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    Dear Janus:

    Thank you, I am staying quite warm. The snow decorates the trees outside beautifully. Thank you for the science lessons and online resources about snowflakes, the New Jersey Pine Barrens (I love pine nuts!), the function of trees holding soil together, the consequences of cutting trees/ deforestation, three of which are:  (1) soil erosion, soil that is less suitable to grow crops, and (2) flash floods (sudden, local floods due to heavy rain), (3) increased CO2 in the atmosphere, and … about frogs who are very beneficial, among other things, for eating algae (and keeping waterways clean this way), eating insects that can transmit malaria.. (keeping us people healthier), and for being eaten by birds and fish (which are eaten by people).

    Sad to read: “Up to a third of the frog species on earth are threatened or on the brink of extinction due to pollution, habitat loss (ponds drying up), and deforestation and this is alarming“.

    Therefore it is important to protect the forests and nature because of economic and ecological value“- indeed!



    Dear Anita

    Pine nuts and macadamia nuts are my favorite. Nuts are nutritious and delicious. In twenty-eight grams of mixed nuts there are: 3 g fiber, 5 g of protein and 12% vitamin E.

    Nuts contain antioxidants that protect cells from damage by free radicals (highly reactive and short-lived molecules that can damage dna and contribute to cancers).

    Twenty-eight grams of nuts, about an ounce of mixed nuts daily can lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

    “Nuts and your health: Eating Nuts for heart health” MayoClinic

    “Why are nuts good for us and how many should we eat?” globalnews.ca

    “8 Health benefits of eating nuts” healthline.com




    Dear Anita

    Snow is beautiful, a winter wonderland blanketing the world in white.

    I love nature, it refreshes the soul. A walk in the woods is calming and peaceful. I feel that the environment people live in is important to protect since without the earth there wouldn’t be a place for people to explore


    Dear Anita

    A summary from post number 412158 since I think that you missed it.


    “An lgbtq curriculum promotes diversity and safe spaces in school by providing awareness of different sexualities and gender identities.  In social studies courses mentioning lgbtq people brings students wider perspectives on different communities in the world.

    Allowing students to learn about different identities builds acceptance and promotes mental health for lgbtq people.

    Mental health is just as important as physical health and there’s not much emotional first aid courses offered in grade schools. Providing students with emotional first aid courses such as learning healthy coping mechanisms can help reduce depression, anxiety and suicide rates. I think that people come from different walks of life but they share the same skin. We all want to be loved and appreciated. By allowing a community of lgbtq people to feel safe can build relationships and help people feel less fear and prejudice towards lgbtq people.

    Some states like California, New Jersey, Oregon and Nevada have passed laws requiring lgbtq curriculum in schools and not allowing discrimination based on sexualities, race, or gender.

    Scientists have discovered that about 10% of people who attend public schools identify within the lgbtq community, that is about 5 million students. If people can opt their children out of health and sexual education as well as lgbtq education, this does not promote acceptance and awareness of mental health and diversity. By acknowledging lgbtq people there can be more diversity and inclusion in the world.

    Even though we all come from different walks of life we are made of the same elements. Earth the body, fire the soul, water the blood and air the breath. We all are connected in the ecosystem and by lifting each other up we help encourage diversity and caring communities reducing hate and prejudice.”


    “LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum as a path to better public health” ABA human rights 2022







    Dear Janus:

    I will reply further Wed morning. For now, I want to say, I too love nuts (almonds and hazlenuts… and pine nuts (are the latter nuts or seeds?) are my favorite! I was watching The News Hours section on lgbtq this evening (12/20) while I was reading  your 2nd post, Good night, Janus!



    Dear Anita

    Interesting that you should mention that some nuts might not be classified as nuts. Peanuts are short plants growing underground that require very little water .

    Peanuts are legumes that fix nitrogen helping promote plant growth.  Peanuts form symbiotic relationships with Bradyrhizobium bacteria through root nodules allowing the bacteria to take atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and convert it to ammonia (NH3) which can be used by plants.

    Cashews come from the fruit  cashew apple which produces seeds that are c-shaped that are cashews. Similarly, walnuts are seeds that come from the walnut fruit.

    Pistachios are from the cashew family and they are seeds from pistachio trees.

    Macadamia nuts are seeds from evergreen macadamia trees native to Australia.

    Pine nuts are seeds from pine cones found in 20 species of pine trees. Some common pine trees to harvest pine nuts include Italian stone pine, Colorado pinion, and Chinese nut pine.

    But walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and chestnuts are true nuts. Nuts are technically dry fruits with seeds enclosed in a protective outer layer.

    “Peanuts, pistachios, and other ‘nuts’ that aren’t actually nuts”  BusinessInsider

    “Peanuts & Sustainability: A case of good bacteria” National Peanut Board

    “Nuts” United Forest Service

    “Macadamia Nuts” Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

    “What are pine nuts?” thespruceeats.com


    Dear Anita

    Sad news story for 12/20 in the lgbtq community. A black transmale, Mar’Quis Jackson was killed in Philadelphia.

    Trans day of remembrance was Nov. 20th this year to honor trans people who have lost their lives due to violence.

    “Jackson is at least the 38th trans, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming person to die by violence in the U.S. this year. That total includes a trans man and a trans woman killed in the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs November 19 as well as a trans woman, whose name has not been released, who was killed in Vallejo, Calif., last month. That is most likely an undercount, as many of these deaths go unreported or misreported, with victims deadnamed and misgendered. The nation saw a record 57 confirmed violent deaths among this population last year.”

    Black Trans Man Mar’Quis Jackson Killed in Philadelphia advocate.com


    Dear Anita

    My favorite transgender role model is Chaz Bono. Chaz Bono came out as a transmale in July 11 2009 and has been an activist for trans and lgbtq rights.  Chaz Bono was born to singers Sony and Cher.

    “Chaz Bono Comes Out as Transgender” glaad.org


    Some trans resources I found

    “Transgender Resources” American Bar Association


    “Transgender Resources” glaad.org

    “Trans Resources” ok2bme.ca
    i like their explanation about transgender people and transitioning.

    “Family Support: Resources for Families of Transgender & Gender Diverse Children”

    “Nationwide Trans Resources”  lamdalegal.org
    i love lambda legal resources.  i think that they explain pro bono quite well because some trans people can get free court sessions to legally change their name.

    “Transgender” pflag.org
    i’ve used this site from time to time to find trans and lgbtq communities to connect with

    Trans Lifeline
    trans people can text or call for mental health support to have someone to talk to

    Trevor Project
    lgbtq people can call or text for mental health support
    i’ve gotten better communication with texting using this source.

    lgbtq community

    this site has ally parents for trans people to talk to.

    a binder site for transmales to apply to get on waitlist for free binder, usually waiting time is two years

    a great site for trans and nonbinary people to get binders

    My gender workbook by Kate Bornstein about transcending gender expectations, there’s free pdf versions online

    “Some Assembly Required” by Arin Andrews a book about a transmale transitioning

    “Trans bodies, trans selves” by Laura Erickson-Schroth
    a resource for the trans community. it has great information but uses outdated term “transsexual” which is no longer used and has been replaced with transgender to mean a person whose gender identity doesn’t match their birth sex.

    “At the broken places: a mother and trans son pick up the pieces” by Mary Collins and David Collins
    i loved this book, it was deeply moving and inspiring

    Transgender- Dysphoric and Proud by RCsLongDay youtube video

    I’m trans- a coming out song 🎵 by Insane_Bookworm youtube video

    Degrassi-  adam torres (if i were a boy) song 🎵  by Benjamin Reyna youtube video

    deeply moving video and lyrics, i loved adam torres from degrassi. i felt he portrayed how i felt lost in dysphoria.








    “Ask a gender therapist” by Dara Hoffman-Fox youtube videos

    many videos about transgender identity.

    Paraphrasing from one of Dara’s videos : “If you feel comfortable expressing yourself as the opposite gender from the biological sex that you were born as and it makes you happy, then you are transgender. There is no right or wrong way to be transgender and it’s great to explore what makes you most comfortable.”


    Jamidodger, trans guy youtube videos are very entertaining  and helpful😄


    Dear Janus:

    Thank you for all the resources you provided! Any time I need to refer a member to the resources you provided, I will do so. Also, there are members who read but do not post: these silent members are helped by reading your posts, including the resources!

    Mental health is just as important as physical health“- I agree. Thing is, like my former therapist said, everything is physical: what we consider non-physical (our thoughts, emotions) are made possible by physical chemicals and cells, such as hormones and neurons.

    ‘LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum as a path to better public health’ ABA human rights 2022“- worth reposting this!

    Regarding nuts, peanuts are legumes, cashews, pistachios (from cashew apples and walnut fruits) macadamia and pine nuts are all seeds, and only walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and chestnuts are true nuts- I wasn’t aware of this!

    Trans day of remembrance was Nov. 20th this year to honor trans people who have lost their lives due to violence… Black Trans Man Mar’Quis Jackson Killed in Philadelphia“- he just turned 33 earlier this month and was found murdered a week ago. He was at least the 38th trans, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming person to have died by violence this year.




    Dear Anita

    I like how you mentioned everything is physical because everything can be experienced through the body. If a person is feeling mental health stresses like depression and anxiety long term then physical health declines too. Depression can impact sleep patterns leading to fatigue, memory fog, irritability, intense sadness and headaches and muscle pains. Anxiety can cause feelings of nausea, fatigue, headaches, digestive upsets. Since emotions are energy in motion processed by the mind and the heart, sometimes emotions like anxiety speed up our heart rates and send signals to the mind that we are stressed.  The sympathetic nervous system kicks into action which triggers rise in releasing of hormone cortisol. Long-term stress increases risk for heart disease and stroke. That’s why mental health and relieving stressful emotions is helpful in promoting physical health.


    Dear Anita

    I feel like incorporating lgbtq history in social studies can help students build awareness on lgbtq people paving the way for more inclusivity. Elton John who wrote “Candle in the Wind” song that was played as a tribute to Princess Diana was an open advocate of lgbtq rights and identified as gay. Alan Turing played a major role in cracking German codes in WWII and was a computer developer and mathematician; he was persecuted for being gay. Elliot Page, a Canadian actor known for films “Inception,” “Juno,” and “X-men: last stand” came out as a trans male. Michael Dillon was a physician and the first trans male to undergo a phalloplasty (when surgeons take donor tissue usually from forearm to construct a penis).

    Learning about famous people in history with different sexualities and gender identities can help students understand that there is nothing wrong with identifying as lgbtq and that lgbtq people are part of society too. They have feelings and contributions.


    Dear Anita hope that you have a great holiday season.

    Thanks for all your comments on things, your insights are appreciated


    Dear Janus:

    You are very welcome, thank you, and Happy Holidays to you!

    You mentioned the actor Elliot Page, Wikipedia: “Page (currently 35 years old)… was assigned female at birth and used his birth name of Ellen prior to transitioning… On February 14, 2014, Page, who at that time presented as female, came out as gay… On December 1, 2020, Page came out as a trans man on his social media accounts, specified his pronoun as he and they, and revealed his new name, Elliot. Page explained that his decision to speak openly about his gender identity was partially prompted… by the anti-transgender rhetoric in politics and the news cycle. GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) spokesperson Nick Adams stated that Page ‘will now be an inspiration to countless trans and non-binary people‘…Page also revealed that at the age of nine, ‘I felt like a boy… I wanted to be a boy. I would ask my mom if I could be someday.‘”.

    You mentioned Michael Dillon (1915-1962, died at the age of 47), from Wikipedia, summarized: Dillon was born female and grew up in the Church of England.  In 1939 (age 24), he sought treatment from George Foss, who had been experimenting with testosterone to treat excessive menstrual bleeding. The hormones soon made it possible for him to pass as male at his workplace (a garage) and eventually the garage manager  insisted that other employees refer to Dillon as ‘he’ in order to avoid confusing customers. He went through a double mastectomy, and officially became Laurence Michael Dillon in 1944 (age 29). Gillies, a surgeon who had previously reconstructed penises for injured soldiers and performed surgery on intersex people with ambiguous genitalia, performed a phalloplasty on Dilon, consisting of at least 13 surgeries between 1946 and 1949 (ages 31-34). From what I read elsewhere, Michael Dillon was the world’s first person known to have successfully transitioned both hormonally and surgically from female to male.

    Michael Dillon went through both hormonal and surgical transitioning (and died) BEFORE  the beginning of the political movement for gay rights in the late 1960s  and before the initials LGBT were ever used (1988), so he had no political and social support.  From my readings, none of it was easy for him, and most, if not all of his physical transitioning was done in secret, but he was driven to … transition. I tried to find his cause of death, but couldn’t. Do you know what it was?


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