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    Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me with creating a new topic? I’ve tried everything and I just can’t get it right : (


    Hello Anita..

    Yes, I see your name a lot here. I need your help. I love someone since last 2 years. He also loves me a lot. Infect we both feel like complete with together. But now we have facing a big problem.

    His marriage get fixed on 17 Jan. He try a lot to stop all this. But his family forced him to marry someone else. We both are bothered. My studies also impacting by all this. I don’t want hurt anyone. I want to stop this marriage but how don’t know.. Please help. We can’t live without each other.


    Hi Anita,

    I am very glad to see you always around and replying everyone possible. Its great support for all of us. Especially those who suffer or facing issues in their life. I have been with Tinybuddha for a few years now but somehow got disconnected. Now that i am back i see you around it feels great how you put yourself in and guide others. Its amazing! 🙂


    Welcome Back, Lucie! Thank you for expressing your appreciation.  I will reply to you further on your own thread.



    Hi Anita!

    I always enjoy your posts. I want to answer your call to introduce oneself but want to keep it somewhat anonymous at the same time. I’m “NYC artist” because I am an artist from NYC, though I live in another state at the moment. I’m an only child, from divorced parents. I originally made an account here to deal with a very toxic family member (an uncle who was feuding with my mom and then with me). But this has been so helpful with other dilemmas and relationship issues as well. I much appreciate the insights you always give, Anita, and others here as well. It’s definitely a safe space here, and I appreciate it so much. <3


    Dear nycartist:

    Good to read from you, Ney York City Artist. Thank you for your kind words, they bring a smile to my face this Tuesday morning. Yes, I remember your first thread of March 2019,  almost a year and nine months ago. You are always welcome to post anytime, and remain as anonymous as you need to be. I want this space to continue to be a safe space for you.


Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)

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