Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts

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Middle School Football Players’ Touching Act of Kindness

Last fall, the Olivet Eagles, a middle school football team, decided to give an unlikely teammate a little bit of glory.

In a world where bullying sometimes dominates our schools and the headlines, it’s life-affirming to see such young people doing something so kind and selfless.

What Worrying Does

What Worrying Does

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To Make a Happy Life

Making a Happy Life

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Choose to Be Happy

Choose to Be Happy

Words of Wisdom from Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech

“You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world… Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.”

In his 2014 commencement speech for Maharishi University of Management’s, Jim Carrey shared some inspiring words of wisdom about purpose, happiness, overcoming fear, and going after your dreams. This short video includes just a few of the highlights. You can find the full speech here.

Friendly Reminder

Friendly Reminder

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Inner Peace Begins

Inner Peace Begins

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Worrying Won’t Stop Bad Stuff from Happening


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99-Year-Old Woman Makes a Dress Per Day for a Child in Need

She’s almost 100 years old, but that hasn’t stopped Lillian Weber from making a massive difference in the world.

Every day she starts and finishes a unique dress for Little Dresses for Africa, a non-profit that distributes dresses to impoverished young girls in Africa and beyond. She’s made more than 840 so far, and hopes to keep going to reach her goal making 1,000.

What an amazing woman, and what an inspiring goal!

Life Is Full of Beauty

Life Is Full of Beauty


Things That Weigh You Down

Things That Weigh You Down


Buddha Doodles: Faith in Humanity


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Blake Leeper: Inspiring Double Amputee Runner

A double amputee since he was nine years old, Blake Leeper has an inspiring message to share about facing challenges, giving it your all, and getting up after you fall.

“A true champion is that person that when they do fall down, when they get back up they come back stronger. And they show the world that this is not the end of me. And that I have so much more left.”

Authenticity Is…


Forgive All of Your Thems

Forgive all of your thems


Every Morning We Are Born Again


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The Suburb Without School Buses

I love what the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood does for their children. Unlike other cities, that bus children to various elementary, middle, and high schools, Lakewood has created a bus-less system for their 5,800 students.

Their morning walking commute fosters a sense of community and provides an opportunity to get both fresh air and exercise before settling in for a day of learning.

Unlike the Lakewood students, we don’t all live within two miles of our workplace, but seeing how their morning walk affects them serves an excellent reminder to get up, get moving, and get connected with the people around us.

Go Where Your Heart Takes You

Stop Thinking So Much

Life Is Like a Road Trip

Life is like a road trip