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    We Live In a Society

    There is a lot of pressure that we experience as individuals, living in a Western Society. We are expected to become so called, ‘successful’. The reality is that this is a definition best suited for those who are controlled by a majority. Successful is not a state. It is a process. When you are told to follow a formula, gain material wealth, etc. These are meaningless ideals. This is why you lack meaning. Because Society controls you. Tells you how to live your life. Tells you what to buy through marketing. You become a slave to the system.


    The Truth

    We are living in a Matrix. This may not be the Matrix from the movies (Computer Program), but this means that we are living in times where we are just a gear in a system. We are a drop of water in the ocean. But to get out, you need to leave. You need to see everything as it is. Our mental illness is a coping mechanism to the world we suffer in. We need to see past this and find our own purpose. Not a created one such as a vocation or career. You need to find what it is you want for humanity, and commit to it.


    Serve Mankind and Make the World a Better Place

    This is the only way to contribute to a better world. By letting your selfishness die in the void. Become a team player and contribute to humanity by involving yourself in something that contributes to society. Not a made up job like some sort of activist. Activism does nothing. Get good at something. Become a skilled tailor and sow torn clothing back together so that they can be re-worn; both saving money and the environment.


    I am Drunk

    These are just drunk thoughts that may not mean anything, but I use this forum as an output for my thoughts. If you read it, thank you for you’re time, I am not sure what you got out of this. But feel free to let me know.


    We are a drop of water in the ocean

    We are a drop in the ocean and the drop contains the entire ocean.  A circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere. We are not brought into the world but out of it, so cannot be separated from IT. Everything connected, everything belongs.

    LOL and I’m not even Drunk

    We see the world as we are not as it is. The world isn’t broken, the task then isn’t to fix the world (as if we had the power and control to do so, (thinking which is what gets us into these messes) but to clarify how we see ourselves so that we might better see and respond the world as it is.

    My suspicion is that a honest engagement in that task will naturally lead to compassion and contentment (bliss) with the realization we are not separate from each other or the world in which we live.  We become water, we flow….




    This is a great thread.

    The world tells us that to be successful we must obtain wealth, pleasure, power, and honor, but what happens if we have all these things and we’re still unhappy? Maybe the world’s priorities are messed up.

    Maybe if we stop buying into what the world, and what our own distracted minds, tell us every second of every day, we’ll soon enter that flow of life that Peter describes. Maybe that flow will take us where we’re supposed to be, where we lose our selfishness and make positive contributions to the world, as aVoid describes. Maybe this is what being successful really means.

    …and I’m not drunk either…lol.



    I think Lao Tzu would agree.

    Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub,
    It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges.
    We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
    It is the empty space within the vessel that makes its useful.
    We make the doors and windows for a room;
    But it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.
    Thus while the tangible has advantages,
    It is the intangible that makes it useful.”  Lao Tzu

    Here’s a 4000 year old riddle which may have stated a few people drinking. 🙂
    “Heaven above, heaven below;
    Stars above, stars below.
    All that is over, under shall show.
    Happy who the riddle reads!” – The Hermetic Emerald Tablet

    I was watching the NASA channel where one of the astronauts returning from moon was looking out the window that one moment showed the earth the next the moon the next the sun. And in that moment for him the opposites dissolved into the All or One and the he was not separate from the One.

    From that perspective what is up, what is down, what is in what is out, what is west, what is east, what is good, what is bad, what is birth, what is death, what is a beginning and what is a end?

    Thought experiment.

    How do we measure the present moment?
    Stop time and project yourself out in to space as you watch the earth recedes. 8 billion consciousness experienced the same moment in a multitude of experiences. Continue on this journey past the galaxies and universes and you arrive at the big bang. The Present moment is bigger then big, the eternal ‘Now’ includes the big bang!  As you look within this big bang you notice a drop that is also the All, sitting quietly in a room performing a thought experiment. The present moment smaller then small.

    LOL no drugs required.


    they always say to serve mankind. but serving and serving are two different things. imagine two people cooking for others. one just makes things but doesn’t care, while the other cares alot about what they make. is there a difference?

    -=light in extension=-


    Buddha and the truth, …

    In the times of the Buddha, a man came up to the Buddha and asked if God exist? Is there a God? After talking to this man for a little while, he answered that there is no God. Buddha’s disciples noted this. At another time, another man came to the Buddha and asked does God Exist? Buddha talked with this man and finally answered that God does exist? Buddha’s disciples were now very confused. The disciples asked why Buddha answered that there is not God and there is a God. What is the truth? Buddha replied that the first man did believe in God. And if he was told there is a God then his spiritual journey would end with that answer there is a God. So, he was told there is no God. The second man did not believe in God and his spiritual journey would end if he was told there is no God. The truth was that neither person was ready to end their journey. They needed to continue.

    So, is there a God or is there no God? Does it matter? What is the truth? What matters is to lead those people to find the truth. To continue their journey and find their truth. Where does this compassion and wisdom come from? The deepest part of love.

    This is such a simple story and so full of traps to fall into. Believe in the Matrix? Believe that it does not matter to learn to have an honest living? That one’s life is a program to do as society says to do? That seems to me to be a very narrow view of life.

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