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    Hey Tannhauser, have read through several of your posts well few months ago, just thought about creating profile, because I’m also going through this incredibly challenging and at times incredibly cruel process of kundalini. Just wanted to reach out to you, I know may probably seem like a bit of a stupid thing to say but you’re not alone man, would be interested in chatting with you if you’re up for that, if not that’s also fine, but just wanted to send a message anyway.



    I too have suffered horrendously from kundalini after an ugly awakening 12 years ago. It has been truly awful. However, I found an amazing specialist in treating kundalini who has helped me enormously, Tom Adams at

    I hope you check him out. He can also help you sort through the trauma Catholicism has heaped on you.

    I have also found judicious, carefully controlled use of the long-acting benzodiazepine Valium to be helpful in settling my energy for about 20 hours at a time.

    Also, please check out this revolutionary new device that, through audiovisual stimulation, is designed to help people suffering from terrible chronic pain, severe insomnia, neuropathic pain, anxiety and more. It has been tested on 1,300 people including members of the military and of course in hospitals. It will be available at the end of the year.

    I too am also fed up with the well-intended but useless ‘spiritual’ advice out there. ‘Breathe more deeply, engage with nature, let go of anger’…blah blah blah. This is a very serious ailment, and it needs hardcore professional treatment to heal. Standing barefoot in the grass isn’t going to do a damn thing.


    Hi Tannhäuser – I oddly found this thread googling a mantra I like, but I was captivated by your story. I have read through most of the pages. I am so sorry you are going through this. Kundalini can definitely reek havoc in peoples lives and a lot of people don’t talk about it. I had a terrible Kundalini experience in 2017 that I thought was going to ‘crack open my mind’ to a point of no return as well, like you previously stated many times. I felt my entire body burning for months. I’ll tell you whats helped for me. Abraham Hicks, you can google her and just start listening to her videos and since you are ‘awakened’ a lot of the times, it will seem like she is speaking directly to you. Cat Cow kundalini yoga pose has helped. Prayer has helped a lot. I know you say you don’t believe in God, but you believe in Artemis correct? Can you pray to her? I am also curious as to why you said she doesn’t want to be called mary anymore and wants to be called Artemis because I got the exact same download. OK? So you are getting valid information. I hope that gives you some comfort. Also, look, you have been doing this for 6 years now and are still sane, so hopefully that can give you some comfort? You mention your parents a lot, but do not mention friends. Could you join a meditation, spiritual or yoga group so you can have some people who have had similar experiences in your life and maybe that will help you feel less isolated. Joan Borysanko also has a lot of talks that help, you can google her. Exercise has helped me also, And also laying directly on the earth, not just your feet, can help ground the energy when its intense. You can also ask the higher beings to make it less intense. You can request this. Do you believe in help from angels? You can ask them as well. You are not alone! We are all in this together. Blessings.


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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hlo  tannhauser , I want to talk to you, are you there?  I m from india and here lots of yogies and guru do kundalini yoga, and teach about that yoga, in nutshell our culture is full of researched kundalini and same like energies. If you r interested then we can talk in details about wrong kundalini awakening and so on.</p>


    I believe I’ve had that same experience two years ago. I started experiencing all sorts of weird emotional disturbances and that weird ball of energy in the stomach. All of that was caused by a period of anxiety I was experiencing at work. Long story short: I barely slept for like 3-4 months and I had the most difficult time coping with the stress and weird sensations in my body. It affected my mood and I started having very negative thought patterns. Everything balanced out eventually. Something that was so dreadful I though it might not end… ended. I have a suble form of PTSD from that but it’s not bothering me. That experience eventually led me to reorganize my psyche and plunge myself fully in the quest of consciousness (meditation, mindfulness, managing “negative” emotions ecc) so at the end I realised everything we go through is just an experience we learn from. Good or bad, we’re talking about the two sides of the same coin which are inseparable. Stay true to yourself, never lose hope and also imho very important: ENJOY your hobbies, what you truly love doing. It helped me a lot. Peace.

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