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    I know this might sound like a silly question – but really? If I want to walk down this road of self-discovery and trying to find peace, where do I start?



    Look down at your feet! This is a path you’ve been on for a looong time. What do you want, more specifically?

    With warmth,



    You can just sit down, calm down your mind & do some instrospection. What do you really want in life, what makes you happy, dig deep inside & you will come out with answers.



    I don’t believe the question is silly at all. In fact it is where everyone who wants spiritual liberation must begin. To even ponder the question means that you have already started your journey. Both Matt and shivang gave wonderful answers to your question, now I’ll add a little of my own.

    First I’m here to tell you that you are a 100% complete person all by yourself and that you already have everything within you to give yourself the life you want. This ultimately means that you should move towards ideals that complement you as a person not ones that try to complete you. To do this you must get know yourself by looking inside like shivang said.

    Second know that there are many paths to liberation and that the only right path is the one that helps you unleash your true inner self.

    Finally remember to be kind to the self of your past, present, and future because they all help you on your journey.

    Be strong: body, mind, and spirit


    hi…I had this challenge too. Overall, the biggest challenge has been raising my consciousness and self awareness to allow me to see my issues/challenges clearly, rather than with the full and often overwhelming involvement of my emotions. The tools I used were books by Nathaniel Branden….the Art of Living Consciously, Taking Responsibility and on Self Esteem. He advocates a daily practice of sentence completion activities which are meant to only take 10 minutes or so but will start to get you to think about the real you, your choices, your feelings, thoughts and attitudes…who are you really?. I have found this has brought me a very long way in the clarity of seeing myself and allowing me to be far clearer. I find his work thought provoking, but gentle or humane and that they very largely meet my needs…along with this site. He has many free resources on his website, including a ‘menu’ of sentence completion exercises for you to try…… He does say though…if you want a fit healthy body…it takes discipline and regular exercise…our minds, he suggests are no different.

    I am convinced these will help you……

    Best wishes…


    Eckhart Tolle, the power of now!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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