-ers,

    I really have nothing meaningful enough to share on this thread, no insightful advice to discuss about or heartbreaking issues to ask advice for. I just need to get this out of my chest.

    I’m tired of living.

    My days consist of emotional roller coaster, attempts of picking myself up only to fall back in slump in a few minutes, i’m tired. I’ve been fighting the thought of how great it would be if i can just switch off, but not today.. i feel really really tired and i don’t want anything else to do with living anymore. I don’t want to wake up to another same struggling day, it’s endless, pointless and most of all i can’t find any hope inside me that things will get better.


    Hi Irene

    Hang in there please, the feelings and emotions you are going through won’t last forever. Maybe have a chat with your doctor. Just give yourself a chance.
    Kind regards


    Hi Irene,

    I understand what you are feeling. Sometimes life can be hard and feel very heavy – we try to get ourselves up but fall down under the weight again!

    Please know that these are tough phases of life that come upon some of us and seem to last forever. However, they do end! The key is not to give up on yourself!!

    Also, being tired of living is a sign of major depression – here is the link to a short and simple article that will help:

    Finally, here is the link to a song by Meredith Andrews that helped me – please listen it to it:


    God Bless !



    Here is another one called ‘Broken’ by Lindsey Haun:


    ……I posted twice but my answer is not appearing on the screen.Anyways,i wrote a few things i don’t remember
    to re-write but i suggest you to listen this song: petula clark-downtown! Hope this is helpful!
    Best wishes.

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    Big blue

    Hi Irene,

    I’m guessing based on my own tough times that just about everyone has felt really down to some extent. I managed to get through my down times with the following, which are you doing or willing to try?

    – saw a psychlogist who listened to me and helped me
    – started exercising by getting outside bicycling
    – ate good, nutritious food
    – set up my bed to be super confortable for good sleep = 1200 mill coton sheets and feather pillows
    – talked with and did things with friends
    – also with family
    – listened to music that moved me
    – accepted myself as messed up as I was
    – got on the internet and read anything remotely like I was going through

    Well maybe I did that last one sctually first. 🙂

    I was not yet blessed to know about TB and this wonderful community.

    Irene, sorry if I am being a fixer guy if all you wanted was to be heard, but you are heard and you are understood – from my own perspective.

    What do you feel and think?

    Big blue


    Hey Irene.

    Boy, do i know what you’re talking about…

    My name is Simon and i am 16 years old.

    Recently i just started in Highschool. Thats not the problem though… MY problem is that i am experiencing a very negativ time in my life right now, just like you. Too tired to go out, too tired to call some friends, even too tired to go to school. I am really depressed. really, really depressed. I am writting this on a Sunday and all i thought about Friday and Saturday was… just killing myself, get it over with, leave this place forever, and never return. I don’t even know where i am going with this but basically what i want to tell you Irene is: don’t go listen to the sad/happy/whatever songs, don’t go read another random “positive thinking bullshit book” (even though they are pretty good) what my advice for you is:


    i put it in caps so if you dont got energy too read my whole damn depressing life story you can atleast get that little bit with you.
    But for real read something from Eckhart Tolle and you will see there is light, not at the end of the tunnel, but right where you are. actually now that i am writing this i realize my own life situation is not that bad and i am actually laughing right now… wow

    All this depression and suffering is caused by the ego.
    I know this is getting pretty long now but i recognize your situation and want to help you, because i know how it feels. I don’t neither want it to sound like i am pushing some form of realigion on you but, Eckhart saved my life (litarally) and i want him to help you too. So if you are depressed or just mildly annoyed he got the signposts to lead you back on track on your lifejourney.

    I whish you the best Irene


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