Ethan, a 6-Year Old Boy with Autism, Plays Piano Man

Ethan is only six years old, and he has autism, but you’d never think in watching this video that he’s disabled in any way. He’s vibrant, amazingly talented, and inspiring beyond belief! I love that he’s wearing a Superman shirt, because this beautiful little boy is my new hero.

Family Is…

Family Is

Kid President Pep Talk

Kid President thinks we were made to be awesome, and he has a few words of encouragement for anyone who needs  a kick in the right direction.

Money Can Buy…

Money Can Buy

Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly

Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly

Brown Bear Belly Flops into a Swimming Pool

It’s not every day you see a bear belly flopping into a pool. If it’s as hot where you are as it’s been where I am, you may want to follow Bruiser Bear’s lead!

Bruiser Bear lives at Single Vision, a non-profit animal sanctuary that houses rescue animals and educates people about endangered species.

I Am in Competition with No One

I run my own race

Worry Is a Waste of Time


A Best Friend Is…

A Best Friend

The Best Pregnancy Announcement Video Ever

Jon and Danielle Murray are expecting baby number four and Jon’s brother, Aaron, is expecting his second child with his wife Liz. They wanted to announce the newest additions to their family in a video that was “upbeat, positive and really fun,” and that they did!

Spend Time with People Who Bring Out the Best in You

Spend Time with People

Happiness Is an Inside Job

Happiness Is an Inside Job

A Simple Act of Caring Creates an Endless Ripple

Happiness Is Appreciating What You Have

Appreciate What You Have

You Must Learn to Let Go

Learn to Let Go

Be You

Be You

What Does Love Look Like to You?

SoulPancake asked viewers to submit short home videos depicting what loves looks like to them and then created this beautiful video montage. What does love look like to you?

Focus on Loving Yourself

Focus on Loving Yourself

Inspiring Fifth Graders Rally Around a Bullied Boy with Special Needs

If all the stories of vicious bullying have left you fearing for humanity, take a couple of minutes to hear from five inspiring boys who took a peer with special needs under their wing and made him part of their gang.


Happiness Isn’t Ready Made

Happiness Isnt Ready Made