What a Healthy Relationship Will Never Require of You

A healthy relationship

Source: Live Life Happy

Let It Fuel You

Let it fuel you

Source: Princess Sassy Pants & Co

The Little Things You Hate About Yourself

The little things you hate about yourself

What Happened Is Done

What happened is done


The Happiest People

The happiest people

Start Each Day with This Thought

Start each day with the thought

Source: Project Happiness

The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Up

The Best Way to Cheer Yourself Up

5 Side Effects of Kindness

5 Side Effects of Kindness

You Survived

You Survived

Source: Power of Positivity

What a Wise Person Knows

A smart person knows what to say

Source: Expanded Consciousness

Ego vs. Spirit

Ego vs. Spirit

Source: Positive Outlooks

Life Is Full of Give and Take

Give and Take

Source: Gratitude Habitat

You Can’t Save People; You Can Only Love Them

You can't save people

It’s Vital to Take a Complete Rest

Take a rest

Make Everybody Feel Like a Somebody

Make everybody feel like a somebody

Life Is the Sum of What You Focus On

Life is the sum of what you focus on

Source: Heart Math

Life’s Storms Are Carrying You to Better Shores

Sometimes you just have to hang on

Source: Princess Sassy Pants & Co

One Small Positive Thought

One small positive thought

Source: Daily Vibes

Look for What Makes You Grateful Not Hateful

Look for the good in the bad


Benefits of Laughing

Benefits of laughing

Source: Simple Organic Life