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    Hi there. Ivygrl again.

    First of all, I feel better. My problem turns out to be misconcepted. Based on the very first message in the forum, my Mom, stepfather, and I were upset that day, my original caretaker actually was a mean, harsh person (the thing i did not notice was that she had a harsh issue and obviously she had a boyfriend who has had problem with her in her life and complained and wasn’t successful. My original caretaker Made me cry a lot as well in the library). And she was kicked out and banned from my caretaker list right after the incident, and that’s why i wrote the very first message forum. I also did get punished at the Time. But i was so upset and stressed and stubborn and didn’t know how to change at the Time.

    And yes i do have autism, and some adhd issues, But my problem now isn’t about autism. It’s about my lack of proper Attitude that caused myself problems. I was so upset and angry i didn’t know how to Let go and become a better person. But my teachers are trying to help me.

    Second, I also want to know that i have a brain problem where i can’t always get what i want. How do i fix and mend this problem realisticly and not creaste tantrums? Other than that, i’m going to try to make my own stories, and have fun.

    I am so sorry i was upset and mean. Can you forgive me? I have my own future and dream to realize, But i want to be better and More flexible. I want to do More yoga and savasana. I’m sorry . I hope you are fine and i want to be happy and not bored. Btw, moved to a new apartment (not gonna Tell you where though).

    Thirdly, i’m in a new apartment. I feel better But i’m scared of being an outsider at my new job program site, when i finish senior year of my high school. I want to be happy and not sad. What should i do now to be on a better Path?

    By the way i’ll make my own journals and diaries private, because i don’t want then to laugh at me and think my stories are trash. These journals i Will make them into comics. I won’t publish anything until i practice a lot. How should i practice.

    I got this , and i can rise again.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>From, Ivygrl.</p>


    Hi Ivygrl!

    It’s good to see you around again!

    I’m glad to see that you’re feeling more positive. Is there anything that brought this on?

    It’s good to hear that the caretaker who was mean to you was removed from your care team.

    I’m still concerned that your step father pushed you, bruised your wrist and threatened to kill you with a knife. That behaviour is much worse than a mean caretaker.

    I was raised by abusive parents. I know how it feels to be pushed and hit and threatened with a knife. No one deserves that and you deserve to be supported and protected. Even if that happened once, it tells me that there is something deeply dysfunctional going on with your family.

    I wish you good luck with your job program and your senior year of high school! 🙏

    Yoga and your stories sound like a good path. You definitely do have this! You’re a very strong and creative girl.

Viewing 2 posts - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)

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