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    I wanted to keep things light and wish everyone the Best of 2014. It seems pain & struggle are just part of life and at times it can be really severe for some of us. I wish these people Peace & Hope . I have had very difficult times in my life and I have overcome. I have read some really painful stuff on here and it reminds me of places I have been. I don’t even want to visit these places again because they were so painful. To those people in abusive situations , struggling with illness may God bless you and I truly hope you find your way .
    On a more lighter, inspirational note what are your Wishes , Hopes , Dreams for this New Year ??
    I think mine is to be more open-minded yet still holding true to my core values . I want to expand my mind , the way I think and I how I see the world. I want to be successful both personally and professionally and I want as much balance in my life as I can achieve .
    These are all tall orders but doable especially as life goals.
    What are your Wishes ??


    Go back to being the guy that I was originally before life tried to run me over with a metaphorical bus and find a girl that likes me back.

    Yeah, I’m easy to please. =P

    Good luck everyone.


    Remembering about Hannah Arendt and ‘banality of evil’ I wish this year to be better than previous one or at least the same but without pain (which of course automatically makes it best already).



    2013 was a rough year for me, so for this new year I wish that it would be a little more fun and less drama. I wish that I would enjoy my job more, or maybe even find a new job I really love/enjoy. I wish also to save some money, and hopefully build a small side business. Good luck to everyone!


    My biggest wishes for the New Year are:

    1. Make a bigger positive different in the world. I have signed up to volunteer at the local animal shelter and I am so excited 🙂

    2. Meet my life partner. I hate to say this but I have absolutely 0 faith this will happen. I am trying to keep positive though.

    3. Improve my financial situation. I have tried and failed but I will just have to try again.


    My wishes for this year are, one for my husband to have a clean bill of health.. My son to be happy in his life.. My daughter to find stability and a way of life that is more fulfilling…For my siblings to find inner peace and for me.. just to get healthier and stronger… physically and mentally…Happy and peaceful New Year to you all. oh must not miss out my animals ! for them to bond and live happily together , ! xx


    My wishes for this year are for my family and friends to be happy and healthy, to learn to love myself more, to write in my journal more often and to try and break my somewhat OCD-like habits. Hope you all have a wonderful year and fulfil all your wishes!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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