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    Buddhist Wife

    Do you have any habits that are really healthy for you? Ones that are positive for your body or mind or both?

    I’ve been thinking about bad habits I need to change. For example I need to use a to-do-list more to reduce my feelings of stress and anxiety.

    My most recent healthy habit has been eating more veg and ordering from a veg box scheme. I’m now craving my greens every day!

    What healthy habits do you have?


    What a great question!

    The first ones that come to mind are:

    – drinking lots of water
    – taking a deep breath and being still, even if only just for a second or two
    – yoga
    – meditation
    – running and regular exercise
    – ….

    If I think of anymore, I’ll get back to this thread.


    Letting my ‘inner child’ have lots of fun: laughing and playing around/being silly for no particuar reason.

    I’ve just started to drink more water too and working out; mainly the dance-based kind.


    I workout and eat healthy not only cause I love it. But it makes me feel great and confident. I also love listening to uplifting music and watching funny shows cause it makes me feel happy. 🙂


    I find CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) a very effective practical method to deal with anxiety and stress; especially the 3 column technique. Search Amazon for “Feeling good” by David Burns.


    yoga and meditation


    Learning to take good care of myself:

    Starting make myself as my best friend ever,

    Cooking my favourite meals at least twice a week,

    Dressing-up for myself once a while,

    Shopping something special for boosting myself

    Exercising regularly (group yoga class 4-5 times per week, 30m running and weight lifting 5-6 times per week)

    Eating lots of vegs and drinking lots of water

    Staying away from toxic chemicals as much as possible


    I have been drinking more water, walking on my lunch breaks, and will have “green tea” breaks in the morning and afternoon.


    In addition to 4x/week workouts, a schedule I’ve stuck to for nearly two years (and 35 lost pounds), I’ve recently begun exploring the power of positive thinking. It sure is refreshing compared to the alternative — a lifetime of negative thinking. I can tell that it’s going to take a lot of effort and practice to stay on the high road, but I’m determined and encouraged by day-to-day success.


    Drinking more water
    Eating veg foods

    Dharmesh Radadiya

    Hello Friends,

    Most of you told that drink more water it is very true apart from that i have some healthy habits as per “Ayurvedas”of indian culture.

    1)Drink one glass water without brush your teeth as you wake up at morning it will be difficult for some days but it help in Prevention of Constipation Problem.
    2)Take 5-6 Leaves Of “TULSI(Ocimum santcum)” plant daily at morning there are so many benifits of tulsi i mentione some of them below
    #Boosts the immune system.
    #Possesses anti-diabetic properties.
    #Protects your eyes against ocular diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma and opthalmia.
    #A very good home remedy for respiratory and lung diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.
    #Provides easy oral and dental care due to its antibacterial properties.
    #A good source of antioxidants which check the development of free radicals.
    #Very effective insect repellent with larvicidal properties against several insects.

    And “TULSI” leaves has very stringent test and if you do not like it’s leaves to swallow then you can add it’s leaves in “TEA”.

    3)Before i go to bed at night it’s my habit to take a deep breath at slow speed for half an hour this help me to deep sleep and also wash all unncessary thoughts jumping in mind.we can feel Piece.This also help in strengthen our Lungs too.


    Anders Hasselstrøm

    Hello Buddhist Wife,

    First of all I think it is a lovely discussion you have started. Learning from each others habits can help us learn and become better people. If you are having a tough time finding the right solution for you regarding your to-do list you are always welcome to send me a message. I have been working with it out of interest for a long time.

    I want to share my 3 healthiest habits in my life:

    1. Choosing happiness
    2. Having the attitude of a winner
    3. Being honest to myself

    Fundamentally, I believe that happiness is a choice that everyone are capable of making. Circumstances are different to people but at the end of the day everyone have the chance of choosing happiness. When we choose happiness we say yes to life, which is the healthiest and most important thing we can do. I have written loads of articles about it you can find on my website.

    Having the attitude of a winner is important as well. I enter every activity giving no mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Having a habit of doing this will help you to achieve more in life in the long term.

    I am proud to say that I am being honest to myself. When I studied at university most students were blinded by all the fancy career options they had. I chose to stick to my inner compass doing what made me happy.

    You can read much more on the website but I think those are the 3 most important habits in my life.

    Have the best possible day my friend,

    Anders Hasselstrøm
    Motivational speaker

    Bubbles G.

    I smile at complete strangers (not to flirt), as I walk by them.


    1. Break a sweat everyday any way you perform! Do the things you use to do as a child!
    2. pilates (elongates the body)
    3. barre method (isometric movements)
    4. hiking
    5. low carbs (no bread or wheat) and no processed food
    6. get a new vegetable twice a month and learn to cook something new
    7. cook with color, healthy cooking can still taste amazing
    8. yoga (exercise for the brain)

    Jing Zhi Chua

    Being vegan and doing at least a kind deed a day. Eventually being kind becomes a habit and it’s very healthy for the soul =)
    running and meditation helps a lot too =)

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