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    I try to listen to music at least once a day, music makes me happy. I also work hard at keeping an asthma-happy home. 🙂 (ie, wash all bed laundry regualrly in hot water, andI use only scent free cleaning products)


    Amazing question!
    I like to exercise (pilates,yoga) it always helps me deal with stress and feel in control and strong
    Also cooking because it is a really fun hobby I love doing plus I know my food is clean because I made it
    try to look at Inspiring videos, blogs, quotes every morning or night
    Remind myself to enjoy being ME and enjoy writing MY story and to stop trying to be someone else just because I think that’s how people want me to be
    also counting my blessings , and many many more stuff that I really fun and uplifting but they are too many to mention here 🙂


    I do oil pulling every day, and have found it significantly reduces stiff joints and keeps my gums and teeth healthy – i know this works because when i stop doing it for a couple of weeks, i find my joints stiffening up again – and i also take cider vinegar every day with bicarb. of soda which i also find good for the joints and stomach problems because it decreases the acidity in the system.
    I also practice meditation most days and do chi gung classes twice a week – gardening i find very relaxing, outdoors, its a kinda meditation in itself if you concentrate on just that plant youre planting or digging up and nothing else. So all in all very good for body and spirit…………..


    In the last couple of years I have been working really hard to change my habits for the better. These are some of my relatively new, healthy habits:

    – Avoid caffeine (because it can increase anxiety)
    – Practice Yoga
    – Practice Meditation
    – Make simple to-do lists (3 things at a time! I get very overwhelmed if I have more than 3 things on my list at a time)
    – Go swimming in the local pool
    – Eat smaller amounts of food, more frequently
    – Practice positive self-talk
    – Journal entries OR video entries
    – Pamper myself by doing things like giving myself a mani/pedi, taking a bath, etc.
    – Keeping in touch with friends

    Big blue

    Hi Buddhist Wife-

    This is a great question and I enjoyed reading what everyone contributed.

    Getting daily exercise and staying on a nutritional plan are healthy habits that really serve me well. I feel great in the moment and I’m looking, feeling, thinking and behaving better. I go to the gym every day, I eat good food eight times a day and first thing in the morning I take vitamins.

    Years ago I got into really good dental care. I carry floss picks with me. I brush 3+ times a day. I use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and mouthwash. I missed the dentist for years and on a recent checkup it was just a minor cleaning. My teeth and smile are in great shape.

    I’m working on forming some new healthy habits.

    Big blue

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